Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools Supercharge Your Work

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Tools Supercharge Your Work

It is no secret that productivity is key to success. AI has been specifically designed to help humans increase their productivity. A study by tech research company Gartner found that 37% of companies today use AI to manage their business.

Another research from Gartner shows that artificial intelligence has been used by 27% more companies in the last four years. These statistics prove that artificial intelligence is an integral part of daily life, regardless of whether we are aware.

AI can be used to create smart systems that not only help businesses but also help people at home. Smart systems can do so many things for us, from setting the alarm to turning on/off the lights.

It sounds amazing! Let’s take a deeper dive into the AI-driven tools that you need to know.

What is Artificial Intelligence exactly?

Artificial Intelligence trains computers how to perform tasks that were previously performed by humans. Artificial intelligence is a way to make computers behave and think like humans by making them mimic human intelligence. Artificial intelligence involves the creation of algorithms that analyze data and make predictions based on it. AI continues to learn from data in order to improve efficiency.

But why is Artificial Intelligence so important?

It is impossible to process all the data generated by tech companies. AI is here to help. AI can take in and interpret data from humans and machines, then make predictions, analyses, and decisions based on that data. These are much more accurate than human analysis.

There are currently four types of AI we can find in nearly every field. Let’s take a look at these four main types of AI.

  • Artificial Intelligence Platforms (AIP): This software is used to develop applications.
  • Chatbots – This software imitates human conversation
  • Deep Learning Software: This software can be used to create speech and image effects
  • Machine Learning Software: This software imitates intelligent human behavior through the analysis of data

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Top Artificial Intelligence Tools that Will supercharge You

We have now established the importance of artificial intelligence and its types in our daily lives and in the Tech world. Let’s talk about the best artificial intelligence tools that you can use to make your life easier and your projects run smoothly.

1. Smartlead

Smartlead is one of the best artificial intelligence tools that allow you to create an engaging, informative, and interactive cold email. This tool is great for businesses looking to increase sales. This tool allows you to increase your reach without having to compromise your email reputation and daily limit.

You can create custom email-sending triggers that will ensure your emails reach the right audience. Smartlead is the best choice if you are worried about missing leads or need to keep track of your email campaigns.

AI tools provide a master’s mailbox that allows you to keep track of all important emails from one place. All your leads can be replied to from one master mailbox. AI tools will help you save time and avoid logging into multiple mailboxes. Instead, you can focus on closing deals.

2. Outmatch

Outmatch is a unique recruiting service based in the United States that allows recruiters to locate the ideal candidate they can find they are looking for through its unique features such as assessments, video interference interviewing, and reference checking.

This AI tool will allow you to offer more candidates the chance to prove their worth, allowing you to hire better candidates and save time and energy. This AI tool eliminates redundant tasks such as phone screening, multiple interviews, and reference checks. It also sends offers to candidates, creating a stronger employer brand. Pepsi, Colgate, and Walmart trust outmatch.

3. Notion AI

Notion.AI is a unique copywriting tool that will help you get started with your creative writing pieces. If you have writer’s block, the AI tool can help. The tool can be used to assist with writing, editing, brainstorming, and summarizing content.

Artificial Intelligence Software includes a grammar checker that will ensure you create original, high-quality, and plagiarism-free content.

4. JADbio

JADbio is a great resource for beginners in machine learning. It is a user-friendly platform that provides students with various tools and knowledge that will help them navigate the world of machine learning.

The platform allows you to upload your data and receive assistance in analyzing it. This platform allows you to test a predictive model you have created. The platform is also free to use.

5. Tableau

Tableau is the global leader in analytics platforms that corporations around the globe trust. It is an AI tool that makes it easy to understand and study data. Data is presented in an easy-to-use format, including infographics and visual analysis.

Nearly 1,000,000 people use the platform, including executives, IT personnel, analysts, and business users. The platform’s CRM analytics can help you work smarter, by helping you spot trends quicker and predict outcomes better than anyone else. They have clients that include some of the most prominent names in tech, such as HelloFresh and Lenovo.

6. Tensorflow

Tensorflow allows you to create machine-learning models using a platform called Tensorflow. The platform can be used to train models and to find machine-learning solutions to your problems. It can also be used to produce and research, making it an all-in-one machine-learning platform. It supports central processing units or GPU execution.

The unique combination of the two teams allows you to keep your GPU performance high without having to write code in CUDA. TensorFlow models can be run in Android, iOS, and web apps. TensorFlow offers many resources including tutorials and examples that can be used to help you create your models or machine learning solutions.

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7. AutoML

Google created AutoML to provide developers who are new to machine learning the necessary training and expertise to build high-quality models to meet their business requirements. It is the most flexible AI framework available.

This interface is simple and helps machine-learning students to improve their skills, as well as releasing Custom models. It was a highly-anticipated AI tool, and its users worldwide have been very happy with it.

8. Fireflies

Fireflies is an Artificial Intelligence software that transcribes live meetings and audio files. Chrome Extension can record meetings and phone calls from your browser. This makes your meetings more efficient and helps you do your job better. This extension reduces the time it takes to hold long meetings and gives you useful information in just a few seconds.

You can quickly scan through the conference using the tool’s search function. This allows you to focus on the important highlights. Working in groups becomes much easier as all your teammates can add comments and highlight important points from the conversation. You can also instantly record and share meetings with anyone you wish.

This eliminates the need to take redundant notes, which saves time and money for all team members.

9. Jasper

Jasper has impressive features and characteristics that no other AI writing assistant offers. Its originality and effectiveness put it miles ahead of any competition. It needs some seed words to be able to analyze them and create phrases, paragraphs, or entire documents.

The AI tool handles the rest. Users can choose the subject matter and voice tone. It is practical, unique, and efficient as it can create 1500 words in 15 minutes. There are over 50 templates available, including email, blog posts, and Facebook ads.

You can also choose from over 11,000 fonts and 2500 types of writing styles. It can be used in all thirty-five languages. It can also identify key elements of the writing piece such as pronouns and verbs.

10. Murf

Murf is an AI tool that converts text into speech which is very popular with people in all kinds of professions, including educators, leaders, business owners, and content creators. It is also useful in daily life. When you need to manually type large amounts of information, the dictation tool is a great help.

You can also choose from different voices and dialects through the text-to-speech generator. The platform can be used to record voiceovers or edit videos. You can also choose different preferences such as accents and voice style, tone, and purpose.

Murf also offers a cool feature that is not available in any other text-to-speech converter: it allows you to change your voice during recording. The voiceovers can be customized based on speed, pitch, and volume.


Artificial intelligence is the backbone of technological growth in the 21st Century. Artificial intelligence has completely changed the way we see the world, both for commoners and high-tech companies.

The world is rapidly changing and we will be the ones to pay for our inattention. It’s important to stay current with all the artificial intelligence tools that are available on the market to avoid this.

We must be aware of the artificial intelligence tools that are being launched each day in order to survive the tech world and make our lives easier.

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