Top 5 Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

Top 5 Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

Network traffic monitoring tools can provide valuable visibility for companies, which allows them to identify problems before they impact end-users. A network traffic monitor can help you identify bottlenecks and reduce downtime. It also increases the efficiency of your troubleshooting efforts.

There are many tools available that can help you monitor network traffic and measure it. This makes it difficult to find the right tool for your business. This guide will help you make a decision and review the top network traffic monitors available in 2022.

SolarWinds (r), NetFlow traffic analyzer is an advanced and comprehensive network activity monitor. This network traffic monitor is scalable and easy to use. It allows businesses to see network traffic, measures it, and report on it. You can analyze network traffic without any previous network monitoring experience.

Functions of Network Monitoring Tools

Before we review the top network traffic monitoring tools, let’s take a look at the main functions of an enterprise-grade traffic monitor. You should think about which functions are most critical to your company when choosing a network monitor. This will allow you to choose the right network traffic monitor for your company.

Network Traffic Control

Network traffic control is the management of network traffic and bandwidth usage. This goal is to prevent bottlenecks and unexpected spikes. Networks have become more complex due to the increasing use of VoIP and video chat programs. This makes it even more important to maintain complete control of network traffic. Companies can prevent downtime and reduce the risk of network bottlenecks by being able establishing network traffic control.

Network traffic control is a tool that can be used to help companies identify and anticipate spikes in traffic. It also allows them to spot bandwidth hogs so they can take corrective action before the network performance suffers. Network traffic monitoring tools that allow you to monitor network traffic can improve visibility, help you detect security threats and predict bandwidth bottlenecks.

Network Traffic Analysis

Network traffic analysis is the study of traffic communication trends in order to detect and fix performance problems and security threats. Traffic analysis allows companies to monitor a network’s activity, and availability and enables them to spot anomalies such as security or operational issues. Tools with traffic analysis capabilities typically provide historical and real-time records of network traffic and vulnerable protocol usage. This allows companies to troubleshoot slow networks and eliminate blind spots. It also improves internal visibility.

Network Traffic Measurement

Network traffic measurement is a term used to describe activities that are involved in measuring traffic on a network. It is crucial to measure network traffic in order to facilitate successful bandwidth management.

Trace Network Traffic

Network traffic is typically traced by measuring the route traffic takes to reach its destination. Traffic network tracing tools are used to generate session data by determining which route packets traverse an IP network. This information can be used to diagnose application problems. A utility that allows you to trace network traffic may be able to help you determine the hops and time it took for a packet to reach its destination. This information can be used to gauge network stability.

Network Traffic Issues

The network traffic monitoring tool that you choose should be able to analyze, trace, and monitor traffic. It should also have the ability to detect and resolve targeted network traffic issues. Common network issues include problems with the router, server, firewall or general traffic. These tools can not only show network traffic but also offer insights and recommendations that will help you identify the root cause and resolve them as soon as possible.

Displaying Network Traffic

Network traffic monitoring tools only provide basic functions such as the display of network traffic. Advanced tools for business should combine the display of network traffic with additional functions such as network issue detection and resolution, network traffic analysis and tracing, and network control.

Each network activity monitor approaches network traffic in a different way. This is something to consider when selecting a network traffic monitoring tool. How you view network traffic will determine how fast and easy you can interpret it. This affects your network performance improvement efforts. The network activity monitor tools allow you to modify the way you see network traffic and present visual representations of data wherever possible. This can help you simplify data interpretation.

Best Network Traffic Monitor

We have ranked the top network monitoring tools available to help you select the right one for your company. We have also considered the ease of use, sophistication, and range of features, as well as scalability.

1. SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

SolarWinds NetFlow traffic analyzer is a NetFlow monitor and bandwidth monitoring tool that provides bandwidth monitoring, network traffic analysis and application traffic alerting. It also supports VMware vSphere distributed switch support and advanced application recognition. NetFlow Traffic Analyzer has network analysis capabilities that allow you to examine trends and patterns in network traffic over a period of weeks, days or minutes. Simply drill into the network element to see the details. This internet traffic monitor tool gathers data from network traffic and displays it in a useful format. The web-based interface allows data to be displayed from any device that has an internet connection.

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer has a sophisticated alerting system that will inform you immediately if traffic to an application suddenly increases, decreases or disappears. This allows users to quickly and effectively address issues.

