Top 10 Writing Apps and Software

Top 10 Writing Apps and Software

Writing apps are software that allows you to manage your writing projects, emails, ideas, and social media posts. These apps have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage your files.

Here is a list of Top Writing Software with links to their websites and popular features. This list includes both commercial and open-source software.

Top 10 Writing Apps and Software

1. Grammarly

Grammarly can be used to improve your writing skills. You can find many writing styles and suggestions for grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. This tool can be used via the web, as a browser extension, or as an application that you download to your PC.


  • This tool helps you improve your writing skills by highlighting grammar mistakes and areas for improvement.
  • It works with any type of website.
  • Contextual errors can be detected
  • Ability to suggest a specific genre.
  • It provides a valuable knowledge base for grammar learning.
  • Writers can improve their writing style.
  • You can make text corrections on different platforms and websites.

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2. Prowritingaid

Prowritingaid offers a world-class grammar-checking and style-checking tool. This tool makes it easier to edit documents. You can improve your writing with this software’s more than 1000 styles.


  • This allows you to correct the writing style.
  • Prowritingaid identifies grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • It also has word explorer capabilities to help you find the right word.
  • It is one of the most popular writing apps for Windows. It provides a consistent report that helps reduce errors.

3. Surfer

Surfer is an easy-to-use writing app that allows you to create a complete content strategy in just a few clicks. You can create data-driven content.


  • This tool will help you create a content marketing strategy by generating insights and guidelines for one article.
  • Search engine results can be smashed with one-click content guidelines
  • This tool will help you to identify structural and content gaps.
  • Create a content strategy that suits your business.

4. Final Draft

Final Draft is a writing app that enables you to create and format screenplays that can be used on televisions. You can collaborate with others in real time.


  • You can store multiple versions of the same line.
  • It automatically fills in commonly used names and locations.
  • Images can be added to title pages.
  • You can create screenplays with it without having to use the keyboard.
  • Eliminate distractions using night mode.

5. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a writing app that allows you to convert documents into web pages. You can instantly translate any document with just one click. This program allows you to view and modify attachments to emails.


  • Offers templates for forms and resumes.
  • On your mobile device, you can read PDFs, letters, and documents.
  • You can save the document as a pdf file.
  • Just a few clicks and you can share your file with others.
  • Rich formatting and support for editing
  • Manage permission for documents
  • Comment on the documents.

6. Scrivener

Scrivener is one of the great creative writing apps. It allows you to organize documents, metadata, notes, and other information. It allows you to organize and search the document for quick access.


  • It highlights the words that you should be using.
  • Annotations and comments can be added to the article.
  • This software lets you indent block quantities.
  • Be bold and big.
  • Import plain text files, Word documents, PDF documents, and many more.

7. Calmlywriter

Calmlywriter is a free writing software. This program has a minimalist design. This online program is designed to help you focus on your writing skills. You can choose to highlight the paragraph that you are writing with the “focus mode” option.


  • Full-screen mode support is available.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • You can toggle the typewriter sound on and off.
  • It supports syntax to format headers and italics as well as bullets.
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Spell check via a browser.
  • It acts as a word counter.
  • Exporting to PDF files is possible.

8. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel

JotterPad is an Android app that’s specifically designed for writers. This app is the best for writing. It has a plain editor that allows you to create books, poems, and novels. This tool allows you to concentrate on the conversion of your thoughts into plain text files.


  • It is easy to search for specific phrases.
  • Supports Markdown (Text-to-HTML conversion tool).
  • It lets you count words.
  • This tool allows you to manage the version of your document.
  • You can edit or write the text in the cloud.
  • Print your work and publish it in PDF.
  • You can search for words using the built-in dictionary.

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9. Google Doc

Google Doc is an online tool that allows you to create paragraphs and text. This app is great because it has many fonts and images. This tool provides templates to help you create documents. The application can be used to create or modify files from anywhere at any time.


  • It can be accessed via a phone tablet or computer.
  • You can make modifications to the document right away.
  • Chat with the support team and leave comments in the file.
  • Convert Google Docs to Word Files or vice versa
  • The Google Doc Android app allows you to search for images, text, or quotes.
  • A wide variety of add-ons are supported

10. Ginger Software

Ginger is a writing enhancement tool that dates back to the beginning. This tool will correct your text as you type. It will pick up common grammar errors such as punctuation, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, and writing style. The checker has many unique features, including a text reader, translator, trainer, and more.


  • Ginger software is a very efficient Grammarly Checker tool that can detect misspelled words.
  • This app is one of the most useful for writing. It allows you to quickly correct any errors and undo any changes in one click.
  • This program allows you to switch between English spoken in the UK and the US.
  • The Ginger punctuation tester helps you spot punctuation errors in your content.
  • To make it easier for others to find your words, you can add them to the personal dictionary.
    Correct any errors in documents.

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