Top 10 API Testing Tools

Top 10 API Testing Tools

An API or Application Programming Interface is a collection of software functions that can be used to access and execute other software applications. API Testing is a software program that sends calls to an API to get data and logs the response. API Testing is important for Agile development because shorter development cycles place more stress on automated testing.

Top 10 API Testing Tools

Below is a list of the top Web Services Testing API tools. This list includes both premium and open-source web API testing tools.

1. Parasoft SOAtest

Parasoft SOAtest is one of the most popular API testing tools that allow you to easily create automated microservices and API tests that run within your Continuous Integration and DevOps pipelines. This tool automates continuous testing of complex systems, by creating codeless API test scenarios using manual recordings. SOAtest transforms API testing artifacts in security and performance tests, increasing reusability and decreasing redundancy. Parasoft’s API Testing Platform is widely recognized as the best in class, featuring innovative tools and support for more than 120 message formats and protocols.


  • Automatedly generate codeless API tests that are robust, reusable, and easy to share.
  • Use artificial intelligence to quickly create test scenarios that are robust and reliable.
  • With AI-infused testing executions aligned with code changes, you can get instant feedback from your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Automate testing to keep test assets current with new systems.
  • Integrate load testing, penetration testing, and service virtualization seamlessly.

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2. TestGrid

TestGrid is a lightweight web-based API development tool that is 70% faster than traditional API automation processes. This allows you to test faster and release more effectively. Your testing and business teams can collaborate to create and execute test cases.


  • Simple to use API Automation for SOAP or REST calls
  • Deeper Assertions is able to create test cases that are valid against API calls. MITM Support
  • Get a detailed report on the number of Source Types, Request Data, Response data, Duration, Speed and Response Size.
  • Performance testing can help you optimize and improve your API
  • API Integration Automated Testing
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Automated scriptless testing to speed up automation
  • For continuous testing, integrate with your favorite CI/CD tool

3. ReadyAPI

ReadyAPI provides a powerful tool for functional, security, and load testing RESTful, SOAP, and GraphQL web services. You will find four powerful tools in one platform: API functional testing and API performance testing. API security testing is also available. Your CI/CD pipeline can be easily integrated into every build.


  • ReadyAPI can integrate into any environment.
  • Smart Assertion is a feature that allows you to quickly create large assertions against hundreds endpoints.
  • Native support for Git, Docker, Jenkins, Azure, etc.
  • Automated testing is possible with Command-line support
  • Parallel execution of functional tests, job queuing and other tasks.
  • Promotes code reuse
  • During development and testing, remove dependencies

4. Katalon Platform

Katalon platform offers a simple API testing platform that is easy to use for anyone with programming experience.


  • All types of SOAP, REST and SSL requests are supported.
  • Easily import Swagger (2.0 & 3) tests, Postman, WSDL and WADL.
  • Data-driven testing provides better coverage and reliability.
  • AssertJ support allows you to make fluent statements in BDD style.
  • API testing data support using UI testing
  • For better collaboration and monitoring, provide insightful dashboards with test reports from all stages to help teams.

5. Postman

Postman can be used to test API services. It’s a powerful HTTP client that can be used to test web services. Postman is an excellent choice for API testing.


  • Postman can extract almost all web API data today with ease
  • Boolean tests can be written within Postman Interface
  • You can save each REST call to a collection and have it executed in the future.
  • It is not a command-line-based tool like CURL. This makes it easy to paste the text into a command line window, unlike CURL.
  • Postman is more reliable for transmitting and receiving REST data

6. MicroFocus UFT One

MicroFocus UFT One is an extensible framework that allows you to execute and build the functionality of a headless, but the not user-interface-based system.


  • It is one the most powerful API testing tools for testing headless technologies such as Databases and Webservices, JMS, JMS, and Webservices.
  • You can convert SoapUI test to UFT (QTP API tests) by using the API Test Conversion Tool
  • Simple GUI for creating API tests with robust test reports

7. vREST

The vREST API Testing Tool is an online tool for automated testing, mocking, and specification of REST/HTTP APIs/RESTfulAPIs.


  • It is a comprehensive tool that validates your REST APIs quickly.
  • Rest API Test Tool delivers zero defects web applications with less effort than API Testing
  • No skilled resources are needed to validate your web app. It can also generate documentation for your API specifications.
  • Mock Server Functionality allows you to create API mocks in vREST. Mock HTTP requests can be
  • used to quickly start frontend development.
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8. HttpMaster

It’s a web development tool that automates web application testing. This includes API testing, service testing, and website testing. It is a great web API testing tool that automates the testing of API calls. HttpMaster is the best API testing tool available.


  • Several HTTP methods (GET, POST, DELETE etc.)
  • Dynamic parameters for different data types to create batches of API requests
  • Different validation types and advanced expressions

9. SOAP Sonar

SOAPSonar provides API testing and diagnostics for SOAP, XML, and REST-based web services. Automated tests can be run using external sources such as Excel, MS SQL, or Oracle.


  • This web service test tool detects Web Services vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Malware threats.
  • Web Service Functional Testing with Success Rule Framework & Concurrent Client Load testing
  • Native HP QC Integration and support integration with Ant, Hudson, and JUnit

10. Ping API

Ping-API is an API testing tool that allows you to create JavaScript or CoffeeScript test scripts to test your APIs. It’s one of the most popular API testing tools. You can inspect HTTP API calls with all request and response data. Any failures are notified via email or slack.


  • Schedule tests with Ping- API every minute or an hour
  • Writing scripts to set URL parameters, and request headers and body. It allows you to write scripts that validate the response headers and body.

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