10 Best Change Management Tools

10 Best Change Management Tools

It can be difficult to find the right information when dealing with a complex topic like change management. This is especially true for tools that help with change management. How do you begin your search for the best change management software? This list contains 10 of the best change management tools for organizational change.

We’ll give you the details on each product so that you can make an informed decision. Make the right decision about your change management projects.

What is Change Management Software?

Change management software tools are used by companies during times of organizational change. They make it as easy and seamless as possible for employees and managers as well as customers. There are many organizational change models and management models. There are many types of change management tools.

The type of change that you are implementing and the stage of your change management will determine which tool is best for you. If you have recently divided a large department into smaller departments, You might need a feedback tool for your teams to survey them and find ways to improve the efficiency of each department.

You will realize that your initiatives in change management require dedicated attention. We want you to make the best choice when it comes to change management tools. That is most appropriate for your company’s use.

Importance of Change Management Tools

While change is inevitable, resistance is also an inevitable part of the process. Every change initiative will encounter some resistance from employees, although there may be many reasons. Employees resist change because of poor communication, mistrust, and fear of failure.

Effective change management can give employees the assurance they need. An effective change management strategy addresses all resistance factors and works proactively to gain support through change leaders, training tools, and employee engagement.

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10 Best Change Management Tools

1. Whatfix

Whatfix is an interactive digital platform, that fills a large gap in digital management. It offers ongoing training and support for employees. Whatfix’s interactive walkthroughs workflows help companies accelerate the transition to new software.

This tool guides users through every step of the change management process using personalized onboarding and training programs.

This contextual step-by-step training allows users to learn in the flow of work. This results in increased productivity during the transition to new software. This helps employees to get back on track as quickly as possible and ensures that there is minimal disruption in productivity during the transition.

Whatfix’s integration with SCORM-compliant learning management systems and help desks is another interesting feature of its training capabilities. Walk-throughs from Whatfix are automatically generated into multiple formats such as PDFs, videos, slideshows, and screenshots, and can be embedded within these LMSs or help desks to reduce the time and effort required for content creation.

Key Benefits of Whatfix

  • Interactive walkthroughs can increase employee productivity.
  • Interactive walkthroughs are easy to create (no programming required).
  • Guided step-by-step instruction on the most important processes
  • Support with application & contextual help for self-serving purposes
  • Customizable analytics dashboard
  • Training and onboarding programs
  • Support around the clock and dedicated account managers

2. BMC Remedy Change Management 9

Remedy Change Management 9 is an innovative IT service management (ITSM) platform from BMC Software. This tool for change management is perfect for IT departments that need to coordinate and document various changes.

Remedy Change Management 9 allows change managers to review requests and create change plans. They can also monitor the progress of implementation. This tool has many features that can help you manage new releases such as deployment tracking and notifications to stakeholders.

This change management tool can help reduce the chance of a failure to change by up to 40%

Tracking, change requests and release management can all be done remotely via a mobile phone or computer. This makes it easy to track releases from anywhere.

Key Benefits of BMC Remedy Change Management 9

  • Chat and virtual agents are available for fast resolution
  • Implementation on-premise or in the cloud
  • Mobile self-service application
  • MyIT self-service portal
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Impact analytics and collision detection
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), compliant process

3. StarTeam by MicroFocus

StarTeam’s tool for change management is designed to assist development teams in improving their software delivery processes. This tool brings disconnected and Globally distributed teams can be joined together by one source of truth during each change process.

This collaborative environment allows development managers to track changes to source code, features, and other assets in order to ensure controlled distribution. StarTeam has flexible workflows that allow for an integrated, flexible workflow engine. This helps to establish the rules and process for a software release.

Key Benefits of StarTeam By MicroFocus

  • One repository for change management tools and processes
  • Easy tracking of source code changes, defects, features, and tasks
  • The Change Request component issues an alert when the changes have been implemented.
    Analyze of impact
  • All types of digital resources can be stored in a central data warehouse

4. Aldon

Rocket Aldon was created to assist development teams in change processes. It claims to be the best multi-platform, end-to-end configuration and change management software on the market.

This software has a huge advantage: it can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. Managers can view changes made based on tasks, applications, or other familiar structures in real-time. This is an improvement over the existing development files.

Rocket Aldon offers an enterprise Application Lifecycle Management solution (ALM), which automates the whole process of software delivery and change management.

Key Benefits of Rocket Aldon

  • end-to-end changes management
  • Distributed development
  • Promotion, deployment, redeployment, and promotion of point-and-click packages
  • Distributed development in multiple sites
  • Automating IT workflow
  • All components of the application are centrally inventoried

5. ChangeGear Change Manager

ChangeGear is an ITIL-based standard change management software, that uses advanced automation and controls in order to manage the release and change process from one interface.

