Top10 Free and Open Source Reporting Tools

Top10 Free and Open Source Reporting Tools

Tech forums are flooded with requests for open-source and free reporting tools. They are just as important as reporting tools.

What are the Advantages of Using Open-Source Reporting Tools?

  • Commercial tools are more expensive.
  • It can fulfill basic reporting requirements
  • You can use the dedicated discussion board to discuss user issues

Top Free and Open Source Reporting Tools

As a reference, I have listed 10 Top-Free and Open Source Reporting Tools. You are welcome to take full advantage!


FineReport is a reporting software that can be used for free, with no time or function limitations.

Users can easily generate, export, and use an Excel-like interface. and print complex or irregular reports. Its capabilities of Excel reporting tools, such as importing data from Excel in batches, make it easy to create reports in Excel.

This reporting software is unique because of its data entry feature. FineReport allows users to write data back into the database using web reports.

Besides, various open APIs make FineReport is also more flexible than other open-source reporting tools because it can be integrated with other systems and customized more efficiently.

Other amazing features include:

  • Open APIs to customize
  • Dynamic reports
  • Reports on queries
  • HTML Reports
  • Automation Reports
  • Adaptable display on Mobile, tablet, and TV
  • Report Management

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2. JasperReports

JasperReports Community Edition is Jaspersoft’s free version. It is one of the most widely used open-source reporting tools. It is available under a GPLv2 license and written in Java. This reporting tool can be used with multiple data sources and supports different export formats, such as PDF, HTML, CSV, and XML.

JasperReports includes many components:

  • JasperReports Library – An open-source library for reporting engines
  • JasperReports Server is a standalone, embedded report server that analyses data and provides scheduled task service.
  • Jaspersoft Studio- An Eclipse-based report creator that creates complex reports including charts, images, and crossovers.
  • Jaspersoft ETL is an open-source ETL software that can be deployed and executed quickly, creating a data warehouse and data set.

3. iReport

iReport is a free and open-source report designer designed JasperReports Library or JasperReports Server, It can create complex reports, including charts, images, subreports, and cross-tables. You can publish and export documents in many formats.

4. JFreeChart

JFreeChart is a 100% open-source Java programming drawing library that is easy to expand. It can create line graphs and bar charts pie charts, graphs, area charts, Gantt charts, dashboards, mixed graphs, and other charts. These charts can also be exported as PNG or JPEG images.

  • It’s lightweight, free, and stable, and supports multiple chart types.
  • It’s a flexible design that can be easily extended to client- and server-side applications.
  • It supports many exporting types including Swing components, JavaFX components, image files (including PNG, and JPEG), as well as vector graphics file formats (including PDF and EPS)
  • JFreeChart is an open-source project that is licensed under the GNU General Public License (LGPL).

5. Pentaho

Pentaho provides an open-source collection of tools that includes a reporting engine, reporting designer, and the reporting SDK. The Apache Software License grants the Community Edition a free license.

You can create reports that allow you to export reports to Excel, PDF HTML, HTML, text-rich text, XML, and CSV. Reports can be easily transformed from many sources into readable data.


BIRT is an open-source eclipse-based reporting tool that allows you to create reports that can be embedded into rich clients or web applications. It is completely free of charge for business.

BIRT consists primarily of two components: a visual designer to create BIRT designs and runtime components that can easily be deployed in any Java environment.

A diagram engine is also part of the BIRT project that can be incorporated into one of the BIRT application diagrams.

BIRT design templates can be saved as XML. They have access to many data sources including the JDO data storage, jfire script objects, POJOs, SQL databases, Web services, and XML.

7. Seal Report

Sealed Report is an open-source report generator written entirely in C# for Framework. This framework allows you to generate daily reports and dashboards using any database. It is easy to install and create reports. Reports can be quickly created and published once installed. This component is completely open-source, and it was written in C#.

These are the key features:

  • Dynamic SQL data sources: You can either use SQL or have Seal engine create dynamic SQL to query your database.
  • Local pivot tables: The elements can be displayed directly in reports and pivot tables via drag and drop. HTML5 charts can also be supported.

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8. Open Reports

Open Reports provides web-based reporting solutions which allow users to view dynamically generated reports in HTML, HTML, and XLS formats through a browser. OpenReports was developed in Java. OpenReports supports a range of open-source reporting engines including JFreeReports, Eclipse BIRT, Eclipse JXLS, and JasperReports.

9. Easy Report

EasyReport is an Excel plug-in written in c#. It is an easy-to-use database reporting software. It supports MS SQL Server and MySQL. It converts the rows and columns found in SQL statements into HTML tables. It supports RowSpan as well as ColSpan. Easy Report allows you to export Excel reports, chart displays, fixed table headers, and left-column functions.

It also supports query engines (Hive etc.) and timing tasks. It provides the REST API service interface for big data products. The new version includes the authority and user management modules. Mybatis framework allows data access, which facilitates secondary development. You can try it for free for 15 days.

10. SpagoBI

SpagoBI, the only open-source business intelligence suite that is 100% open-source, was developed by the SpagoBI Lab of the Engineering Group. It provides powerful analytics capabilities including data reporting and charting capabilities as well as innovative solutions in emerging areas like self-service analytics and reporting and geo-location analytics.

Summary — Top Open-Source Reporting Tools

These open-source reporting tools have many advantages, but we must not overlook their drawbacks. They are unable to handle complex reports, they can’t be updated quickly and bugs cannot be fixed in time. To make up for these limitations, you can use free commercial reporting tools.

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