Top 10 GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Know

Top 10 GitHub Repositories

This is no injustice to give this name to such an amazing site. This site is not just for hosting your code and version control. It is important to make connections with other top developers around the globe. Many developers enjoy spending time on GitHub, exploring the project, and learning a lot. Making connections with other developers and contributing towards open-source projects. GitHub has over 37 million users, and there are more than 100M repositories. This is a testament to its popularity and the love that developers have for this site.

If you are a programmer, who visit GitHub frequently then congratulation, We have a list of GitHub repositories you should star in your favorite repository list, but it all depends on what you are interested in learning.

Top 10 GitHub Repositories

1. FreeCodeCamp

Non-profit organization of the best online open-source community for learning code and sharing code. Their GitHub page has more than 306k stars and 23k forks. This community is large and offers a forum for sharing knowledge and helping each other. Every week, you’ll find new issues or pull requests. This is a great place to bookmark if you are looking for ways to collaborate with millions of people.

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2. Free Programming Books

Do you want to learn how to code? Are you looking for free resources (books and podcasts, courses, tools, etc )? This GitHub repository contains a wealth of learning resources that you can use to learn a lot about technical stuff. There are resources for data structure, algorithms, and programming languages. You can also find information about operating systems, frameworks, code engineering, and many other fields.

The list was originally on StackOverflow. Victor Felder moved it to GitHub for collaboration updating and maintenance. Materials from Udemy and edX are available. This is a great repository, with over 131k stars. The Free Ebook Foundation, a non-profit organization, manages this repo.

3. Coding Interview University

Are you ready to interview in the top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon …)?? If you answered yes, and you’re looking for complete resources and guidelines for this topic then Heck has created the best repository of Github to help you prepare for these interviews in these companies.

Moving to a role as a software engineer in these companies is possible if you have experience as a web/software developer. This repository contains many links and resources that will help you to understand computer science concepts. It also includes details about how to prepare for interviews at these companies. It is interesting to note that he was prepared for an interview at Google, but was hired by Amazon as a Software Development Engineer.

4. Developer Roadmap

Kamran Ahmad has created a very useful developer roadmap guide. Many students and beginners in programming are confused about the best technology to learn and which path to follow to become a programmer. He has prepared a complete chart including the technology in each category of development(frontend, backend, DevOps..) that will give you a clear understanding of what you should learn next. If you like the way he helped to become a developer, bookmark this repository.

5. The Algorithms of Python

Are you looking for Python implementations of algorithms? Python lovers should definitely check out this repository will be of interest to you. There are many topics in algorithmic topic implementation, data structures, and machine learning. You can also find linear algebra, neural networks, machine learning, and much more. You will also find a collection problem Euler projects.

6. Awesome Python

We have again included a repository to help python enthusiasts. This GitHub repository contains a number of great Python libraries, frameworks, software, and other resources. There are also resources available for podcasting. This site is a great resource for learning Python programming.

7. You-don’t-know-JS

JavaScript is a popular programming language among developers. Kyle Simpson wrote this book, You don’t know JS is one of the most favored JavaScript books. GitHub has the entire series. If you are interested in learning more about this language, please star mark it.

8. Tensorflow

Tensorflow is a math library that can be used in machine learning and neural network design. TensorFlow is an open-source software library that allows you to quickly perform graph-based computations. It was created by engineers and researchers from the Google Brain team. It is used by Google for research and production. It has over 138k stars on GitHub and more than 78k forks. The installation of Tensorflow will be the first step. Next, we will explore the topic in detail. This is also available in Python language.

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9. Public APIs

Developers will need to be familiar with APIs. The repository simplifies the development process by displaying a list with frequently updated public APIs. These APIs can be downloaded for free and are separated into various categories so that you can easily explore them. Star mark this repository to get the benefits of it while you build your application.

10. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular web design framework for web developers, has over 137k stars and over 67k forks in Github. The installation guide will provide you with all the necessary information. It also includes additional links to other helpful sites. This site is a great resource for all information about the popular framework.

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