Top 5 NoSQL Databases for Data Scientists in 2022

Top 5 NoSQL Databases

There is a growing demand for NoSQL database skills due to the rising demand for Data Science. It can be difficult to choose the right database if you are a solution architect. It is important to know all about the NoSQL databases. These are the top NoSQL Database list for 2022.

5 Best NoSQL Databases for Data Scientists

1. MongoDB

MongoDB, a document-based NoSQL database, is the most popular NoSQL database used. If you plan to integrate hundreds of data sources, MongoDB is the best choice. MongoDB can be used even if you expect to read and write operations. You can store clickstream data in the database and use it to perform behavioral analysis. it starts free NoSQL database.

2. ElasticSearch

This NoSQL database can be used when full-text searches are part of your solution. Udemy and Medium are among the many companies that use it, as well as StackOverflow and Medium. Chatbots are a popular way to solve most queries.

3. DynamoDB

Amazon’s NoSQL NoSQL database is well-known for its ability to scale. DynamoDB is the best database for your needs if you need to handle simple key-value queries with large numbers. DynamoDB is recommended for OLTP workloads.

4. HBase

It is an open-source NoSQL database, a highly scalable distributed database with NoSQL technologies. HBase is the best option if you have petabytes worth of data. It is an efficient way to store real-time messages.

5. Cassandra

Facebook was the first to create this database solution. Cassandra can manage thousands of concurrent requests and petabytes worth of information. It is also one of the most scalable and popular NoSQL databases. Cassandra is best suited for applications that require more writing than reading operations.

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