The solution offers advanced reporting tools that allow you to create, schedule, or send detailed bandwidth and traffic analysis reports in just a few clicks. These reports are dynamic and easy to interpret and can be used to analyze historical trends and adjust policies to improve network management.

This network traffic monitoring tool can be used by small and large companies. It is easy to use and highly customizable. Download a free 30-day trial.

2. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

SolarWinds NPM, a multi-vendor network monitor tool, is designed to grow with your business to meet changing network needs. This network monitor offers a wide range of utilities including Cisco network monitoring and cloud server monitoring, deep IP inspection and analysis and router traffic monitoring.

NPM allows you to monitor your network traffic. It covers all of the functions mentioned above. NPM excels in displaying network traffic and other metrics. It can also display data as charts and graphs when necessary, making it easy to interpret. The dynamic NPM dashboard was easy to use and intuitive. You can drag and drop statistics to show your priorities or focus on areas that interest you.

NPM monitors your network to monitor for faults and availability. IT professionals can use NPM to generate comprehensive monitoring reports that will greatly improve their ability to troubleshoot issues when they occur. Intelligent alerting is also available in NPM, which keeps you updated on key metrics. You can set thresholds to your performance metrics so that you are alerted when a threshold is exceeded.

NPM offers a wide range of tools that cover all aspects of network monitoring. It also has a dedicated traffic monitoring utility. This tool automatically detects network routers and displays their connections. NPM’s Discovery Central utility can give you a central overview of all routers and types you are monitoring with SolarWinds products. You can now focus your attention on one dashboard because you don’t need to switch between tools.

SolarWinds NPM also includes the ability to analyze latency issues and map network devices, check current health, analyze network paths, and other notable features. This tool is ideal for companies that anticipate rapid growth. It offers high scalability and is highly customizable. Download a 30-day free trial of NPM.

3. SolarWinds Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

SolarWinds Network Bandwidth Analysis Pack is a popular option for network monitoring and management. This tool consolidates the capabilities of SolarWinds NPM (and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer) into one solution.

These are examples of utility Network Bandwidth Analyzer Packs (integrated NPM/NTA):

  • Multi-vendor monitoring
  • Support for NetPath tm, which allows critical path visualizations
  • Monitoring and management of wireless networks
  • Performance baselines for network
  • Traffic analysis capabilities
  • Traffic monitoring at WLC
  • CBQoS optimization features
  • Reports that can be customized
  • Advanced application recognition (NBAR2)
  • Bandwidth monitoring

4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor uses a sensor-based approach for network monitoring. This allows you to tailor a solution to your specific needs. A sensor in PRTG is a monitoring element. It typically monitors one network value, such as server CPU load, disk space available, or traffic through switch ports. You have the choice of creating a network traffic monitoring tool, or a more comprehensive network performance management and monitoring solution with thousands of sensors.

PRTG offers a variety of sensors that can be used to track and monitor network traffic. These network traffic monitor tools include a Traceroute Hop Count, Packet Sniffer, NetFlow, and SNMP sensors.

This tool allows you to use up to 100 sensors free of charge, but on average you will need between 5-10 sensors per device or one sensor per switch port. These sensors will be used up quickly, so you may not use them all. Click to get an unlimited PRTG trial for 30 days.

5. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Another popular solution, ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, is able to provide the functions mentioned earlier in this guide. It can monitor, trace, control, measure, and analyze network traffic. This tool can also be used as a protocol analyzer and usage monitor, Cisco ASA Monitor, application monitor, etc. this is best for web traffic monitoring tools.

This web-based traffic analysis tool uses flow data to generate detailed monitoring of network activities. NetFlow Analyzer gathers data from NetFlow and sFlow. It also correlates it and displays it in a readable form. This tool provides advanced network traffic analysis and monitoring with real-time graphs as well as comprehensive reporting utilities that provide insight into traffic behavior.

These are just a few of the many features offered by ManageEngine NetFlow Analzer. Download the 30-day trial to experience all of this tool’s functionality.

Conclusion – Right Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

These tools are enterprise-grade and can provide a wide range of network traffic monitoring utilities. The network traffic monitoring software that is right for your company will depend on your needs and how you approach monitoring traffic on your network.

SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack is a great tool for monitoring network traffic. It can help you improve network performance and team efficiency. You can download the free trial links throughout this guide to see if they are right for you.

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