Top 15 Web Service Testing Tools and Software

Top 15 Web Service Testing Tools and Software

What is Web Service Testing?

A Web Service is a software that allows machine-to-machine communication over the internet. It uses web technology such as HTTP to transfer messages between applications or electronic devices. These messages are usually in XML or JSON file formats.

A web service is built on the Request-response technique. You can implement it using either SOAP or REST (Representational state transfer). Both methods support XML data transfers.

Web Service testing concept:

  • Understanding the functionality of the web service. A web service’s functionality can be described using WSDL files (web services description language).
  • Determine the XML response and request format.
  • Sending a request and validating the response.

To test web services, we have both manual and automation testing tools.

Manual testing requires that we write our own code to send a request and verify the response. Automation testing is the opposite. It saves time and reduces coding.

After having a good understanding of web service testing, this article will discuss the various web service testing tools on the market.

Top 15 Web Service Testing Tools and Software

1. SoapUI Pro

SoapUI Pro, a popular and powerful tool for SOAP web service functional testing, as well as REST API functionality testing is very popular. It offers complete API Test Automation Frameworks for SOAP or REST.


  • The world’s most popular tool for SOAP and REST web service testing
  • Simple GUI with features such as drag-and-drop, point-and-click, and security scans pre-built
  • Automated SOAP Web Services Tester can be built and executed quickly – load, security, regression, load, and functional.
  • Data-driven testing is a powerful tool that allows you to access external data sources to make your tests easier to maintain.
  • Covers all aspects of the test in a single environment
  • LoadUI Pro allows you to reuse functional tests and load tests.
  • It is based on the same foundation that the award-winning SoapUI Open Source
  • All protocols and standards supported

2. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio, an automation tool for web and API testing that simplifies the lives of over 850,000 businesses and teams, is Katalon Studio.


  • Simple test creation, record & playback, built-in keywords, and pre-defined templates.
  • Migration from SoapUI and Postman is easy
  • Handles SOAP/1.1, SOAP/1.2, and REST requests.
  • To ease maintenance, support self-healing mechanism and data-driven testing, page object model pattern, and BDD.
  • Maximize test reusability by using shared capabilities and test objects from different projects.
  • Create reports that include insightful graphs of key metrics and real-time notifications following each execution (Slack Git & Microsoft Teams).

3. TestMaker

Testmaker supports Web Service Testing for SOAP or REST Services.


  • One test script can answer all three types of production monitoring questions: load, performance, and functional.
  • Functional and surface performance issues in web services
  • Push to Test Methodology
  • Easy migration and SOAP web service testing tool
  • Tests can be performed on both grid and cloud.

4. WebInject

This tool automates testing web services and applications. It is free.


  • Functional, acceptance, and regression testing are supported.
  • It allows you to test distinct modules of a system that have HTTP interfaces.
  • Monitoring real-time response times.
  • Real-time results display.
  • It can be used as a complete WebInject GUI testing framework.
  • It also integrates with other test frameworks or applications.
  • This is suitable for testing web service protocols such as SOAP and XML-RPC.

5. SOAPSonar

SOAPSonar lets you quickly test web services.


  • It works independently of any machine and sends out requests directly.
  • It is easy to create test cases and save them for functional and regression testing of web services.
  • Allows for extensive security testing of web services.
  • You can combine test results in pdf, CSV, or XML reports.
  • You can also perform robustness and scalability testing of web services.
  • Can identify and report interoperability problems while loading WSDL
  • Web services vulnerabilities can be detected

6. WizdlW

WizdIW, a.NET program written in C# that allows you to quickly import and test web services, is WizdIW.


  • Complex web services can be supported.
  • Use Windows Forms GUI to test the web services.

7. Stylus Studio

Stylus studio offers a Web Service Call composer, which acts as a web-service tester.


  • It supports most web service core technologies – SOAP, WSDL, UDDI.
  • A powerful and ideal tool to test web services.
  • XML IDE makes it easy to locate, inspect and invoke web service methods.
  • Additional features include XML mapping, schema editors, and XSLT Debuggers.

8. TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz can automate web service testing.


  • Offers web services functional and nonfunctional automated testing solutions.
  • Verifies the behavior and functionality of web services that are connected to web application functions.
  • This test examines the interaction between the web service and the interfaces provided by WSDL Over HTTP.
  • Verify that the web service is in compliance with business logic and delivers the correct output.
  • Reduction in the effort required to write test cases.
    This speeds up the process of testing web services.

9. SOAtest

SOAtest automates testing web services.


  • Strong support for web and REST services
  • It is suitable for load, security, and functional testing.
  • Runtime error detection.
  • Offers service virtualization.
  • Offers multi-layer validation.
  • Automating web service testing
  • It supports around 120 protocols, message formats, platforms, and other features.

10. Jmeter

Apache JMeter can load test SOAP/REST services and performs the necessary tests.


  • Test IDE with high-quality features
  • Fast Test Plan recording
  • Dynamic HTML reporting
  • Command-line mode
  • Fully portable
  • Multithreading is possible
  • Highly extensible core
  • Offline and cache analysis
  • Source code Open


After having a lengthy discussion about the various web service testing tools, we discovered that there are many options available for web services testing.

Some web service testing tools can be used openly, while others require licensing. You can choose the right web service testing tool for you based on your needs and testing depth, application type, team skills, testing budget, testing timelines, and other factors

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