What is Cloud Sourcing A Full Guide?

Cloud Sourcing

It is necessary to install software on each computer. This can take a lot of time and effort. Capital expenditures are high, which leads to cloud-based apps. Cloud sourcing is a popular method used by every organization these days.

All web-based apps have moved to cloud-based services as technology has improved and internet connectivity has improved. Many companies prefer outsourcing their IT services as it is not necessary for them to have dedicated IT staff and complex IT systems. This is what led to cloud sourcing.

1. What is Cloud Sourcing?

Cloud is simply an umbrella term for applications, services, and data storage over the internet. Outsourcing services are what is meant by sourcing.

Cloud Sourcing is the process of making data, services, and applications accessible online by service providers to different organizations. The model of IT-enabled service is accessible on a virtual platform so users can access it anywhere, anytime, and any time, 24 hours a day. It allows organizations to increase or decrease the number of resources they need and only pay for what they use.

2. Reasons for Cloud Sourcing

Here are some reasons cloud sourcing is important.

  1. It lowers capital costs.
  2. It provides load balancing, which increases reliability.
  3. It’s much easier to back up and restore data from the cloud.
  4. Data processing requires less staff.
  5. It allows us to access files and data from anywhere, anytime.
  6. It is a great way to achieve economies of scale.

3. Type of Cloud Sourcing

Cloud computing environments can be divided into three types: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

1. Private Cloud

This cloud is kept within an organization’s boundaries. Because it is managed by an organization, it is more secure. It is not necessary to rely on an outside party. Its main drawback is the high cost of cloud computing. Organizations have to invest heavily in cloud building and buying.

2. Public Cloud

The cloud is available for public use. It can be managed by government agencies, businesses, or individuals. Or a combination thereof. They are highly scalable, more secure, cheaper, and highly available. This type of cloud does not require separate infrastructure to be set up or maintained.

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3. Hybrid Cloud

This cloud is a mix of public and private clouds. They are highly scalable and secure, which makes them more secure than the public cloud.

4. Cloud sourcing service model

Cloud sourcing can be done in three ways: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as A Service, and Software As A Service.

1 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IT users can access infrastructure resources via the internet using a hardware-level service. It allows metered services, centralized management, and shared infrastructure. It is an entirely outsourced, pay-for-use service. It allows users to maximize computing capacity without the need to manage or own their own resources.

2 Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS allows users to create and deploy applications on the platform offered by the service provider. PaaS providers offer programming languages, databases, and testing tools in addition to the built-in tools.

3 Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS allows users to access software over the internet that is hosted and managed through the service provider. This changes the way software is delivered via the internet. It is centrally managed. These services are some of the most prominent and easily visible.

5. Cloud Sourcing Example

These are real-world examples of cloud sourcing works:

  1. Dropbox, Gmail. Facebook, Instagram. Google.
  2. You can use Google Drive’s apps as a form of cloud computing.
  3. Salesforce is an excellent example, as all of its CRM applications can be accessed via the cloud.
  4. Google apps are the best example, as everything can be accessed via a browser.
  5. Amazon web services, Go daddy cloud hosting services, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud.

5. Tools used for cloud sourcing

Cloud infrastructure tools are available to speed up cloud computing. These tools include:

1. Puppet

This is an automated IT software that automates repetitive tasks and speeds up the deployment of applications. It has been a market leader for many years. It simplifies complex workflows.

2. SaltStack

Salt, also known as Python-based open-source software is also known. It is modular.

3. Chief

It is a configuration management technology that allows for the provisioning, configuration, and integration of cloud resources. It is Ruby-based.

4. Ansible

To manage configurations, it uses YAML (Yet Another Markup Language). it provides simple application deployment, task execution, and configuration management.

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5. AWS Cloud Formation

It manages third-party and private resources, integrates with other AWS services, and helps with scaling the infrastructure globally.


Cloud Sourcing allows you to have access to shared resources and services over the network. Cloud Sourcing allows companies to have large capacities without the need to build new infrastructure or train staff. Every organization, large or small, can benefit from the cloud. They can outsource all of their data infrastructures to third-party providers without incurring additional costs. Cloud computing is gaining popularity due to its many benefits and advancements.

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