Top 10 AI Art Generators

AI Art Generators

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other new technologies are dramatically changing the nature of creativity. Artificial intelligence allows many art forms to be reconstructed into new forms, such as AI music, AI poetry, and AI painting. Let’s take a look at the 10 best AI art generators

AI is making significant improvements in art, there’s no doubt about that. As artists are now able to create complex and unique artworks of great variety, the future of AI and art seems endless.

The art industry will continue to be transformed by continuous development in generative design. The NFT creator apps have completely new AI NFTs. They blur the lines between what is possible and what is possible.

AI art generators offer endless creativity for artists who don’t require a lot of expertise. Artificial intelligence art generators create original images according to the programmers’ instructions. Some are more restricted than others, but most allow you to choose the type and subject matter of your artwork.

The potential of AI art forms has been enormously demonstrated to fundamentally alter the business environment. Here is a list listing the top AI art generators to help us understand this new art form.

Top 10 AI Art Generators

1. Fotor

More than 200 million people have used the Fotor AI art generators in more than 200 countries. Fotor is an AI generator with the sole purpose of making high-quality photo editing available to all. The online photo editing tool has many features and is highly advanced.

Fotor users say that the software is almost like Adobe Photoshop online. Fotor has since created patented artificial intelligence, machine-learning technology, and computer vision, which allow users to create stunning images quickly.

Fotor allows you to modify the basic elements of your photo, such as color, size, and contrast. Fotor is a simple but powerful photo editor that offers many useful effects and tools to enhance your images.


  • There are many filters and effects to choose from
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • Face editing: Exciting features
  • It allows users to quickly decorate and improve photos


  • It’s great for photos, but not the best for designing and drawing.

Price: Fotor Pro and Fotor Plus are available at $8.99/month, and $19.99/month, respectively. You can choose to download Fotor’s desktop or mobile app if you have a Pro+ subscription. Some features may not be accessible online or on the web.

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2. VansPortrait

VansPortrait turns any photo into an animated portrait or sketch. The program is not limited to portraits and can produce stunning results using advanced algorithms and AI technology. AI-based photo converter lets you convert photos from multiple people, places, buildings, and streets into sketches and anime.

Advanced AI can help you, VansPortrait makes it easy to say goodbye to boring photos and transform your photo into a line drawing. GAN, which is a deep learning algorithm, can be used to automatically identify lines in photos and convert them into images.


  • This program converts photos into drawings and anime.
  • Portraits are not the only thing that is important
  • The results are very similar to real sketches and anime.


  • Images of 5MB or more are not supported
  • VansPortrait offers simple and affordable pricing. You have the option to pay monthly or annually, or you can choose to pay as you go.

3. NightCafe

NightCafe uses multiple methods to transform photos into art. NightCafe was created in June 2017 and uses neural style transfer to transform your image into a breathtaking masterpiece. It can also create artwork using text-to-image AI from a text prompt.

NightCafe is one of the unique AI art generators available. By limiting the use of images, the platform protects copyright. Only those who have the original copy can use the platform. Any other person must either purchase or borrow the authorized copy.

NightCafe is free online for both Android and iOS devices. NightCafe AI Art Generator allows you to create, twist and download up to five watermark-free artworks each day.

After you have downloaded your artwork, you can share it with the AI community. You can then browse and interact with other artists’ outcomes.


  • The right to use the creations of others is not restricted. This includes commercialization.
  • The software can be used safely
  • Excellent support for its users


  • Images that are viewed on the website take longer to process because of high traffic
  • NightCafe AI generator allows you to create up to five creations each day.

Price: You can make up to five creations per day with the NightCafe AI art generator. However, you will need to purchase additional credits, starting at $7.99.

4. Starryai

Starryai’s interface is simple and straightforward. You can create art simply by describing what you want.

Starryai allows you to create amazing masterpieces in just 20 minutes. It’s a simple process. Simply enter a prompt (emoji) and then choose your preferred style.

Starryai allows you to create AI artwork. You have complete ownership. Your artworks can be used in your next NFT project. You can also print them or share them with your friends via social media.

Your product can be customized with different models, styles, images, and aspect ratios. Starryai can be downloaded on Android and iOS free of charge.


  • Use with confidence
  • Starryai creators are constantly fixing major bugs with every update
  • Use a prompt to create art


  • Starryai is missing some features. Starryai needs more privacy
  • Starryai allows you to create up five artworks per day for free.

5. DeepDream Generator

DeepDream Generator was developed by Alexander Mordvinstev, a Google engineer, in 2009. It is a tool that allows you to find and enhance images using the image data results processed by your computer.

DeepDream transforms images into AI artworks using three methods: thin style, deep style, and deep dream. Deep style, a more sophisticated technique, uses processing power to create AI creations that have profound interpretations.

Advanced transformation is not possible in a thin style. But, a thin style is more efficient than a deep style. Deep sleep is an AI art abstraction that can be explored online or in other ways.

Deep Dream was initially used by scientists to discover the nerves that respond when someone looks at an image. Since then, the style has evolved into a new type of abstract art.

DeepDream AI art generator allows you to create stunning paintings in a variety of genres. It is one of the most popular NFT creator platforms, allowing you to target many painting styles and types, including van Gogh, da Vinci, Munch, and da Vinci.


