Top 9 Link Tracking Software for Marketers

Link Tracking Software

Is your Facebook campaign working? Do you want to know how many people have seen your ads or which demographic clicked on them the most? That’s why you need the best link tracking software.

Marketers face a multitude of questions when trying to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns.

It is important to determine which channels are delivering the highest ROI when you run promotions on multiple channels. The key to all of this is the use of the right link tracking software.

If you don’t use the best link tracker tool for your URLs, then you are missing out on significant analytics. You also lose valuable insights.

Why is so important Link tracking?

Links are a valuable asset for a digital marketer. It is the portal through which potential audiences can see your marketing campaigns in the internet world. Viewers make decisions and then convert to sales.

No matter what platform you use, a URL will guide your audience to your offer/brand, whether it’s an advertisement on the website, an email newsletter, or a blog post.

You need to generate new leads but also know which ones convert well. According to statistics, 96% aren’t ready to convert to leads. You need to understand where the 4% comes from so you can increase the conversion rate.

Link trackers basically send data to you about which promotion links have been clicked and how often they were clicked. They will tell you who clicked the links if it’s personal campaigns like emails.

When someone clicks on a campaign link, they are redirected to one of the tracking domains before landing at the intended URL. Each visit to a campaign link is logged, allowing for information about where they are coming from or their current location. Without link tracking, it is impossible to determine where your leads come from.

You need to have the best tools in your toolbox to maximize the benefits of link tracking. We have compiled a list of the top link trackers on the market to assist you in making smart decisions.

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9 Best Link Tracking Software for Marketers for 2022

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is likely to be on any list of the top link markers for 2020. It’s an all-inclusive platform that allows you to track and optimize all of your marketing models simultaneously.

ClickMagick’s feature-rich link tracking software gives you the ability to track a sales funnel. It works with virtually every advertising channel. The tool also includes advertising campaigns.

Top Features of ClickMagick

  • The funnel builder monitors and optimizes an entire sales channel. It examines every step.
  • Advanced retargeting can increase exposure and conversion rates.
  • You will find integrated affiliate marketing tools, including dynamic links, that can be extremely useful in your campaigns.
  • Automated bot filtering assures that all statistics and analytics are accurate.
  • Multiple marketing metrics and tools allow you to get a complete analysis of the performance of your campaigns.
  • The latest market tips and tricks are available in the Expert Academy.


ClickMagick offers two plans: the Standard plan at $67 and the Pro plan at $97. Both plans come with a 2-week free link tracker trial. To get to know the tools better and upgrade if you need it, we recommend the standard plan.

2. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is another popular tracking software in the digital market, is also very popular. Apart from marketing agencies, it stands out because it has specific marketing tracking software for marketers and publishers.

Click-based link tracking allows you to track the viewer’s exact location and allow you to segment them by geographical region. The results of users’ links can be shared and monitored by them in real-time.

Top Features of ClickMeter

  • Advertisers may use the tool to track sales and conversions and to block click fraud.
  • Cloaking links can be a great tool for affiliate marketers to hide the destination URL.
  • Publishers can verify the visibility they achieve using clicks, views, and conversions.


ClickMeter offers three plans with a 30-day guarantee. The Medium Plan costs $29 per month. Large and X-Large plans cost $99 and $349 respectively.

3. Improvely

Improvely, another link tracking service, is compatible with all major ad networks, such as Google, Facebook, and Bing Ads. The tool allows marketers to track every conversion and detect fraud-clicking.

Improvely is simpler than ClickMagick. It is still packed with useful and relevant features for every marketer.

Top Features of Improvely

  • Segment traffic by tracking links, and you will receive a profile with viewers to your website.
  • You can detect, block, and prevent bots.
  • Agency White Label reports
  • Data import/export from ad networks


Four plans start at $29. The package you choose will depend on the size of your business. You can select from Freelancer, Start-Up, Small Agency, or Large Agency packages starting at $29. Every plan comes with a 14-day trial.

4. Bitly

This link tracker, formerly known as has continued to dominate the marketing industry with its many advantages. Bitly, a link management platform that is accessible to all sizes of businesses, allows marketers to create short links to drive their digital marketing campaigns. It is a great tool for monitoring the performance of links via analytics.

