Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains: A Complete Guide and Best Alternatives

Microsoft Great Plains Software

Microsoft Great Plains Software is financial accounting software specifically designed for small- to medium-sized companies, is available. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a preferred choice for growing companies in healthcare and education, eCommerce, retail, wholesale, construction, and other manufacturing areas.

This blog will introduce you to Microsoft Great Plains Software and its features. This blog will help you determine if it is right for your company. This will allow you to see how it can transform your company. We will briefly discuss the pricing of Microsoft Great Plains. We also discuss other alternatives to Microsoft Great Plains Software.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is also known as Great Plains Software. This Microsoft Accounting Software is specifically designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. This Microsoft Great Plains Software was originally developed by Great Plains Software, a North Dakota-based company. It was later purchased by Microsoft in 2001. With diverse applications for financial management, Microsoft Dynamics Accounting provides services such as human resources management, manufacturing planning, supply chain management, field service, collaboration, compliance, and IT management.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can also be integrated seamlessly with hundreds of third-party applications from independent software vendors. Microsoft Windows and.NET frameworks are compatible with this Microsoft Great Plains Software. The system can be used on-site as well as on a monthly basis. Microsoft Great Plains Software also offers online training and support.

Features of Great Plains Software

  • Great Plains Software’s integrated communication tool allows people to collaborate immediately.
    Microsoft Great Plains Software offers automated workflows. The built-in notification system and decision trees can be used. Great Plains software offers batch approval for general ledger, receivables or payables, vendor workflows, and even HR functions such as employee training and skill management.
  • Great Plains Software offers invoice consolidation, which allows you to combine multiple bills into one integrated communication.
  • Great Plains Software allows you to run status reports of assets. These reports will include a netbook value as well as accumulated depreciation.
  • Great Plains Software’s document attachments feature allows you to add transactional context to your bills or business correspondence.

Great Plains Software Functions

Project Management

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Project Management software can be achieved seamlessly by third-party apps and accounting software. These apps are third-party and offer inventory management, financial management, and accounting management. All these integrations allow you to manage and track your business projects. Microsoft GP’s Project Management allows you to use timesheets as well as analytical tools to plan, review, and approve your business projects.

Accounting Management

Microsoft Great Plains Software offers access to a General Ledger Account in accounting management. The General Ledger account, an analytical tool that makes your analysis process simple with its many features and modules, is a great option. The productivity systems of General Ledger make it easy to manage your workload. Microsoft Dynamics Accounting also tracks budgets and financial information across the enterprise. These data can all be combined to create centralized accounting management. This data can be used for improving your business by identifying areas of improvement and profit zones.

Accounting Microsoft Software also allows you to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products. Microsoft Excel allows you to update and maintain your budgets. With the import and export options in Microsoft Excel, you can share your data with other platforms. Microsoft Great Plains Software has a forecasting tool that can help you manage your financial inflows or outflows. Dynamics Accounting allows you to automate certain accounting processes, such as automating payrolls.

Human Resource Management

Microsoft Great Plains Software makes it easy to manage your human resources. All your benefits and metrics can be viewed online. You can filter and verify the monthly and yearly data with a filter. This will save you the time and effort of manually analyzing your company’s performance. Federak Magnetic Media files can be used to maintain compliance with your government. They can be created using Accounting Microsoft Software’s Human Resource Management.

This tool allows you to easily report all of your requirements. With its customizable tools, Microsoft Dynamics Accounting allows you to perform multiple tasks quickly. You can use Human Resource Management to schedule tasks and hire employees and record and analyze the business’ performance.

You can customize this to suit your needs. This allows you to save time and carry out small tasks. Microsoft Great Plains Software improves productivity by automating complex vacation and sick time policies and payrolls to employees. Human resource management can be used to ensure the safety and health of your employees. This helps to improve the working environment for employees.

Bank Management

Microsoft Great Plains Software allows unlimited checkbooks to be attached directly to your bank account. You can also integrate your bank account with your checkbooks electronically via a smartphone or computer. These checkbooks make it easier to withdraw money or make payments. Automate all your transactions and reconcile your bank account management. Your bank account can be managed efficiently and securely with this technology.

Supply Chain Management

Accounting Microsoft Software allows you to monitor your inventory stock levels, and cost. Microsoft Dynamics Accounting will generate a report that contains all details about your products, stocks, and inventory. You will receive this report by mail to keep track of it.

