Top AIOps Tools: How To Choose Best Tools

Top AIOps Tools

AIOps tools collect application logs and can measure the health of your system through automated capabilities such as:

  • Pattern discovery
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Root cause determination

AIOps has grown rapidly in recent years. Each vendor tends towards a particular area of expertise, so certain features are worth looking for, depending on your enterprise’s requirements.

This article will examine AIOps, and what makes them AIOps. We’ll then summarize some of the leading AIOps vendors and tools.

What is AIOps?

AIOps stands for Artificial intelligence for IT operations.

AIOps are multi-layered platforms that use analytics and machine learning for the analysis of Big Data from different IT operations devices and tools. AIOps tools help IT Ops departments to automatically detect, react, and report IT Ops issues.

AIOps platforms combine big data and machine learning in order to partially or fully replace IT processes and tasks.

  • Monitoring
  • Service desk & technical support
  • Automation

What makes an AIOps Product?

AIOps has already transformed the IT Operations method and the overall spending. It is therefore beneficial for everyone to know what vendors, products and services are part of the AIOps market.

AIOps’ goal isn’t just to introduce new tools. A successful AIOps deployment:

  • The platform gathers and consolidates all operational data into one place.
  • Use machine learning and analytics to identify, respond to and report IT issues in real-time.
  • Gartner says the goal is to enhance and curate quality data to enable infrastructure and operations leaders to tie use cases with relevant practices and business persona.

It is important to keep in mind that AIOps is an integrated platform, with multiple layers. Gartner’s report for 2021 states that the five main functions of an AIOps must include:

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AIOps platforms must be able ingest, index and normalize events or telemetry coming from a variety of domains, vendors and sources including, but not limited to:

  • Networks
  • Apps
  • Existing monitoring tools
  • Cloud

Machine learning must be used to analyze both historical and real-time data (streaming).


The AIOps Platform must create a topology that is unified of all IT assets. The platform must be able to understand the relationship between proximity and logical dependency other dimensions can be applied to the relationship between IT assets, and the services that you are delivering.


AIOps tools must be able to correlate and compress events, in order reduce the need for human intervention. It is here combining topology and time to group related events.


AIOps tools must be capable of processing event and telemetry information to detect or forecast important events, incidents or other issues. The platform, which uses machine learning (ML), should constantly learn and improve its individual patterns for events that are important.


The AIOps Platform must continually learn and improve the association between each event of importance and the response from the Operations Team. This can be done in two different ways.

  • The operator will tell you explicitly
  • By observation

What is AIOps not?

Here’s a simple way to determine if a particular product is AIOps or not.

  • Is it a simple data storage/retrieval product? AIOps is not the answer.
  • Is the product limited to trend analysis and forecasting? Can it query large datasets? AIOps is not AIOps.

Popular AIOps Tools & Vendors

We can now look at the various platforms available.

As with most software categories not all vendors offer products in every category. You should consider the future needs of your AIOps platform and look at all of the AIOps products that a vendor offers.

Here’s a list of AIOps vendors and tools that are well-known.

1. BMC Helix Operations Management

BMC Helix Operations Management can help you improve service availability and performance, relies on a combination of AIOps and:

  • Monitoring service-oriented
  • Event management is a new way to organize events.
  • Next-generation probabilistic cause analysis

BMC Helix Operations Management is compatible with the new BMC Helix platform. This open solution delivers cross-domain engagement and actionability. BMC is a global leader in software and offers not only AIOps solution , but also AI driven service management (AISM). This could be the complete solution ITSM/ITOM team are looking for.

2. Datadog APM

Specialties: Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Pricing: Free tier; Pro tier $15/host/month; Enterprise tier $23/host/month

Datadog is a great AIOps tool. Datadog offers complete visibility, monitoring and troubleshooting on applications. It also includes log collection and error reporting. Create your own dashboards.

Datadog has many large clients, including Samsung, DreamWorks and Deloitte. It also services many smaller companies. Splunk is better suited to general APM, but Datadog has a more open-source culture.

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3. New Relic One

Specialties: APM, Infrastructure monitoring

Pricing: Free to use, then 3 levels of pay-to-use

New Relic focuses on both APM and applied intelligence. New Relic One’s analytics platform includes AIOps and can detect anomalies quickly with elegant, elegant charts for monitoring the performance of your system.

New Relic, along with Datadog has a forward-looking, open approach in how they build AIOps tools.

4. AppDynamics from Cisco

Specializes: APM

Pricing: Enterprise package starting at $90/month for each CPU core.

AppDynamics is a leader in the Magic Quadrant of APM for the ninth time. It works with AWS, Azure and OpenShift environments, as well as PCF and hybrid cloud environments. It can be used to:

  • Spot user-experience issues
  • Perform root cause analysis

5. Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprises is used by 91 out of 100 Fortune 100 companies. It’s one of the most comprehensive AIOps platform available. It works with all types of cloud providers as well as on-prem environments. Splunk is probably the reason for this, as it checks all the boxes that go into an AI platform.

Their equipment is comprehensive and high-end. They serve some of the biggest businesses. Splunk may be too expensive for small businesses, but it is great for large companies.

6. BigPanda

Big Panda’s interface is able to ingest data from multiple sources as required by an AIOps application. They’ve explained their root cause determination in the reporting so that a user can understand the path taken by the AI model to make the decision.

AIOps is the most effective in IT Operations

AIOps has become a major platform for IT Operations. AIOps will be a major part of any medium-sized or large IT organization in the coming years.

AIOps adoptedees report helped save time and money by adopting an excellent tool.

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