10 Best Cloud Storage Services for Business

10 Best Cloud Storage Services for Business

Cloud storage services are an affordable, flexible way to store company data. Cloud services can pose security risks. Cloud storage services are available in many different ways, so make sure you choose the best one for you.

What is cloud storage?

According to Technology, cloud storage services are a way for individuals, businesses, and other people to store and manage their data. Many of these services offer a storage model that depends on how much you need. They are flexible and scalable. Most often, they offer pay-as-you-go pricing. Cloud storage services can be used to back up and share files and store data. Some even offer disaster recovery services.

You don’t need to invest in servers or hardware, nor the costs associated with maintaining it. Instead, rent space in the cloud. The cloud gives you the ability to access your data 24/7, any time, anywhere. This allows you to focus on your business and not worry about managing technology.

The greatest advantage is perhaps financial. There is no upfront cost. As business conditions change, you can scale up and down easily. You also pay a fixed monthly fee.

Cloud storage services security concerns

When confidential or competitive information is being given to third parties, security is always a concern. Data breaches, and worse, data loss, can happen regardless of whether the data is stored in the cloud or on a server in your office. It might be safer to store your data in the cloud. Outsource IT Problems to the Cloud explains in The GlobeandMail that “large cloud computing companies often have greater resources and are often able to offer levels of security that an average small business might not be able to afford to implement on its own servers.”

Although most cloud providers offer free storage, these services are only available to consumers. However, there are no free options for businesses of any size. Most cloud storage services offer more than basic storage.

  • Access data files via web-based dashboards
  • Mobile apps
  • Backup and archive of data
  • Encryption
  • Reports on usage
  • Drag-and-drop file transfer
  • Live/email support

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What are the benefits of cloud storage?

Cloud services can save customers money by storing large amounts of data. Using cloud services eliminates the need to buy hard drives for storage. These services reduce hardware requirements and manage and monitor that equipment.

Because of their tiered pricing structure, cloud services are more affordable. The plan you choose will depend on how quickly you store data and how often you back it up. You can use services to store your data for both short-term and long-term storage needs. These needs will determine the type of storage you require. You can easily switch to another plan if your current plan is not working.

10 Best Cloud Storage Services for Businesses

These are the 10 best cloud storage options that small and medium-sized businesses might want to look into.

1. Amazon Web Services

There are a number of tiers available, including a 12-month free use tier for new users to its S3 (Simple Storage Service) up to 5GB and EBS (30 Elastic Block Storage) up to 30GB. This is why Amazon Web Services is a top public cloud provider.

2. Box

For a minimum of five employees, the Business Plan costs $15 per month. Enterprise plans are $35 per month for up to five users and unlimited storage.

3. Carbonite

Carbonite is a backup company that offers to price starting at $269.99 per year. You can also choose from server plans with more customization starting at $799.99 per year.

4. Dropbox for Business

Plans start at $12.50 per user per month with a minimum of three users and a maximum storage space of 5TB

5. Google for Business

Bundled with other apps, and 30GB of online storage per person, the basic plan costs $50 per year. Unlimited storage plans cost $120 per user.

6. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft offers several plans. The Business plan costs $2.50 per user and includes 25GB of storage per year (1TB is promised for future rollouts). Additional storage is 20 cents per gigabyte.

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7. OpenDrive

Business plans start at $29.95 per user per year for unlimited storage. The $299 annual plan offers a 60 percent discount.

8. SpiderOak

Three plans are available for businesses. The Small Business plan is $20 per user per month (billed annually) and provides 1,000GB of storage. This plan supports two users. The Enterprise plan costs $24 per month and supports up to 100 users.

9. Synplicity

The Business edition of Synplicity costs $15 per user per month for at least three users. There is also the option to buy unlimited storage.

10. Zoolz

Zoolz charges $15 per month for 100GB and $75 for 5TB. Cold Storage is a feature that allows for the inexpensive preservation of information that is not commonly used.

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