Top 10 Web Scraping Proxies

Top 10 Web Scraping Proxies

Proxies are necessary for web scraping.

What if you could scrape a website using no proxies?

If you scrape only a few pages, you will be blocked from accessing the site.

Websites set request limits to stop web automation bots such as spiders and crawlers.

Website owners hate scraping their sites as it can cause site overload if not performed well.

Some people dislike the idea as they believe it is content theft.

Web scraping is legal, regardless of what website owners believe. Sites are fighting web scraping so you will need to do more work to obtain the data you desire.

This article will give you recommendations on the best proxies to scrape web services.

You can also find suggestions for the best web scraping proxy apps below if you don’t want to manage proxy servers.

10 Best Scraping Proxies 2022

Web scraping proxy servers work best when they are on the target site. Each website is unique so each one has its own anti-spam system and anti-scraping program.

What works on Twitter might not work on YouTube. Proxies that work with complex websites are available from the top proxy providers.

We will make recommendations for residential, and datacenter proxy service providers. Mobile proxies are the best but they are not as affordable as residential proxy services.

Residential Proxies to Scraping

Residential proxies work best for web scraping because they are almost undetectable. Here are the top providers.

1. Bright Data

  • The Pool Size: More Than 72 Million
  • Locations: All Countries around the Globe
  • Concurrency permitted: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth permitted: Beginning at 40GB
  • The cost for 40GB starts at $500/month

Bright Data is the most widely used residential proxy provider. It currently has more than 72 million residential IPs.

It is the largest residential proxy network available. It also offers the best session control system available, which allows you to control your sessions from anywhere. Bright Data offers proxies to scrape for most countries and major cities worldwide.

It can be used with any website and is one of the most reliable web scraping proxy services on the market. It also offers advanced settings and an excellent IP rotation system.

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2. Smartproxy

  • The pool size is more than 10 million
  • The locations: There are 195 locations all over the globe
  • Concurrency permitted: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth permitted: 5GB
  • 5GB starting at $75 per Month

Smartproxy is a leading residential IP pool provider, is here. Smartproxy also allows you to access their pool for $75 instead of Bright Data’s minimum $500.

Bright Data and Smartproxy pricing is determined by bandwidth. Smartproxy uses high-quality rotating proxy servers that change their IP after every request.

They are ideal proxy servers for scraping. You can also keep a session going for as long as 10 minutes with their sticky IPs.

3. Soax

  • The pool size is greater than 5 million
  • Locations: There are more than 100 locations all over the globe
  • Unlimited Concurrency
  • Bandwidth permitted: 5GB
  • Cost: 5GB starting at $75 per Month

Soax is a residential Proxy Service that was established only recently. However, it has grown to be one of the most trusted residential Proxy providers on the Market.

To provide proxy services for scraping, the Soax residential proxy network is available. The proxy pool contains over 5,000,000 residential IPs from more than 100 countries.

A proxy is a rotating proxy that changes your IP address. It works with all automation bots, even SEO tools.

Soax’s pricing is similar to Smartproxy. All you need is $75 to get started.

4. Proxyrack

  • The pool size is greater than 2 million
  • Locations: 140 countries
  • Unlimited Concurrency
  • For 250 proxy proxies, $120 per month

Proxyrack, another residential proxy service, allows you to use their services for scraping.

There are more than 2,000,000 residential IPs available, but just slightly over 500,000 at any one time. If you are actively scraping large amounts of data, this number of proxy servers will be sufficient.

Proxyrack’s pricing is very affordable. A port can be purchased for as little as $15

Proxyrack’sProxyrack’s pricing does not depend on bandwidth, as is the case with the other two. Both offer sticky IPs as well as rotating proxy servers.

5. Stormproxies

  • IP Pool Size: 70,000
  • Locations: USA, EU, and some other countries
  • Concurrency permitted: Available at 40
  • Cost: $50/month for five ports

Stormproxies is one of the most popular proxy providers for the type of use they can be used.

Their proxy pool for datacenter proxies to scraping has more than 70,000 IPs. It is priced according to the number of threads. This is the maximum number of possible concurrent requests.

It is inexpensive, but it has a limited number of locations. It has only a handful of locations for both the US and EU proxy servers.

Stormproxies’ datacenter pool also supports IP rotation that is both time-based and session-based.

6. Blazing SEO Proxies

  • Locations: 9 countries
  • Unlimited Concurrency
  • Bandwidth permitted: Unlimited
  • Prices start at $11 per month

Blazing SEO Proxy is very affordable, just like other datacenter proxy service services. Your proxies can be used to create as many threads and have unlimited bandwidth.

Blazing SEO LLC is an internet service company that is interested in servers, VPS, and proxies. Blazing Proxies was created.

These proxies are particularly useful in the SEO region, which is a key focus for their developers.

7. Webshare

  • International locations
  • Concurrency is allowed for 500 threads
  • Bandwidth permitted: Unlimited
  • Cost: Five ports per month starting from $5.44

Webshare is a proxy service provider that provides datacenters with free proxies. They offer free proxies, but they also have premium paid proxy services that are more efficient and better for scraping.

