Top 5 Annotation Tools in 2023

Top 5 Annotation Tools

Retention of customers through a visual aspect is a crucial marketing strategy Nearly all businesses around the globe are using it right now. We read the top 5 annotation tools in this article.

Everybody wants to see a well-crafted illustration. an appealing picture with additional information smeared all over by well-crafted text.

This concept isn’t just for businesses. You can also create valuable content to educate others or use some of these strategies daily in your professional life. Although it is possible to do all of this manually, in this fast-paced marketplace, you don’t have time to waste your time.

This is why we have this article. We will be discussing the top Annotation tools you can use in 2022 for your business and professional content.

What are the Annotation Tools?

Annotation tools can be used to create annotations. You can use it for text editing or drawing. You can add additional information to an image using the following tools and A database or any other type of content you use in your business workflow or marketing processes. Let’s look at the different types of annotations.

Screen Annotation

This annotation can be used on many apps like Zoom. It allows you to edit your screen with team members with text and other effects, so you can communicate your ideas more effectively.

Manual Annotation

Manual annotation sounds exactly the same as it does. Manual annotation is required for any content you wish to share with colleagues or peers.

Collaborative Annotation

This annotation can be used to teach students how to read, write, and think critically. It’s a teaching strategy.

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5 Best Annotation Tools for 2023

Let’s take a closer look at each one and see how they can increase the attention span of your audience to your content.

1. nTask

nTask is the best project management tool. It’s probably the most useful annotation tool you have right now. You can attach any attachment you wish to the task you are currently working on. Later, you can comment on it and assign that task to anyone you like.

Although we know the application was not designed with annotation in mind. However, the application offers incredible content editing tools that will allow you to present your content in an even more professional way. Below are some of the features the application offers.

The Key Features

  • Multiple boards views
  • Checklists
  • Public links
  • Minutes of the meeting
  • Activity log
  • Due to date tracking
  • Task filters
  • Follow-ups
  • Activity tracking
  • Notifications
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Issue Management
  • Project time tracking
  • Project risks
  • Tracking status


If you are interested in trying the nTask before purchasing it, you can get a free trial. A $3/month subscription to the application is required.

2. Filestage

Filestage is a powerful tool that allows you to review and share the content you have written with your colleagues or peers. This platform is widely used by media production companies and marketing teams within the company paradigm.

You can also use this application to obtain the content you want to publish, and prove it within your team or from external stakeholders involved in your business or project development.

These are just a few of the features the application offers.

The Key Features

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Comment
  • External Review Process
  • Internal Review Process
  • Commenting in PDF
  • User Management
  • Video proofing
  • API
  • Collaborative Review
  • Document Review
  • Image proofing
  • Review Content
  • SSL Security
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Management


  • If you are interested in trying the application before making a purchase, you can get a free trial.
  • The Starter package is around $99/per month
  • The Pro version costs around $249/month
  • Contact the company to order the Enterprise application. They will customize a package to meet your requirements and needs

3. Annotate

This amazing annotation tool can make the entire content annotation process easy. It is extremely useful because you can use it for every stage of your content annotation process, including the last stage when you need to present your material to your target audience.

The main disadvantage to using this application for your daily annotation driver is that you cannot use it on the move and work on your stuff. This application may not be right for you if you’re a professional who uses their apps on the move.

The Key Features

  • Image annotation
  • Annotation text
  • Text box, freehand notes, and polygon annotation
  • Note creation
  • Your desired user can assign tasks
  • Document drafting
  • Communication tools


  • The application can be downloaded for free, and you can support up to three users. However, it will not have the same features or functionality as the subscription versions.
  • The Standard version offers many more functionalities than the free one, but you can still purchase it You will need to get in touch with the company to receive a customized price quote based on your requirements.

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4. Drawboard Projects

This is an amazing PDF markup tool. It allows you to markup multiple elements in your project or content using smaller tools such as the text tool and polygon tool.

You can annotate various types of documents you create and project to clients, colleagues, or peers using digital ink.

However, the application isn’t intuitive. Users have stated that they struggled to understand the functions. The application is easy to use if you keep at it.

The Key Features

  • Document/photo management
  • Contractors
  • 2D Drawing
  • Markup
  • Annotation
  • Activity feed
  • Navigation system
  • File sharing
  • Notifications
  • Native iOS app support
  • Live drawing updates
  • Secure storage
  • Tagging


  • If you are interested in trying the software before purchasing, you can get a free trial.
  • The Basic version is $19/per month
  • $35/month for the Standard version.
  • You can request the Enterprise application by contacting the company. They will be able to provide a price quote tailored to your requirements and needs.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a remarkable project management software, but it shines in the context of this article, Get work done quickly by using the annotation features.

It has many amazing features that enable it to quickly perform different annotation processes. It supports many formats, including..png, .gif, .webp, and .jpeg.

The Key Features

  • Assign Comments (turn comments into tasks)
  • Chrome-like tabs
  • Collaboration
  • Priorities custom
  • Import/export of data
  • Notifications by email
  • ideas Management
  • Image mockups
  • Multiple assignees
  • Product road map
  • Agile Support
  • Scrum Support
  • Task management
  • Optional white label
  • Three different perspectives


  • The application is also available in a free version. However, you will have significantly less storage than paid subscriptions.
  • The unlimited version of the app is $5/user/month. This includes unlimited storage, views, and integrations as well as reporting.
  • The $19/user/month Business version of the app includes all the features of unlimited and all the widgets.
  • The Enterprise version is amazing and includes all the features of the application. However, if you are interested in purchasing it, contact the company to get a price quote tailored to your requirements and needs.

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