Top 10 Construction Project Management Software

Top 10 Construction Project Management Software

You must manage a construction project team and balance your brainwork with legwork in order to turn blueprints into actual structures. You will likely be responsible for coordinating with contractors and sourcing materials, as well as managing task alignment. All that manual multitasking can lead to poor project planning and supply chain problems. Construction management software is a great solution if you are able to relate to the challenges that construction project managers face.

The software can streamline the construction project workflow, from designing blueprints to building the actual structure. Construction management software can be used to monitor job progress, track costs, schedule, and coordinate tasks with your team. Software solutions can improve communication and reduce errors. This will help you deliver high-quality construction projects.

This article lists the 10 best-rated software advice-featured construction management tools. They are listed alphabetically.

Top 10 Construction Project Management Software

1. AccuLynx

Noteworthy features: Roof Planning, Project Scheduling, Client Management, Inventory Tracking

AccuLynx is cloud-based roofing, and construction management software, that helps you to set timelines for your projects. This tool can accurately estimate labor and material costs. The drone technology can also be used to measure the roof’s size.

AccuLynx allows you to automate daily administrative tasks and keep you informed about the progress of your project. AccuLynx’s cloud-based platform allows you to track team assignments and know where equipment is located. Also, aerial measurements using drone technology help to accurately determine roof size.

Construction project managers can use customer relationship management (CRM), which allows them to manage customer contacts, track interactions, improve lead generation, and organize customers.

AccuLynx provides chat, email, and phone support. It also has an app for Android and iOS.

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2. Buildxact

Noteworthy features: Document management, Task scheduling, and Progress reports

Buildxact software is used for construction management. This allows you to assign tasks to your general contractors, team members, suppliers, and subcontractors. To ensure timely completion, you can attach documents to tasks and set up automatic reminders.

Drag and drop functionality in Buildxact allows you to assign tasks to different members of your team, create dependencies and critical routes, and color-code the task status. You can also access daily, weekly, and monthly project dashboards to keep track of project activity.

Buildxact’s central storage can be used to organize and manage all project-related documentation such as photos and blueprints. You can also track and document the progress of your project with photos.

Buildxact provides chat, phone, and email support. Third-party applications can also be integrated into Buildxact for project management.

3. BuildBook

Noteworthy features: Task management, Daily logs, Change orders, Gantt charts scheduling

Builder allows contractors and home builders to collaborate, streamline their projects, create work schedules, and modify workflows. You will find all the project management tools you need in one dashboard.

BuildBook allows you to track tasks with punch lists, access proposals, contracts, change orders, budgets, and other contact information. It also provides a Gantt diagram and other templates for construction estimations. You can customize your plans by moving elements directly with drag and drop.

This tool provides storage space for project-related documents, photos, and videos, and organizes them. These documents can be added directly to your emails or client pitches.

BuildBook has mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can assign tasks and communicate with your general contractor through the mobile app Both on-site and off-site project team members can update work schedules whenever and wherever they like.

4. Bridgit Bench

Notable features: Real-time alerts, Task management, Project tracking, Forecasting, Gantt chart

Bridgit bench is a building management system that provides a central hub of tools and features for managing your construction projects. It manages all aspects of your project, from designing and brainstorming to construction.

Bridgit Bench software offers Gantt and list views that allow you to manage all project roles and allocations. It also allows you to access detailed project reports that allow you to analyze resource utilization and project demand. The software also includes a forecasting feature that allows you to monitor the project status and receive alerts.

Bridgit Bench lets you integrate with third-party application management tools such as workforce management and customer relationship management (CRM). This integration feature allows you to create a single dashboard that can be used for all of your project management needs.

Bridgit Bench provides chat, email, and phone support. You can download the mobile app on both Android and iOS.

5. Fieldwire

Noteworthy features: Plan view, Instant messaging, and File sharing.

Fieldwire construction software allows for a cloud-based Jobsite coordination system. It gives you instant access to project-related documents and allows for real-time monitoring of activity. The platform also allows you to track issues, respond to queries from on-site workers, and track them in real-time.

