10 Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

Best Drawing Apps

There is a common misconception about Chromebooks that they don’t have the best apps for creative work. Chromebooks can support many drawing apps that work perfectly and provide powerful combinations of drawing capabilities. Which is the best drawing app for Chromebook? here are some solutions

There are Chromebook drawing apps that can be used for specific tasks, professional illustrators, hobbyists, or just anyone who enjoys drawing. There are many best drawing apps for Chromebook that you can use to keep your child occupied on their Chromebook.

The Best Drawing Apps For Chromebook

These are the top Chromebook drawing apps to create stunning artwork.

1. Sketchbook

Sketchbook by Autodesk is the best drawing application for creative professionals. This popular digital drawing app can be used on Chromebook with Android support. It offers many drawing tools and brushes that are customizable on the fly.

Sketchbook works well in full-screen mode, giving you a wide canvas to work on your original art. Sketchbook is compatible with stylus pens. You can use it to sketch or draw your designs and then save them to Dropbox or iCloud.

Predictive stroke technology in Sketchbook makes it easy to draw freehand. It corrects your lines and shapes so that you don’t need to do this manually. You can also scan paper drawings with your Chromebook’s camera and digitize them to continue creating your masterpieces.

The app’s free version offers offline support, pinch to zoom, layer, and symmetry tools, as well as a gallery organizer and layer/symmetry tools. The premium plan offers more tools, including powerful selection and layer tools as well as an expanded brush library.

Sketchbook is more difficult to learn than other drawing apps. It lacks many Photoshop features and the subscription-based model can be costly for occasional users.

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2. Concepts

Concepts is an app that can be used by both novice and experienced creatives. The cross-platform drawing app and vector sketching app are both available to casual drawers and professionals. It’s widely recognized as one of the top drawing apps.

You can access layers, brushes, and precision alignment tools with the free app. Concepts also offer an Essentials plan, which allows you to add unlimited layers and create custom brushes. You can also export your work in various formats.

You can get more features with the Everything+ monthly plan or yearly in-app purchases. These plans give you more objects, brushes, and import and export options. They also offer sharing capabilities and CAD-style tools.

Concepts can be used with any type of stylus pen, including pencils, and pens that respond to pressure, velocity, and tilt. You can choose from a variety of textures and pre-printed paper types. The app also allows you to adjust the scale, position, and color of your drawing using vector-based drawing options.

Concept’s unlimited layering system and wide range of blending options allow you to create image composites with just a few clicks.

3. Sketchpad

Sketchpad, a robust drawing app that you can use online if your Chromebook doesn’t support Play Store, is an alternative. Although the app is available offline, you can still install it via a progressive web application (PWA) and access all of its features without having to change any settings.

Sketchpad also offers standard tools such as layers, a color picker, and 18 brush styles. If you are a fan of vector drawing, Sketchpad can be used to do this.

Sketchpad allows you to trace images using line and path tools, creating realistic drawings. Sketchpad also offers over 5000 vector images in the clipart collection, which you can download and use in your projects.

In addition to the free images, there are over 800 fonts you can use in your picture. You can adjust alignment, change Word spacing, or choose Blend Mode.

Photos can be imported from any computer. You can also drag and drop photos to your web browser. After you are done editing, you have the option to print your images from Sketchpad or save them on your Chromebook.

4. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter, a drawing app that is less complex than others, is ideal for beginners or those who are just starting to learn the basics of drawing and designing.

It is the paint app for Chromebook. The app has more than 160 presets for natural brushes, but you can also create your own. The app also offers blend modes, layer support, and paper textures. It also has transformation and gradient tools. Pattern, perspective aids, and tools for 3D printing.

Infinite Painter doesn’t rank among the most popular drawing apps on Play Store. It also lacks the familiar name of Adobe or Autodesk. It has a large following among Android users.

The Clone tool can transform any photo into an artwork. Once you are done creating, you can export the finished work into JPG or PNG.

Infinite Painter offers a free 7-day trial. After that, you can purchase premium features in the app.

