10 Best Apps to Help You Beat Procrastination

10 Best Apps to Help You Beat Procrastination

Now, you sit down at your computer and start working on an urgent task. You have one more Twitter notification to make sure you are on the right track before you get going. You’re just one step away from the procrastination rabbit hole if you don’t already have a stop procrastinating application.

You find yourself scrolling through Pinterest looking at color-coordinating bridesmaid’s dresses and butterflies-themed table decorations three hours later. Oops.

Procrastination is something most people struggle with. It can be a barrier to a productive and fulfilling life. We struggle to keep distractions away, especially now that so many of us live in cramped homes with Covid lockdowns.

How can you stop delaying important tasks? How do you silence your inner voice of distraction?

Modern technology has many apps that can help you win your procrastination battle. To keep you focused and eliminate distractions, choose your stop procrastination application from the below list.

10 Best Apps to Help You Beat Procrastination

1. Focus@Will

Focus@Will is based on neuroscience research and uses music to increase concentration and productivity. There are many channels to choose from, including ambient and Baroque music as well as Electro Bach and Alpha Chill.

Research shows that the app can increase focus by as much as 200-400%. The app also features a timer function as well as a productivity tracker. Channel recommenders help you choose the best music for you based on your personality, your task, and whether or not you have mental health issues like ADHD.

Focus@Will is available as both an Android and iOS app and as a web application. Subscriptions start from $69 per year

2. Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is a great app to stop procrastination. It combines the Pomodoro technique and to-do-list features. Pomodoro, one of the most efficient production techniques, is something you may not have heard about. It is built around 25-minute work sessions that are interspersed with 5-minute breaks.

Focus To-Do allows the creation of tasks and subtasks, as well as assigning deadlines. The Pomodoro method allows you to work through each item on your list individually.

All major platforms are supported, including smartwatches. All your tasks will be synced across all devices. The basic app is available for free. Premium plans start at $2.99/month with a lifetime licensing option at $8.99.

3. RescueTime

RescueTime has a rare score of 5.0 by PCMag. It is the best productivity tool that freelancers, designers, and developers. It automatically records the time spent on different websites and apps and categorizes them into categories. This information allows you to analyze your productivity and identify the biggest threats to it.

RescueTime also allows you to quickly block distractions. This is great for Pomodoro sessions. RescueTime can help you reach your goals by helping you set time limits, such as limiting the amount of time spent on social media or email.

It is available on all major platforms. They also offer a free stop procrastinating app lite edition. Premium plans start at $6.50/month (billed annually). It can also be integrated with many other productivity tools such as Slack and calendar apps.

4. Forest

Forest is a fun and gamified app that helps you stop procrastinating. You can plant a tree each time you start a focus group. It will grow as you work. Your tree will die if you quit the app during a session.

It is our goal to get you off your phone and remove any distractions.

You can build a forest by completing your focus sessions. This is not only visually pleasing but also a positive representation of the amount of work you have done. Your forest can have a real-life effect. You can earn more coins by growing your forest. These coins can be used to plant trees by the app team.

Forest is available as an extension for Firefox, Android, iOS, and Android. You can purchase optional in-app purchases for $1.99.

5. Rocket 135

Rocket 135 helps you prioritize tasks for those who are overwhelmed by to-do lists. Rocket 135 allows you to choose one project to focus on, three of moderate importance and five of lower importance.

You can customize the app to create basic lists, archive tasks, assign them as themes and collaborate with others. It syncs across devices and has a limited free version. Premium versions are available for $2.50 per month or $25 annually.


Similar to Forest, CARROT To-Do is an iOS app that turns productivity into a procrastinating game.

To get “fortune cookies” or other unique rewards, you can create a task list. Be careful! Failure to complete tasks will result in you losing your rewards or being leveled up. CARROT has a unique characteristic: it is brand as having a personality and an attitude. It declares, “I am your new taskmaster.”

The app costs $2.99 and includes in-app purchases for icons and themes.

7. Freedom

Freedom, a stop procrastinating application that uses gamification to combat procrastination, is for you. It will stop distracting apps and procrastination websites across all of your devices. If you need to concentrate on an offline task, it is possible to completely block the internet.

You can download the app for Mac or Windows. The extension can also be installed for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. There are also Android and iOS apps. Premium plans start at $2.42 per month (billed annually).

8. Momentum

Momentum offers a beautiful approach to productivity and will keep you focused. This Chrome extension, Firefox, Edge, and Firefox combines beautiful nature wallpapers with a distraction-free display of time, inspirational quotes, and a prioritized list.

The free version of the app allows you to set your daily priorities and assign other tasks. Premium options, which cost $3.33/month include a Pomodoro Timer and syncs to popular task managers.

Momentum is great for getting to work after a stressful commute or creating a relaxing atmosphere in your office.

9. Take a Five

It is important to take breaks. They are also procrastination traps. One quick five-minute break can quickly turn into an hour spent on Facebook.

Take a Five is a stop procrastinating application that helps you to avoid it. Set a timer for how long you want your break period to last and then open a new tab. The app will close the tab when your time is up and remind you to get back to work. You can stop scrolling down rabbit holes.

10. Mindly

Mindly is the app for you if a glance at your ever-growing, deadline-laden to-do list makes you sweat. Mindly helps you to organize all the reminders, deadlines, and lists cluttering up your mind in a three-dimensional way.

There are endless possibilities for creating circles that link related ideas or projects. Each circle can be color-coded and tagged with summaries. You can organize your inner universe by harnessing the power and potential of associations.

Mindly syncs across devices. Mindly offers an iOS and Android version free of charge, which can be purchased for $6.99. A desktop version is also available for Mac users at $29.99

Last Thoughts – Stop Procrastination Apps

Once you start procrastinating, it is difficult to stop. These stop procrastination apps can help you be productive again and complete all those to-do lists you have been avoiding. Start using the app that works best for you today.

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