Top 10 Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction

Top 10 Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction

Web scraping tools are specially designed software that extracts useful information from websites. These tools can be very useful for anyone looking to collect data from the internet.

This is a list of the Top Web Scraping tools. This list includes both commercial and open-source software with the latest download links.

Top 10 Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction

1. Bright Data

Bright Data is the #1 Web Data Platform in the World. It makes it simple to collect web data on a large scale, cost-effectively, convert unstructured information into structured data, and offer a great customer experience while remaining transparent and compliant.

Bright Data offers solutions that help Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions retrieve web data the most efficiently, reliably, and flexibly. They can now analyze and monitor the data to make better decisions.


  • Bright Data website offers a cloud solution
  • The most reliable (highest data quality, better uptimes, faster data, and better support).
  • Flexible (premade solutions scalable, customizable,
  • Full compliance (transparent and reduces risks)
  • Export your file as CSV, Email HTML, JSON, and API
  • Seamlessly integrates AdsPower, PhantomBuster SessionBox Apify, VMLogin Multilogin Insomniac
  • Selenium Puppeteer Playwright Web Scraper GoLogin.
  • Supports XPATH Selector and IP Rotation. Also supports Geolocating, CAPTCHA Solving,
  • Javascript Rendering, and CAPTCHA solving.

2. NimbleWay

Nimble was the first platform to use advanced AI models. Advanced AI models are able to adapt intelligently to different sources and accurately structure data. Structured data can be delivered directly into your data warehouse to streamline data analysis. This reduces the time required for parsing data and increases the time available for generating insights.

Nimble data pipelines enable engineers to collect data more efficiently and quickly for the largest companies in the industry and start gathering data effortlessly.


  • Zero downtime – Nimble network uptime is 99.99%.
  • Access public data sources easily with API interfaces that simplify access.
  • Global Flexibility (access to web data in any language, from any device and in any country)
  • Automate your data pipelines to reduce manual work and save money.
  • Easy & Fast (simple creation & management, fully automated web-data pipelines)
  • Seamlessly integrates AdsPower, SessionBox Multilogin, Insomniac Selenium Puppeteer
  • Playwright Web Scraper GoLogin etc.

3. Apify

Apify provides one of the best web scraping tools and automation to create APIs for any website. It includes residential proxy servers and data centers optimized for data extraction. Apify Store offers ready-made scraping software for popular websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Apify allows developers to earn passive income through the creation of tools that others can use, while Apify handles infrastructure and billing.


  • Apify Proxy: HTTPS, geolocation targeting, intelligent IP rotation, Google SERP proxies.
  • Export your file as JSON, XML or CSV
  • Integrates seamlessly with Zapier Keboola Transposit Airbyte Webhooks RESTful API and Apify
  • Get 1000 API Calls for Free
  • Apify extracts data from Amazon,, tags, and any website
  • Supports CSS Selector and Geolocation, as well as CAPTCHA Solving, Javascript Rendering, and
  • CSS Selector
  • Google Sheets API is now available.
  • Support for programming languages like Selenium PHP and Python
  • Provides shared datacenter IPs and residential IPs. Browse ready-made solutions, enterprise
  • solutions, custom solutions, Data retention, and more.

4. Zenscrape

Zenscrape is a web scraping API that allows you to extract data in large quantities without getting blocked. It automatically solves all issues related to web scraping.


  • HTML extraction is quick and easy. Zenscrape is the fastest in the industry.
  • Zenscrape will always provide enough performance no matter how many requests are submitted.
  • Any programming language can use it since data can easily be retrieved using any HTTP client.
  • This version supports Geolocating, CAPTCHA Solving, Javascript Rendering, and IP Rotation.
  • Render requests in a headless Chrome modern browser. The website is rendered exactly the same as it would be in a real browser. We will handle data aggregation while you focus on code parsing.
  • Export your file as JSON, XML, or Excel.
  • Integrates seamlessly with PHP, Node.js, and proxy
  • Get 1000 API Calls for Free

5. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a promising proxy service provider. It has been around since 2018. They now offer scraping APIs that include 40M+ residential proxies and data center proxy servers, as well as a web scraper and, sometimes, even a data parser. The provider has been recognized for its consumer-centric strategy and makes data collection possible for non-coders. Smartproxy has recently launched the No-Code Scraper that works on the principle of click-and-collect.