5. Chrome Canvas

Chrome Canvas is a web-based drawing application for Chromebook. It can be used to quickly sketch. You can choose from basic drawing tools such as a pencil, marker, pen, and eraser. Additionally, you have the option to use the custom palette or color picker to create all the colors that you desire.

The Chrome Canvas app is not compatible with a stylus pen, unlike other drawing apps for Chromebook. It can’t be used for professional design tasks like creating digital paintings or multiple layers from images.

You can adjust the size and opacity of your drawing tools to make them more accurate to your drawing. This is possible offline if you don’t have internet access.

Chrome Canvas is an excellent drawing app for beginners. Your child can use Chrome Canvas to practice painting and doodling.

6. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer, a professional-grade vector drawing program, is ideal for professional designers. It allows you to draw and design various graphic elements.

Anchor points can be used to create icons, logos, and vectorized graphics elements. You can also insert images into existing designs or add effects to your photos. You can create animated characters and graphics as the app supports vector graphics illustration.

Gravit Designer can be used online or offline, making it a great choice if you’re looking to start new projects anywhere. Gravit Designer isn’t designed for beginners in the creative field. You’ll need to have basic design skills to use the app.

To test Gravit’s features, you can download the free version. After that, you can upgrade to Pro ($49/year) to continue using it.

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7. ArtFlow

ArtFlow is a great digital art studio that offers a wide range of tools and features for drawing and sketching. Digital paintings can be created from scratch or taken from images. You can save the files in high resolution, or export them as JPEG or PNG files.

ArtFlow has many powerful features, including 100+ customizable brushes, Gradient Fill Tool or Smudge Tool to create images, layers, and symmetry, a six-step undo color picker, and support for up to two layers.

It’s simple to install and works well. The digital art app for Chromebooks also offers tilt support, which allows you to adjust line width and rotation with some brushes.

ArtFlow is available in a free drawing app for Chromebooks, but it has limited features. The Pro version adds more features to your tool list, including stylus pressure support and expanded history support. You can also create up to 16 layers.

8. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint, with its 300-strong selection of brushes, rich layer effects, and powerful text editor Sumo paint is one of the most popular drawing apps for Chromebooks. Before you can create digital paintings and drawings using this platform, you must first create an account. Sumo Paint also includes animated and 3D brushes, which allow you to expand the range of your painting and drawing options.

You can customize each brush to suit your project’s needs. You can choose the brush style, change the spacing and rotation values, or adjust the gravity level. The Color Picker and Gradient Fill tools make painting faster and easier. Sumo Paint allows you to save all images on your computer on the cloud. However, you only have three file types.

9. Limnu

To create a sketch using this web-based collaboration tool, all you need is an internet connection. Limnu does not limit the number or frequency of whiteboards you may use per day or month. Each whiteboard can be used infinitely, which means that you will have enough space to accommodate even the most complex ideas. it is the best sketching apps for Chromebook.

You can draw with ease using the impressive selection of pens, brushes, and pens. All of your creations are easily shared with other members of your Slack group or anyone else. Limnu allows multiple people to collaborate on the same whiteboard at once, making it a powerful collaboration tool. The number of features available depends on your subscription plan, as the free version is limited in time.

10. Chrome Canvas: Best Chromebook Drawing Apps For Kids

Instead of using the more advanced apps, kids can use basic drawing software for Chromebook. Chrome Canvas is a Chromebook-specific app. There are many other options that are simple and straightforward.

These are Google Keep Kids Paint Coloring Games and Learn To Draw (Kids Paint). These apps have a few drawbacks. They lack pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and other drawing tools But they’re a great place to start for new artists.

Make Your Masterpiece Digitally

The Chromebook is nearly as good as the iPad when it comes to drawing and illustrations. There are a lot of quality art apps for Chromebook that allows you to express your creativity. These apps can be used with a mouse but also seamlessly with a touchscreen stylus or stylus. You can use your virtual pens and brushes to control them.

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