This software tool for change management is suitable for many roles including IT, DevOps, and business. ChangeGear is able to simplify your DevOps process, reduce release bottlenecks, manage IT risks, and ensure compliance with FDA CFR 21 or NERC/CIP.

Key Benefits of ChangeGear

  • Automation efficiency is improved by approval routing
  • Distributed development
  • Built-in Change Model Workflows for ITIL, DevOps, and Business Processes – Change Manager
  • Dashboards with visual reporting, metrics, and KPIs
  • SLA management helps you keep things on track.
  • A central repository for all changes throughout the enterprise can reduce risk and help to reduce risk

6. Giva eChangeManager

Giva’s Service Management Suite, eChange Manager is a subset easy to use ITIL-compliant cloud applications. They offer a robust reporting system to help in measuring and monitoring the analytics and key performance indicators.

The point-and-click customization and configuration is another added advantage that thwarts the need for programmers/consultants to set up the application.

Key Benefits of Giva eChangeManager

  • Centralized IT change schedule
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), compliant workflow process to route IT changes
  • You can customize fields, screens and options.
  • Option to accelerate routine changes
  • You can store file attachments and link them to change records
  • Automatically notifies Change Manager and Change Advisory Board according to the rules
  • Notifications to users via email, pager, cell phone, or PDA

7. ServiceNow Release and Change Management Application

ServiceNow’s Release Management and Change Management application is part of its ITSM wing. It is used by many SMBs as well as enterprises. You can keep your teams connected with the dashboard and calendar, which makes it easy to use and helps you avoid communication bottlenecks.

ServiceNow’s Change Management app provides a method to manage the lifecycle of your change initiatives. This tool reduces disruption to IT services. You can greatly improve the service desk if you already have ServiceNow installed in your company.

Key Benefits of ServiceNow

  • A single integrated calendar for change and a centralized system of records
  • Dynamic risk and impact calculations
  • Change collision detection
  • Meetings of the Simplify Change Advisory board (CAB), allows managers to easily plan, schedule and manage meetings.
  • Integrations built-in with other ServiceNow applications

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8. Freshservice

Freshservice from Freshdesk is an IT asset management software. It assists businesses with reporting, asset and releases management, change management, as well as reporting. Freshservice’s greatest advantage is its ability to integrate with Freshdesk and Freshsales, its parent platform and sales platform.

Key Benefits of Freshservice

  • All your changes can be tracked, planned, and rolled back from one location
  • Before they become a problem, analyze and mitigate them.
  • Meetings of the Change Advisory Board (CAB), are easy to set up and manage
  • Built-in integration with other applications in Freshdesk

9. Howspace

Howspace is an AI-powered platform that encourages collaboration during the process of change, is Howspace This tool can be used to manage both organizational and learning transformations.

Howspace makes it easy for everyone to become a change leader by creating workspaces that look like social media. All ideas, concerns, and conversations are automatically recorded.

Employees are empowered by Howspace as they learn new programs and processes. Howspace is not a place to dump training materials in employees’ laps. It creates a space for discussion and social learning. You can discuss assignments, get individual or group coaching, and even share your feedback all from one location.

AI-powered analytics is what really makes Howspace stand out. AI clustering allows you to quickly scan entire discussions and identify the most important topics or concerns. You can also create behavior-triggered notifications to monitor the progress of participants.

Key Benefits of Howspace

  • A drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to create custom workspaces
  • Login in one click, no passwords or usernames are required
  • Sharing materials via text, video, or photo format
  • Feedback gathering via polls, questions, and discussions is built-in
  • AI-powered analytics

10. OrgMapper Influence

It is possible to make a difference in your company by finding influencers. OrgMapper’s Influence tool quickly finds strong change agent candidates so you can build support systems before initiating organizational transformations.

You can narrow down the information that is communicated, received, and understood during the change process with strength mapping reports.

These valuable insights will help your chosen change leaders build trust in the company, improve their strategies for change, and create processes for future initiatives.

Key Benefits of OrgMapper Influencer

  • Comprehensive communication diagnostics to identify ineffective and effective communication styles
  • Employees can nominate their favorite change leaders using the peer nomination tool
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of change agents or initiatives, drill-down functions can be found in reports.


Change management can prove to be a nightmare for organizations. The right software for change management will help your company adopt change more efficiently and faster than ever before.

Make a list of the features you need in a change management software tool. Include examples of your organization’s future changes. This will help you narrow down vendors to review and demo before you choose a change management software vendor.

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