Free proxy services are not recommended as they can often have unfavorable clauses. Webshare does not offer high-rotating proxy services.

Their IP rotation system instead is based on time. This can be 5 minutes or 1 hour.

Best Scraping Proxy API

If you are new to proxy management or don’t want the hassle of managing it yourself, scraping proxy API providers may be a good option.

It is important to understand that the management of your company will result in higher costs.

8. Scraper API

  • Proxy Pool Size: 40 million-plus
  • Geotargeting Based on selected plans
  • Cost: API Calls of approximately 250,00 for $29
  • Free Trials of 1k Calls
  • Special Features Takes Care of Captcha & Browsers

Scraper API is already known as a viable tool for web scraping. Scraper API is home to approximately 40 million IPs.

It provides a mixture of mobile proxies and residential¬†datacenter. Scraper API’s unique Captcha solving feature is a highlight.

It also supports headless browsers which allow users unlimited bandwidth. It also supports geotargeting.

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9. Apify Proxy

  • Proxy Pool Size: Residential Ip Pool & Datacenter
  • Geotargeting can be used, but it cannot be specific.
  • The cost for 200,000 requests starts at $99
  • Get Free Trials: Receive $5 Monthly Platform Credits and a 30-day free trial of the proxy API request
  • Special Functions: This function allows you to download Google Search results pages

Apify Proxy provides a wide range of high-quality residential and datacenter proxy services. The proxy service can be used on Apify and your servers.

Google Search results pages and Google Search engine can be downloaded using the unique Google SEO proxy.

Apify Proxy supports HTTPS as well as geolocation targeting. Intelligent IP rotation is possible thanks to machine learning.

Apify’s proxy is specifically designed to be used for web scraping, data extraction, and bandwidth optimization.

They offer flexibility and geographic freedom that is unmatched.

10. ScrapingBee

  • Proxy Pool Size: Not disclosed
  • Geotargeting Supported
  • Price: 250,000 API Credits starting at $29
  • Free Trials: 1000 API calls
  • Special Functions: Handles headless browser for JavaScript rendering

ScrapingBee is a web scraping API that can be used to manage headless browsers such as Chrome.

It can also manage proxy management. It functions in the same manner as Zyte, and supports geotargeting.

ScrapingBee will render JavaScript using Chrome’sChrome in headless mode. ScrapingBee is a tool that can be used to do web scraping and SEO, as well as lead generation.

11. Zyte

  • Proxy Pool Size
  • Geotargeting Supported
  • The cost for 200,000 requests starts at $99
  • Free trial: Get 10,000 in 14 days
  • For Special Functions, Avoid Captchas

Zyte is a popular proxy API used for web scraping. It makes use of its proxy pool to avoid detection and ban. Although it does not have a Captcha solver it tends to avoid them.

Zyte has a pricing structure that is unique to other proxy APIs. Only successful requests will be charged.

Zyte is a smart downloading tool that allows you to send API requests and get the page requested.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Web Scraping?

As a freelancer, I extracted the death data from Game of Throne. This was possible for all death cases, without the need to use a proxy.

All data is loaded simultaneously. However, each page needs JavaScript to render. Sometimes I was able to scrape pages and sites with minimal effort without the need of a proxy server.

Projects that were blacklisted or blocked by my IP address are also due to me.

What are the benefits of using proxy servers for web scraping?

Exceed the Limits of Requests

Each website has the ability to limit the number of requests it accepts from an IP. It will block any requests that exceed this limit.

There is a limit to how many times your device can scrape websites. You may be able to use more IP addresses provided by proxy services in order to exceed the limit.

Get location-specific data

Imagine you are a Norwegian citizen and would like to be listed on Google UK. How do you achieve this? Remember that listings may vary depending on where your life is.

You can either move to the UK or use proxy services in the UK. Because they are less expensive and take less time, proxy services from the UK make the best choice. You will still get the same result if you live in the UK.

Block IP bypass

Proxy services allow you to access blocked websites via your IP address. This happens most often because you spammed the site or another person on a network.

This is particularly important for web scraping if you have not used a proxy that blocked your true IP address.

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How many proxy servers do you need for scraping?

Proxy servers are determined by the number of requests a website can handle within one hour of an IP address. This is also dependent on the pages you want to scrape.

Different websites have different request limits.

It seems that there are an average of 10 requests per hour, and 600 requests per second.

Depending on the programming language used, which libraries you use, and how optimized your code is, you will be able to scrape as many pages per hour as you like.

600,000. This is the average page count that you can get per hour.

Let’s suppose that you have to scrape 600,000.00 pages in 60 minutes. The number of proxies required is therefore 1000. This is the formula.

(“Number” / “Request limit”) = “Proxies Required”

600,000. / 600 = 1000 Proxy


Proxies are vital to web scraping because they provide IP protection and allow access to geo-targeted online material.

You should be careful when choosing proxies as not all proxies offer web scraping protection. Before you choose any of these web scraping proxy services, consider your budget, experience, and financial resources.

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