CAD for Kids: 7 Best 3D Modeling Software for Children

CAD for Kids 7 Best 3D Modeling Software for Children

Imagine a child wanting to create their own 3D printed parts. However, the only way to do this is with Autodesk Fusion 360. The likelihood of that child losing motivation is high since Fusion 360 is not an easy tool to use, even for adults. These are the best CAD software for kids.

You want to encourage kids to learn CAD. Make sure you have simple interfaces. Many can confirm that once kids are excited, they won’t stop learning CAD for kids.

It is also important to provide tutorials that are child-friendly. To allow a child to explore their creativity fully, they will need to be familiar with all the important functions and tools.

Let’s now take a look at the top CAD software for children. This is not a complete list. We’ll be describing and pointing out the most important features of each CAD software as we go.

Top 7 CAD Software for Kids

1. Tinkercad – Autodesk’s Beginner CAD

Autodesk’s CAD software is well-known. They also offer Tinkercad which is a fun and simple CAD program that anyone can use in just a few seconds. It’s often argued that it’s the best CAD software available for children.

Tinkercad’s basic concept is to place and adjust simple objects such as spheres or cubes. These can then be added to and removed from one another to create complex shapes. 3D modeling is easy because of its simple concept and clear visualization.

Aside from the standard tools, kids might appreciate the ability to literally scribble. This tool converts mouse movements into sketches on the screen that can be edited later by the junior designer.

Tinkercad works online, so it can be used in any web browser that has an internet connection. There is no installation required and all designs can be accessed in the cloud. This makes it easy for children to access and return to their designs whenever and wherever they need.

Tinkercad, a popular Autodesk product has many tutorials, making the already simple learning process even more enjoyable.

2. SolidWorks Apps for Kids

Another name that is well-known in the CAD world is SolidWorks. This company is the industry standard for solid modeling and physics simulation. Many people don’t realize that not all of their offerings have strong CAE capabilities.

SolidWorks apps for kids are a collection of web-based apps that help children explore the worlds of CAD. The collection currently includes five tools: Capture It Shape It Style It, Mech It, and Print It.

Modules are simple to use with simple interfaces. The modules focus on different aspects of computer-aided manufacturing and design. They can be combined and matched to achieve specific goals. The Shape It and Print It apps might be useful for children who want to create 3D printed models.

SolidWorks Apps for Kids, just like Tinkercad is also free. A child only needs an internet connection and a SolidWorks Account.

3. 3D Slash – Looks Like Minecraft

3D Slash may be the right choice for the children in question who love Minecraft. The platform was inspired by the popular game for kids (and intended to be used for 3D printing).

3D modeling is done using tools such as hammers, trowels, and chisels to create blocks and break down objects in this best CAD software. it is the best 3d modeling for kids. And this colorful and entertaining mode of operation is only enhanced by a visually-appealing interface with instantly-recognizable icons.

A tutorial set is available when a miniature user opens 3D Slash. This makes it easy to get started. Because the tool can be connected to Google Drive it is easy to store and share your creations. After a model has been completed, there are many file export options, including STL.

3DSlash is not completely free. Although you can use the free version of 3DSlash, it is not possible to save or use all the features. To make the most of the service, one must choose from the plans available, which range between $2 to $20 per month. It is compatible with Linux and Windows as well as macOS and Raspberry Pi.

4. BlocksCAD – Drag & Drop

BlocksCAD is a drag and drops best CAD software. It takes a different approach than the others we have seen. It uses a Scratch-like visual programming method, where elements are chosen and placed one above the other to determine the relationship between different aspects of the final design.

Although this is a simplified programming method, it can present a greater challenge than other child-friendly tools. This program could be introduced to children who are particularly interested in technical tools or fine detail.

BlocksCAD and its tutorials are free. They can be accessed through the YouTube channel.

5. SketchUp Free – Built for Buildings

SketchUp Free is the free version of Sketchup for kids, a well-known tool for 3D models for kids. Although it is a popular tool in areas such as architecture, landscaping, and civil engineering, its easy method of 3D modeling makes it a great choice for beginners. It works by drawing something in two dimensions, such as a rectangle. Then push or pull one end to make it 3D cad Tools for kids.

Its easy-to-use interface is well-organized and tutorials are displayed when you first open the program. A CAD tool that is actually used by professionals means that young users can expand their knowledge and take advantage of more advanced features.

SketchUp Free, unlike the Pro and freeware versions, is web-based. This means that one only needs a browser and active internet access.

6. Leopoly Maker – No Learning Curve Needed

Leopoly maker is an open-source, browser-based 3D modeling tool. The user interface has a simple yet powerful graphic design software for kids that makes it ideal for kids. It is easy to register online and use the software.

Maker is very easy to use. You can choose to start from scratch or use a template from our model library. This model library doesn’t require any complicated modeling skills. Simple operations such as push, pull, and erase make it easy for kids to translate their ideas into models. To keep things interesting, you can use “paints”, texture, and patterns.

After the modeling is complete, the designs can be exported as STLs and OBJs. These are great for 3d design for kids.

7. Makers Empire – The Future Is STEM

Makers Empire, another popular CAD tool for Kid, is also a great option for CAD for kids. Its resemblance with a game is what makes it so popular.

First, users create an avatar and select a username. Next, users enter the “World”, which includes institutions such as the “Training Centre”, and the “Game Zone”. The former gives one task to design, while the latter allows one to solve mazes using newly-acquired 3D modeling skills.

Tinkercad’s modeling interface is a good example of this. The best CAD software also offers monthly design contests that make the experience even more engaging and fun.

Once you have completed a model, you can save it under the “My Designs” tab. It is possible to download STLs but children will require a “class-code”, which can be obtained from a parent/teacher.

Makers Empire is available as an app for Android and iOS, as well as a program that can be used on Windows and macOS.

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