Top 15 Hot Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Top 15 Hot Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence was created in 1955 to create a new field of computer science. As the top AI platforms and market for artificial intelligence technologies grows, it is changing our lives in a dramatic way. Many start-ups are competing with internet giants for these technologies. What is AI technology and AI hot or not hot technology? This article will cover the Top 15 Hot Artificial Intelligence Technologies that you should Know.

Top 15 Hot Artificial Intelligence Technologies

1. Natural Language Generation

It can be difficult for even humans to communicate clearly and efficiently. The process of processing information by machines is a completely different process to the human brain. It can also be very complicated and difficult. Natural Language Generation, a sub-discipline of AI, converts text into data and aids the systems in communicating ideas and thoughts as clearly and concisely as possible. It is widely used to create market summaries and reports in customer service. Natural Language Generation is offered by companies like Attivio and Automated Insights. This one is no surprise to be ranked among the top 15 most popular artificial intelligence technologies.

2. Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition converts and transforms human speech into a usable and complete format that can be used in computer applications. It is becoming more common to see the transcription and conversion of human language into usable formats. NICE, Nuance Communications, and OpenText offer speech recognition services.

3. Machine Learning Platforms

Machine Learning is a sub-discipline in computer science and an important branch of Artificial Intelligence. Its purpose is to create new techniques that enable computers to learn, and thus become more intelligent. Machine learning platforms are growing in popularity thanks to algorithms, APIs (application program interface), training tools, and big data. They are used extensively for categorizing and predicting. machine-learning technologies platforms are sold by companies such as Amazon, Fractal Analytics, and Google.

4. Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are computer programs or agents that can interact with people. It is currently a top 15 most popular artificial intelligence technology. it is used in customer service through Chatbots as well as a smart home manager. Virtual agents can be found at companies such as Amazon, Google, Satisfi, Satisfi, IPsoft, and Microsoft.

5. Decision Management

Artificially Intelligent machines can add logic to AI systems to make them more useful for training, maintenance, and tuning. Decision management can be used to increase the value of a business and make it more profitable. Organizations incorporate it into their applications in order to drive and execute automated decisions. This service is offered by companies such as Informatica and Advanced Systems Concepts, Maana and Pegasystems, UiPath, and Pegasystems.

6. AI Optimized Hardware

Devices are now being designed and optimized to perform AI-oriented tasks. The AI-optimized silicon chip, which can be inserted into any device, is a prominent example. Companies and organizations invest heavily in AI to speed up the development of new applications. Companies such as Alluviate and Google offer this technological service.

7. Deep Learning Platforms

Deep Learning platforms are a type of machine learning platform that mimics the neural circuits of the human brain to process and create patterns for decision making. This unique technology uses artificial neural networks. Its applications include automated speech recognition, image recognition, and prediction of any digital phenomenon. Deep Instinct, Ersatz Labs Fluid AI, Fluid AI, and MathWorks are some of the providers of deep learning platforms.

We have reached the halfway point in our Top 15 Top Artificial Intelligence Technologies article. Let us now look at some additional tools.

8. Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation refers to the ability to automate corporate processes by mimicking human tasks. It is important to remember that AI is not intended to replace human talent and skills. This is what companies like Automation Anywhere (Pega Systems), Blue Prism, UiPath, WorkFusion, and Automation Anywhere focus on.

9. Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing is concerned with the interaction between humans and computers. It uses text analytics to analyze the structure of sentences and their meaning through machine learning. This technology is used extensively in fraud detection and security systems. NLP is used by many automated applications and assistants to extract unstructured data. These service providers include Expert System, Coveo, and Indico. These terms are no surprise to make it onto the top 15 most popular artificial intelligence technologies.

10. Bio-metrics

Biometrics is the study of the recognition, measurement, and analysis of physical characteristics of the human body’s form, structure, and behavior. Because it uses touch, voice, and body language, it fosters organic interactions between humans and machines. It is primarily used for market research. This technology service is provided by #VR, Affectiva, and Agnitio.

11. Cyber Defense

Cyber defense aims to detect and prevent attacks on data and systems’ infrastructure. Combining machine learning techniques with neural networks that can process sequences of inputs to create learning technologies, you can use them to develop learning technologies to detect and reveal suspicious activity.

12. Content Creation

While content can be created by people who work on ads, videos, white papers, and blogs, brands such as Hearst, USA Today, and CBS use AI to generate content. Automated Insights created Wordsmith, which uses NLP to generate news stories.

13. Emotion Recognition

This type of AI technology allows emotions to be read and interpreted by advanced image processing or audio processing. This technology is often used by law enforcers during interrogation. Beyond Verbal, nViso, and Affectiva are some of the companies that use emotion recognition.

14. Image Recognition

What enables image processing, speech recognition in AI? Image recognition is the process of identifying and decoding a feature in an image or video. This technology can greatly aid in image searches, as well as identify license plates, diagnose diseases, and study people. This technology service is provided by Clarifai and SenseTime as well as GuGum’s.

15. Marketing Automation

AI has been adopted by sales and marketing teams, and they have benefited greatly from it. There are many methods that incorporate AI using automated customer segmentation, customer information integration, and campaign management. AdextAI is a leader in marketing automation.

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