Top Features of Bitly

  • You can easily create mobile and branded links that include your domain space for branding.
  • Comprehensive analytics of link tracking with more than 20 metrics including location and referral details.
  • An API that is proven to integrate brand links into automated workflows.
  • Over 700 business integrations and solutions are available to improve productivity and workflow.


Bitly’s pricing structure is very simple and affordable. Basic plans start at $29 per month and include 1,500 brand links. Bitly tracking gives marketers the ability to create a plan that suits their needs and tailor-make pricing packages for their business.

5. Trck.Me

Trck.Me’s web-based link tracking solution allows you to analyze your marketing metrics, track your customers’ journeys on every campaign link, and optimize your URLs in real-time.

Top Features of Trck.Me

  • Auto-tagging links to classify their traffic source.
  • Link Cloaking to your brand URLs for custom branding
  • Advanced click tracking software to track multiple social media platforms as well as ads

Pricing offers two simple options for its users. You can access 1 domain with the Standard plan for $39 per month. Agency clients will find the Enterprise plan more suitable at $99 per month.

6. LinkTrackr

LinkTrackr includes a range of tools that will allow every marketer to meet their link and performance analysis needs. LinkTrackr might not be as impressive as the other tools. LinkTrackr is the best choice for people who only need the basic tools and are not too sophisticated.

Top Features of LinkTrackr

  • Track Link and Conversion with 100% accuracy, without any code, added to the website.
  • Affiliate marketers can use link cloaking to increase their commissions.
  • URL Rotator software divides inbound traffic into different links to a landing page.
  • PPC tracking to track your paid campaigns, promotions, and Google Adwords optimization.


LinkTrackr’s Basic plan is the most affordable on the market. This allows beginners to enjoy the benefits of URL monitoring. The Basic model costs $17 per month, while Pro costs $27 per month and Hyper costs $47 per month. A plan for Super Affiliates is available at $77 per month. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. This will lock in a 57% discount for your entire life.


This cloud-hosted ad tracking software will help you keep a tab on all your campaigns and promotions. also has plenty of elements to optimize your advertisements and offer you an in-depth analysis of their tracking data.

Top Features of

  • Monitoring different URLs, including click tracking and custom domains.
  • Reports on conversions, campaigns, and traffic sources
  • You can filter and create report templates.

Pricing pricing is quite expensive, starting at $41 per month. Pro and Business plans will cost $83 and $333 respectively. Marketers may also contact us to customize a plan that meets their needs.

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8. Clixtrac

You can use this free link tracking software to see how often people click your links. It’s simple and gives you all the benefits of link tracking software. Although it might not be the best tool for agencies, beginners can still get an idea of how their campaigns are performing.

Top Features of Clixtrac

  • Advertise without having to install a link
  • Features dynamic affiliate links and link cloaking.
  • The interface is easy to use for beginners.
  • Tracks banner ads and social media posts. Site links. Newsletters.
  • Exportable data.


Clixtrac offers a basic plan for free to all users. You can choose from Premium or Professional plans for $4.95 and $9.95 respectively.

9. Voluum

This AI-powered, cloud-based tool is everything you need in the best link tracker. You can do more. Voluum can provide you with all the information you need to see where you excel and where you can improve.

All your campaigns can be optimized and overlooked from one location. You can also run multiple A/B split testing and monitor traffic.

Top Features of Voluum

  • Application Programming Interface is a tool that developers can use to remotely control their accounts.
  • A/B testing to optimize ad performance and determine which campaigns are reaching the conversion goal.
  • You have the option to scale your affiliate marketing business by setting up workplaces for different teams and tracking listicle usage.
  • With custom tools, auto-optimize ad campaigns.


Voluum offers four plans to choose from. For beginners, the Discover Plan is $69 per month. The next three plans, Profit, Grow, and Agency, cost $149, $449, and $999 respectively. You can use an alternative tracker to auto-migrate campaigns.


An analysis of your marketing models’ performance can be key to creating a successful campaign or eliminating unprofitable campaigns. To learn more about tracking tools, you can purchase one of the above-mentioned beginner plans. After you have seen how they could help you, you can decide whether you want to upgrade.

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