Microsoft Great Plains Software allows you to set prices for products and stock. To ensure that your customers receive the best products, this pricing can be done on a per-customer basis. You can automate the manual pricing process by aligning and modifying your products to match their prices. You can also customize the price automation process by giving customers flexible pricing options and establishing specific rules.

Manufacturing Management

Microsoft Great Plains Software’s manufacturing software leverages your Manufacturing Suite to plan and operate sales forecasts. The entire manufacturing process can be tracked while the product is being manufactured. This allows you to manage the raw materials and other parts of your product more profitably. Microsoft Dynamics Accounting can also automate the creation of products per sale.

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What companies can use Great Plains Software software?

Microsoft Dynamics GP was specifically created for small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Microsoft GP is a preferred choice for companies that are growing in healthcare and education, eCommerce, wholesale, construction, and other manufacturing areas.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter Pack is affordable and can be used by smaller businesses and companies. The Microsoft GP Starter Pack includes features that are only available to a small number of users. These features are still as effective as the full ERP system’s features. This feature can take your business to the next level.

How can Great Plains Software transform your Business?

You need an ERP solution that is up-to-date to ensure your business succeeds. Microsoft Great Plains Software can help you achieve this. With its many features and modules, the ERP software solution from Microsoft Accounting Software can transform any business. Microsoft GP can take your business to the next level, regardless of its size.

Data Protection and Security

The Accounting Microsoft Software Dynamics GP can help you transform your business and make it more modern. This software provides security from all sides and protects against hackers. It is common to crack codes and gain access to important business files. Microsoft Great Plains Software helps you save your work, no matter when it is done. This will ensure that your progress and work are safe from viruses or other malfunctions.

Efficient Financial Management

All your finances can be managed in one place, avoiding any missteps. High-end features. Microsoft Great Plains Software can efficiently handle the most difficult tasks for your company and business companies. To manage your business’s needs, you can use powerful software and applications that are powered by artificial intelligence technology.

Mobile Application

Microsoft GP includes a mobile app that allows you to access all features. This allows you to access the ERP software from anywhere with your mobile device. This allows you to monitor your business from anywhere and at any time.

Great Plains Software Pricing

  • Starter Package: $5,000 per THREE concurrent users (required).
  • Additional Full User: $3,000 per user
  • Additional Limited Users $600 each (read-only access)
  • Self-Serving Users: $60 per user

Optional (prices are a one-time fee that covers all users):

  • Extended Package: 10,000
  • Customization Package: $6,000
  • Extended Human Resource & Payroll Pack – $7,000

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Alternatives to Great Plains Software


NetSuite (all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning) software is available. It was first introduced by Evan Goldberg in 1998 as “Netledger”. NetSuite helps businesses achieve company growth and success through the efficient optimization of their business operations. This tool also assists in automating corporate operations using a cloud platform that offers superior features.

NetSuite offers a complete set of analytical tools that can be tailored to your company’s needs. This allows you to gain real-time insight into your business. NetSuite is well-known for providing 360-degree views of client interactions and company operations. It is able to cater to all kinds of businesses. NetSuite is used by over 27,000 clients around the globe. These industries include manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services, software development, and non-profits.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management and accounting software. Sage Intacct accelerates your success by providing profound accounting opportunities such as tax filings, payroll, and inventory tracking tools across multiple industry sectors. Sage Intacct offers a wide range of connectivity options that allow for greater impact and visibility.

This cloud-based accounting software offers true cloud flexibility and access. Sage Intacct is cloud-based accounting software that allows you to be flexible and adaptable. This makes it easy to share data with multiple financial foundations and connect them easily. Sage Intacct handles over 100 million applications per day and more than 50 billion financial records.

Sage Intacct automates your business activities and provides valuable insights. These insights will enable you to make informed long-term decisions as well as make adjustments when necessary.


SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing), a well-known software tool, offers ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning). It is the most popular ERP software. The integrations allow for 100+ modules to meet almost all business requirements. The tool creates a central system that allows all departments to seamlessly interact with each other and share data. SAP simplifies complicated processes and automates workflows.

Effective communication between departments is essential to create a strong working environment. SAP plays an important role in this inter-departmental data exchange. SAP offers Reports and Dashboards that make it easy to see all the important data points in a simple-to-understand format.

Conclusion — Top Great Plains Software

This blog will provide information about Microsoft Great Plains Software and its features. This will help you decide which one to choose. This will allow you to see how it can transform your company. You will now be able to see the pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP and other options. If you wish to transfer your data from Microsoft Great Plains Software

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