Top 10 Popular Machine Learning Applications and Examples

The latest buzzword in the business world is machine learning. Machine learning has captured the imagination of many, conjuring up images of futuristic self-learning AIs and robots. Machine learning has opened up new avenues for technology and tools in the industry that were impossible just a few years ago. It powers breakthrough innovations, from prediction engines to online streaming TV live streaming, that supports modern lifestyles. Before we dive into the different machine learning applications, let’s first understand What Machine learning is.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning can be described as a collection of tools and techniques that allow computers to learn and adapt themselves. Machine learning algorithms allow AI to learn and perform desired actions without having to be programmed. The machine learning algorithm learns a pattern by studying input samples.

It then predicts and executes tasks based only on that pattern and not any predetermined program instructions. Machine learning can save lives in many cases where strict algorithms are not feasible. It will learn from past patterns and apply the learned knowledge.

We are very familiar with the machine learning application that our email providers use to deal with spam. Spam filters employ an algorithm to detect and move junk mail to your spam folder. Many e-commerce sites also use machine learning algorithms with other IT security tools to reduce fraud and increase their recommendation engine performance.

Let’s look at other machine-learning applications in real life that are making waves around the globe!

Popular Machine Learning Applications & Examples

1. Social Media Features

Machine learning algorithms and other approaches are used by social media platforms to create many attractive and outstanding features. Facebook, for example, records and monitors your conversations, likes, comments, and time spent on certain types of posts. Machine learning is based on your experience and creates friends and page suggestions to improve your profile.

2. Product Recommendations

Product Recommendation is one of the most well-known and popular applications of machine learning. Product recommendation, which is an advanced use of machine learning techniques, is a prominent feature of nearly every e-commerce website. Websites use machine learning and artificial intelligence to track your shopping habits, analyze your search patterns, make product recommendations, and even store your cart history.

3. Image Recognition

Image Recognition is an important and well-known Machine Learning and AI technique. It allows you to identify and detect features or objects in a digital image. This technique can be used for further analysis such as face detection and face recognition.

4. Sentiment Analysis

Machine Learning is incomplete without sentiment analysis. One of the most important Applications of Machine Learning is sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis uses machine learning to determine the sentiment or opinions of the speaker or writer. A sentiment analyzer can instantly determine the thought and tone in any type of text, such as a review, email or other form of document. This application can be used to analyze reviews, decision-making apps, and other types of content.

5. Automating Employee Access Control

To determine which level employees need to access various areas, organizations are using machine-learning algorithms. This is based on job profiles. This is Machine Learning’s most exciting application.

6. Marine Wildlife Preservation

Machine learning algorithms can be used to create behavior models for endangered cetaceans, and other marine species. This helps scientists monitor and regulate their populations.

7. Regulating Healthcare Efficiency and Medical Services

Machine Learning algorithms are being used by significant healthcare sectors to improve their management. These models can predict patient waiting times in emergency rooms from various hospitals. These models are based on vital factors such as details about staff at different times of the day and records of patients. They also include logs of all department chats and layouts of emergency rooms. Machine learning algorithms are also used to detect disease and plan therapy. This is one of Machine Learning’s most important applications.

8. Predict Potential Heart Failure

Medical technology is embracing an algorithm that scans doctor’s e-notes to identify patterns in patient’s cardiovascular history. Redundancy is reduced by computers analyzing the available information, rather than a doctor digging through many health records in order to make a sound diagnosis.

9. Banking Domain

To prevent fraud and protect their accounts from hackers, banks now use the most advanced machine learning technology. These algorithms decide which factors are important to include in order to create a filter that will keep hackers away. Unauthentic sites will be blocked from initiating transactions and will be automatically removed.

10. Language Translation

Language Translation is one of the most popular applications of Machine Learning. It is amazing how websites can seamlessly translate between languages and give context meaning. Machine translation is the technology that powers the website translation tool. Without it, it would be difficult to communicate with people all over the globe. It gives travelers and business associates the confidence to travel to foreign countries with the assurance that language will not be a barrier.

The model must be taught the things you want. The machine will learn from the back data and draw patterns. It is important to provide the relevant data and feed files in order to assist the machine learning what is expected. Machine Learning is a case where what you get as a result of Machine Learning depends on the content of the files being recorded.


The technology and machine learning applications that are most popular are constantly evolving, and we are excited about the future possibilities of our Machine Learning course. We are excited about what the Machine Learning course will bring to us in the future. As machine learning and AI become more popular, companies require skilled professionals who have hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the technologies. Simplilearn, in partnership with IBM, has launched the AI/ Machine Learning certification courses.

This will allow you to gain industry skills such as NLP, speech recognition, Python, and advanced deep learning. This Post Graduate program will allow you to stand out and help you grow your career in exciting fields such as AI, machine learning and deep learning.

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