Fieldwire construction software allows you to document any issues in your project workflow using pictures and comments. This software allows you to automate processes such as inspections and punch, and create custom forms.

Fieldwire can be integrated with third-party document management software to make sure that all members of the team have instant access to project-related documents.

Fieldwire provides chat, email, and phone support. Fieldwire offers a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS devices.


Noteworthy features: Document Management, Field Logs, Time Management

FOUNDATION construction management software allows you to store and manage multiple documents in one place. The tool also allows you to track document status, and due dates, as well as schedule, alerts so that you don’t miss project deadlines.

The FOUNDATION construction project management tool allows both the back office and on-site team to update job progress, view job accounting, modify job reporting, store documentation, and customize job reporting.

You can attach project documents directly to emails using the cloud-based tool. Additionally, you can view correspondence logs to keep the project team informed.

FOUNDATION provides email, phone, and chat support. FOUNDATION offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

7. LaborChart

Notable features: Job scheduling, Workforce dispatching, Communication & Collaboration

LaborChart allows you to track daily activity and help align projects with different team members. This tool allows you to communicate with your team members, create job plans, and generate custom progress reports.

LaborChart’s visualization tools allow you to see the progress of your project. These insights can be used to improve workforce decisions and ensure project completion on time.

The software allows integration with third-party software, such as CRM software. This makes it possible to manage clients and projects from one dashboard. The software provides a customized integration platform that allows you to manage all third-party integrations from one central location.

LaborChart provides chat, phone, and email support. It also has an app for Android and iOS.

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8. Paskr

Notable features: Contract scheduling, Purchase orders, Change orders, Submittals

Paskr is a cloud-based software for construction project management, that can be used by professionals to track and bid on multiple projects. It provides a single dashboard that allows you to manage your back office as well as field operations.

Paskr allows you to create job plans, assign tasks and track the status. You can collaborate with your team to update and modify documents, thanks to the tool’s version control capabilities.

Paskr’s document management tool allows you to store and manage project-related documentation. The cloud-based system makes it easy for all team members to have access to the documents from anywhere.

Paskr provides chat, phone, and email support. Paskr has both an iOS and Android mobile app.

9. Premier

Noteworthy features: Project schedules, subcontractor work orders, and job progress reports

Premier software is also known as Jonas Construction Software. It’s a cloud-based solution that can be used by contractors, home builders, land developers, and others. It streamlines everyday tasks like job costing, estimation, purchase orders, inventory management, and progress monitoring.

You can download project reports and view detailed information from the software’s dashboard. This construction software can be used to track important documents like transmittals and submittals as well as punch lists.

This construction project management tool allows contractors and their on-site team to view and manage their daily job logs. It also includes task approvals and expense management. You can also use the tool’s document management feature to share and securely store project-related information among team members at different locations.

Premier provides support via email, phone, and chat. Premier has an app for Android and iOS devices.


Noteworthy features: Document control, Progress and Performance reports, Customizable Job forms allows you to manage the project’s scope, schedule, cost, and other details. By using construction forms like contracts, drawings, and change orders, you can collaborate with other members of your team on your project. You can also create custom forms by adding parameters to suit your project needs.’s information tracker feature allows you to create project reports, including progress and issues. For better visibility and access, you can filter, sort, group, or group available reports.

This construction management software can be integrated with other critical business applications, such as invoicing or customer relationship management (CRM). provides chat, email, and phone support.

How to choose the right construction management software

These construction management software tools can help you get started with your software search. These steps will help you find the right construction project management software for your company.

Search for document management features: The software you choose must allow you to store, manage, and retrieve project-related documents like plans, bills, and photos. You should also be able to attach documents directly to emails.

Evaluate the project collaboration tools: You should be able to communicate with your team members in real-time. The software should allow you to modify project plans and documents while keeping your team members updated and sending real-time alerts.

Use the compliance management function: to verify that your plans are compliant with the applicable safety standards. This software will allow you to assess the safety of your plan according to the protocols and construction safety standards in your country.

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