  • There are multiple scraping APIs available: Social Media Scraping, SERP Scraping, E-Commerce
  • Scraping, Web Scraping, No-Code Scraper,
  • Results in raw HTML or CSV
  • Asynchronous or Synchronous Requests
  • Easy integration
  • Success rate of 100%
  • Real-time Integration
  • You can choose any country, city, or state
  • Headless scraping

6. Scraper API

Scraper Tool helps you manage proxy servers, browsers, and CAPTCHAs. You can get the HTML of any website with just a single API call. It’s easy to integrate, as you only need to send a GET Request to the API endpoint along with your API Key and URL.


  • You can solve CAPTCHAs and render JavaScript.
  • You can customize headers and request types.
  • The tool provides unparalleled speed and reliability that allows you to build scalable web scrapers
  • Geolocated Rotating Proxy
  • Export your file as CSV or JSON
  • NodeJS, Cheerio, and Python Selenium Integration.
  • Get 5000 API Calls for Free
  • Scraper API extracts data from HTML tables and Amazon websites
  • Supports CSS and XPATH selector
  • Google Sheets API is now available.

7. Scrapingbee

Scrapingbee is a web scraping API that manages proxy management and headless browsers. It can run Javascript on pages and change proxies with each request to get the raw HTML without being blocked. The API is also dedicated to Google search scraping


  • Supports IP Rotation and Geolocating.
  • This software allows for automatic proxy rotation.
  • This application can be used directly on Google Sheets.
  • This application is compatible with the Chrome web browser.
  • Amazon Scraping is Great!
  • Support Google Search Scraping
  • Export your file as JSON, XML, or CSV
  • Integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets and Google Docs. Also integrates with Dropbox, Gmail (Google Drive), Airtable, Slack Bot, Google Calendars, Telegram Bots, and Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Get 1000 API Calls for Free
  • Scrapingbee extracts data easily from Google pages, Websites, and websites
  • Supports CSS Selector

8. Agenty

Agenty is a Robotic Process Automation software for data scraping, OCR, text extraction, and other tasks. You can create an agent with just a few mouse clicks. This application allows you to reuse your data in your analytics.


  • You can integrate it with Dropbox and secure FTP.
  • You will receive an automatic email when your work is complete.
  • All events can be viewed in the activity log.
  • You can boost your business performance with this tool.
  • Add business rules and custom logic easily.
  • Supports IP Rotation and Geolocating.
  • Export your file as XML or JSON
  • Integrates seamlessly with Email, Zapier Shopify, Algolia Amazon S3, Dropbox SFTP Firestore and Webhook
  • Get 100 API Calls for Free


Scrape Owl is an affordable and simple Web Scraping software. Scrape Owl is a platform that scrapes any data from e-commerce sites, job boards, property listings, etc.


  • You can run custom JavaScript before content extraction.
  • Set locations to bypass local restrictions and access local content.
  • It has a robust waiting function
  • This application supports IP Rotation and Geolocation, CAPTCHA Solving, Javascript Rendering, and Javascript Rendering.
  • Free trial of 1000 credits to try the service out before purchasing a subscription. No Credit Card Required
  • Export your file as JSON or HTML
  • Integrates seamlessly with Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay as well as Google
  • Finance and Yahoo Finance
  • SCRAPEOWL extracts data from complex web pages and websites.
  • Supports CSS and XPATH selector


This web scraping software helps you create your datasets through the importation of data from a web page, and the exportation of the data into CSV. This is one of the most powerful data scraping software that allows you to integrate data into your applications by using APIs and Webhooks.


  • Simple interaction with web forms/logins
  • Schedule data extraction
  • cloud allows you to store and access data.
  • Visualize data with charts and reports
  • Supports geolocation, CAPTCHA Solving, and Javascript Rendering
  • Automated web interaction and workflows
  • Export your file as JSON, CSV or TSV
  • Integrates seamlessly with Email and PagerDuty
  • Get 100 API Calls for Free

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