  • Anyone can express their artistic abilities without having to be creative
  • This is suitable for making NFT art paintings
  • There are many editing tools and art styles available.


  • Register required
  • The free version is limited in its use
  • Sign up for a free account to create unique art pieces. You will need a premium plan to be able to create art with greater resolution.

Price: The Advanced plan costs $19 per Month, while the Professional plan is $39 per Month, and the Ultra package costs $99 per Month.

6. ArtBreeder

ArtBreeder’s magic lies within its ability to modify any image’s genes. ArtBreeder is a specialist in digital art creation. Although the technology is complicated, the platform is simple to use. You can create your own image, or you can type an abstract to select colors and shapes that will be used to design the final product.

ArtBreeder allows you to customize at three levels. This is a great example of the kind of AI generators that can be used. It is easy to use, and it creates unique artworks that are difficult to duplicate without artificial intelligence.

You can start by selecting one of the pre-made palettes. Next, you can customize your colors with a built-in color picker. Finally, you can adjust rules by adding or removing specific colors.


  • You can customize images by changing their coloring, facial features, expression, and more
  • The software can be used safely


  • There are limitations in the character section’s area for postures

Price: ArtBreeder can be used for free. The free version of ArtBreeder has limitations on uploading images. You can upload only three images per month.


Hotpot AI is a tool that allows professionals and non-designers alike to create striking graphics, images, and social media icons, as well as images for blogs, websites, apps, blogs, and content marketing campaigns.

Hotpot AI art generator allows you to automate tasks and spark creativity. It comes with attractive, easy-to-edit templates that allow you to create mockups.

The templates are mobile-friendly and responsive. You can also share your creations in high-resolution formats with the rest of the world. You can also download the source files and edit them to make them your own. Template categories include design, marketing, and photography. also allows you to search for graphics by keywords. Click on the graphic to begin editing. You can adjust your graphic or image by selecting from different templates or making one entirely. You can add text and emoji to your creation. Once you’re done, you can download it in any format you prefer.


  • Features include artistic and brainstorming features to help you create your own ideas.
  • Graphic design and image editing made easy


  • Inadequate customization of plans and artworks

Price: Hotpot’s pricing philosophy focuses on charging those who have the means to pay and helping those who don’t. Hotpot offers 30-day minor edits and monthly passes that allow unlimited creation of non-AI practices.

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DALL-E can create images from text descriptions. This allows you to express a variety of concepts using natural language. DALL-E can combine unrelated ideas in compelling and creative ways. It can create anthropomorphized animals and objects, render texts, or transform existing images.

DALL-E, an extension to GPT-3 is a program that parses text prompts and responds with pictures. DALL-E, a 12-billion-parameter version, is a transformer language modeling.

The platform can receive both text and images from one stream of data that contains up to 1280 tokens. DALL-E can not only create an image from scratch, but it can also generate an existing idea to match the prompt.

DALL-E AI is an art generator that can be used by designers, architects, creators, and artists. This tool produces realistic images of real-life objects.


  • Simple to comprehend
  • Realistic artwork created
  • GPT-3 Extension


  • It works best when there is only one character in the scene
  • DALL-E requires that tokens be purchased. You will need more tokens for every word you use. Model prices also depend on their speed.

Price:  Ada category is $0.00008 for 1K tokens. Babbage costs $0.0012 for 1K tokens. Curie costs $0.0060 for each 1K tokens. Da Vinci, the most powerful of all, costs $0.0600 for 1K tokens.

9. 1SecondPainting

1SecondPainting, one of the most widely used AI art generators, allows you to create unique abstract paintings within seconds. Robbie Barrat, a 26-year-old programmer, created this AI art generator in 2010. It has been viewed over six million times.

Every time someone visits 1SecondPainting’s website, the AI art generator creates new art. This website uses an algorithm to generate images based on input. You can upload photos or information, as well as keywords, to create new pieces of art.

1SecondPainting uses a computer algorithm to create original visual imagery using the parameters provided by the programmer.


  • It is simple and secure.


  • It is not free

Price: 1SecondPainting offers a great solution for artists, hobbyists, and designers. It creates unique masterpieces for $38.00.

10. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO lets you create stunning masterpieces and bring your ideas to life. You can create amazing artwork using AI-powered software on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, colors, and paintbrushes in order to create a unique creation.

Dream by WOMBO allows anyone to create amazing artwork. You can share your creations on social media with your friends or save them to your device for later.

Simply enter a prompt and choose the art style you prefer to make your idea an AI masterpiece. WOMBO will then turn it into a masterpiece in seconds.

WOMBO makes it easy to create beautiful art without the need to use pencils, paintbrushes, or any other art tools. WOMBO is all you need to create a masterpiece. It already has more than 60 million apps installed and its creator says that it will continue to grow.


  • Use with confidence
  • Major bug fixes are made with every update
  • Continues to improve


  • Some countries have limited Dreams by WOMBO
  • Dreams by WOMBO can be downloaded for free on both your Android and iOS devices.

Last line — AI art generators

It is clear that artificial intelligence has played a pivotal role in the revolutionization of the art world. AI art generators are rapidly spreading new forms of art and have been displayed in renowned galleries around the world.

The Fotor AI generator, which has the most strengths of all the AI art generators that we have looked at is the best. You can share it on social media and earn a 45% Commission.

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