Top 10 Free Marketing Apps

Top 10 Free Marketing Apps

Marketing is one area of business that mobile devices make possible. Because people spend so much time on smartphones today, It makes sense that digital marketing apps should also migrate there as well.

Sometimes, managing mobile content from a computer can actually be cumbersome in some situations, Not to mention inconvenient. A lot of marketing material is in-the-moment, and even low-production content can go viral today.

There are many cool apps that can make the life of entrepreneurs and business owners easier. Which apps are worth your time? This is our list of the top 10 marketing apps in 2023.

Top 10 Free Marketing Apps

1. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular social scheduling apps and free marketing apps. It schedules updates to multiple accounts via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also follow up with statistics about how each post performed. The latest iOS app allows scheduling and sharing from other apps such as Safari. Buffer currently offers four plans at competitive prices: Pro ($15/month), Small Business (99/month), Medium Business (199/month), and Large Business (399/month).

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2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Although it is more expensive than Buffer, it offers more flexibility to plan at all plan levels. Hootsuite’s current free plan allows users up to three social media accounts and the ability to schedule up to 30 posts per month. You can add members to your team, schedule more posts and manage additional accounts. Payment plans start at $25 per month.

3. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook today is a massive hub of content. It’s nearly impossible to manage your Facebook business page with all the content available on Facebook, including Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Groups. You can streamline all activities associated with managing a Facebook Page using the Facebook Pages Manager App. These include liking, commenting, liking, and replying to private messages. This Facebook app allows you to manage your page, modify details, track statistics, and even change images. The best part is that the app can be used for free.

4. Facebook Ads Manager

If you run advertisements on Facebook and Instagram this marketing app allows you to run Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns directly from your smartphone. You can easily manage your campaigns, budgets, schedules, and notifications, as well as create and track Facebook ads. This app is available no matter where you live. It will keep you in the loop about your ad spend, campaign success, and other information. The Facebook Ads Manager app is just like the pages app. It’s free.

5. Later

The Later app was originally launched as Latergramme. It allows you to schedule posts and publish them at your convenience for Instagram. The inability to post later is one of the biggest problems with Instagram. Later eliminates this issue by allowing you to post later (hence its name). Another amazing feature is the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts from one location.

You can also source images from a library, Dropbox, or Google. Analytics provides easy reports on user activity as well as hashtags. The Later app costs $9 per month for a single account and $49 for multiple accounts.

6. Canva

You need to create professional images to use on social media, Canva’s app puts all the features of the web onto your smartphone or tablet. Drag elements from pre-made templates into place to create unique images for sharing. Canva’s integrated social-sharing allows you to share your images directly to social media using just a few taps from your phone screen. Canva is a great tool for anyone who needs a basic image editor. You can get more features with Enterprise and Pro plans starting at $10/month.

7. Grammarly Keyboard

No one wants to see a lot of typos in emails or marketing messages. The Grammarly Keyboard is like having a professional editor right in your pocket. You can use the app to access a keyboard it automatically scans for grammatical and misspelling errors in your writing. This helps you to correct mistakes and improve your grammar and over time helps you become a better writer. The best part is that this marketing app works in any smartphone app and is completely free

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8. REP

REP is a great resource if you’re interested in working with Influencers within your business or if you are an influencer. REP is an app that allows brands and influencers to connect and collaborate. Our tools allow brands to find influencers and access analytics.

Businesses can share their products, and influencers can apply to promote them. There are a variety of collaborations available, including paid and free. The app can be used by influencers to make money, getaways, win prizes, or sell products. The app allows you to send payments directly from the app. This makes transactions easier.

9. Plai

Marketing is difficult because you have to log in to multiple websites to track your data. Plai, which is pronounced “play”, is a new app that combines analytics reports of Google Ads and Google Analytics with Youtube. The app provides a visual experience that allows you to track your marketing results day-to-day. Before you create a marketing campaign or even a post on social media, You can find the most popular content in your industry, learn about marketing strategies, and discover keywords. This easy-to-use marketing app will help you get to grips with your marketing analytics.

10. Google Analytics

If you don’t track your results, digital marketing is useless. You can improve your digital marketing by knowing who is clicking on your content and how long they stay. The good news? You can monitor all your website Analytics properties from your smartphone with the official Google Analytics mobile application.

This app allows you to keep track of all your business metrics from anywhere you are. This app is free and provides rich insights and reporting about your websites, target audiences, as well as your digital marketing efforts.

Develop your skills and success

These free marketing apps will allow you to manage your business from anywhere, including your mobile phone. It’s easy to track, audit, create, and keep in touch with customers wherever you are. Many of these tools are either free or very affordable. There are many benefits to incorporating these mobile apps into your business’s technology.

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