7 Anti-Theft Devices for Retail Business

7 Anti-Theft Devices for Retail Business

According to a 2009 national retail survey in the US, The average shoplifter takes home $438 per theft and is only 1 in 48 likely to be caught. In the US, the value of goods stolen from retail stores each year is in the millions. This is something that you cannot ignore if you are serious about retail business. You can combine technology and smart anti-theft devices to catch thieves red-handed, make store theft resistant, reduce losses, and even prevent them from stealing your merchandise.

There are many strategies, tools, and devices that you can use to tackle this problem.  This article will discuss the most popular anti-theft devices that retailers use to prevent theft. Learn 7 ways they use to prevent theft and get some tips on how you can. We will also be looking at the future anti-theft technology, so you can see how it all looks in five years.

Anti-theft Devices to Consider for Your Retail Store

1. Merchandising security

If you sell high-value products in your retail stores like laptops and mobile phones, merchandising security can be a great way for consumers to test your products while they are attached to your display furniture.

A security stand is used by some retailers to show their phones, tablets, cameras, and watches while also keeping them safe and tethered. Take a look at the following:

There are many options for merchandising security equipment, including magnetic holders, wired grip holders, and others. You can pick the one that best suits your product based on its size, value, and shape.

Many merchandising security devices have built-in chargers that ensure your products remain charged at all times. This is a great way to provide a great customer experience. These devices can be found in general retailers such as Amazon as well as electronic stores.

It is also harder for thieves just to steal a product off your shelves by using cables and physical locks. To increase the visibility of products displayed in their stores, many retailers place mirrors around the store. This makes thieves more aware of their actions and feels more ‘watched’. These devices are simple and cost-effective, but they can also be used to prevent theft.

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2. Smart inventory management tools

Smart and regular inventory management is one of the best ways to reduce inventory loss. Many retailers have seen a dramatic decrease in theft by monitoring their inventory and keeping track of discrepancies. It is possible to use smart barcode scanners for stock-taking to accurately account for your inventory levels.

Monitoring the permissions granted to staff members for using the POS system is another key measure that retailers can use. Vend allows you to create different permission levels so that only the most important employees can access your data.

These steps will help you to know when something is missing and prevent thieves from stealing your products.

3. Anti-theft signage

Customers should be made aware that they are being monitored and of the possible consequences of shoplifting. Installing anti-theft signage throughout a store can instantly alert potential thieves to stop committing shoplifting offenses. Here is an example of a sign that works: This is a cost-effective, simple tool that does all the necessary!

4. Display locks

You may need to stop people from taking items from your display. You may be concerned about the value of the merchandise or whether it is susceptible to theft. You can secure them with display locks such as peg hooks.

Sweep theft can be prevented by using Peg Hook Locks. They are attached to the hook on your display. Only a magnetic tool can unlock them.

You can also use locking glass or acrylic displays. These clear retail display cases can be used to showcase your products for shoppers can still view them.

These cases are ideal for high-value jewelry and can be unlocked with keys. Shoppers would need to approach staff members if they wish to touch the item inside.

5. Cameras & video analytics

Surveillance cameras are placed at key points in your retail store, complemented by combined with video analytics software to prevent theft. This software detects suspicious movements and reports them to as if a customer walks out of the door without paying, If this happens, you’ll immediately get an alert.

You can pinpoint theft risk with greater precision using demographic information, outgoing and incoming people counts, heatmaps, and advanced visitor analytics.

It is easy to identify known thieves by using cameras that use facial recognition technology. This can be done by matching the camera’s images against a police database of criminals and thieves.

6. Electronic Article Surveillance

Retailers can attach security tags to their products so that an alarm is triggered if a shoplifter walks out with a product with the tag still on through the electronic sensors at the exit gates.

You can use many different types of EAS devices, including tags, labels, and antennas. To prevent theft, they use a combination of radio frequency, electromagnetic technology, and sensors, metal detectors to prevent theft. They are the most reliable and produce the fewest false alarms.

Futuristic EAS systems can provide real-time data via RFID technology, from the moment products enter to the time they leave your store. It is amazing how closely they can track each product in your shop.

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7. Education materials to prevent theft

Education is one of the best ways you can stop theft. Make sure your staff is aware of the most recent loss prevention tips to help protect your store.

It is also important to inform your contractors and staff about the code of conduct. This will ensure that they are aware of the consequences. You can establish a foundation for theft prevention by requiring them to complete eLearning courses and induction modules before they start their tenure.

What does the future hold?

When you think about the future of anti-theft devices for retailers, You’ll be amazed at the possibilities. High-value products will be harder to steal with the Internet of Things (IoT) trend, as they will come with embedded chips that can be used to track the product’s location with the internet.

Anti-theft software allows consumers and retail stores to prevent a thief from using stolen goods. Smartphones already have apps that enable users to lock their devices via the internet in the event of theft (such as the Find My iPhone App for iOS devices). These apps will allow you to block any product stolen from your device, including phones and tablets.

Artificial Intelligence technology will enable more effective police by analyzing large amounts of video and data from surveillance cameras, and identifying suspicious activity in-store. This would be similar to having an extremely vigilant security guard watching over every corner of your store, keeping you on your word.

Machine learning and RFID technology will not just boost anti-theft effectiveness but also eliminate checkout lines, improving customer experience. AmazonGo is one of the most advanced retail shopping technologies. This allows customers to simply walk into a shop, grab the products they desire, and then leave without needing to pay or ‘checkout’. Shoplifting will soon be a thing of history!

Wrapping It Up — Top Anti-Theft Devices

Invest in theft prevention and closely monitor inventory closely, and you can prevent the future from happening in the present. We recommend that you look forward to the exciting technological advances that could make retail theft virtually non-existent. You can implement some of the devices listed above. You can make your retail business more profitable, efficient, and smarter!

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