10 Best Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

Best Invoicing Software

Invoicing your customers accurately and quickly is crucial. it is easy to make with the best Invoicing software. Your individual business operations will determine which invoicing software is best for you. This includes what your business does, who your clients are, and how much money you have.

You might use free invoice templates if your business is small or just starting out. This will allow you to keep track of all outstanding invoices and save your data in a spreadsheet. You might choose to use software that is specifically designed for invoicing or business software with robust invoicing capabilities.

We can help simplify your search due to the many invoice software options available. This guide will help you choose the right invoicing software for your small business.

10 Best Invoice Software Solutions for Small Businesses

You’ll need to know exactly what you want when you decide which invoicing software will work best for your small business. Are you just looking to send invoices? Do you want an accounting platform with invoicing capabilities? Are you interested in invoice software that allows online payments? How much do you have to spend on this solution?

A list of qualifications will help you quickly determine whether any particular invoicing software can meet your needs.

1. FreshBooks: Best Overall Invoice Software

FreshBooks is the best invoice software for the first choice on our list. However, it’s not exclusively invoicing software. FreshBooks can be considered an accounting program, but it has significant invoicing capabilities.

FreshBooks allows you to electronically invoice clients and collect payment from them, track expenses and bill for them, and collaborate with subcontractors. Although FreshBooks includes accounting features, you don’t have to use them to benefit from their invoicing software.

FreshBooks is not only functional but also extremely easy to use. The interface and setup are simple and the support documentation is excellent. FreshBooks also offers 24-hour customer service via email and phone, Monday through Friday.

FreshBooks is not the most expensive option, but it’s still affordable. FreshBooks pricing starts at $15 per month for the Lite plan. However, this plan limits you to five clients that can be billable. For $25 per month, the next-level plan includes 50 clients.

FreshBooks is an excellent invoice software and accounting software for small businesses. FreshBooks offers a 60% discount for new users for 6 months when they skip the 30-day trial period and choose to purchase now.

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2. Wave: The Best Free Invoicing Software

Wave Accounting, similar to FreshBooks is accounting software with impressive invoicing capabilities. Wave Accounting is the only free accounting software on the market.

Wave allows you to:

  • Send customized invoices to your customers
  • Modify the content, colors, columns, and logo of your invoices
  • Invoice in any currency
  • Once approved, send estimates and convert them into invoices
  • For repeat customers, set up recurring invoices for automatic credit card payments and recurring bills
  • Wave accounting software automatically syncs invoices
  • Wave Invoicing App allows you to send invoices anywhere with ease

Wave also offers additional invoicing-specific capabilities as well as general bookkeeping and accounting tools. Wave’s Payments by Wave addon allows you to accept online payment directly in your invoices. This payment-as-you-go tool allows you to accept credit cards as well as ACH payments. All payments are automatically synced within your Wave account.

Wave is a great choice if you are looking for free invoicing software and an accounting platform.

3. Invoice Ninja: The Best Open-Source Invoicing Software

If you have less than 100 clients and are interested in a free service, Invoice Ninja is a solution that can be customized to your invoices. You can choose from four different templates with this open-source invoice software. Integrates with over 40 payment processors and supports auto-billing as well as recurring invoices.

You can also upgrade to Invoice Ninja’s “Ninja Pro” subscription for $10 per month. Ninja Pro allows you to remove the 100-client limit and gives you more invoice and quote templates. It also increases your customization capabilities within Invoice Ninja.

Invoice Ninja also offers a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android devices. This allows you to bill wherever you are. Invoice Ninja, an open-source invoice software, also offers robust web-based self-service tools. Account holders have the option to message support directly through the platform.

4. Due: Best Invoice Software to Process Low-Fee Payments

Due is both free invoice software and a payment processor. With You can create and send unlimited personalized invoices and manage multiple businesses, it can use multiple languages and currencies and customize your invoice payment terms. Due also includes unlimited recurring invoices and unlimited clients. You can also set up automatic late fees.

Due integrates with Stripe and PayPal. However, Due also offers its own payment processing and is known for its low transaction fees. Due charges are 2.8% per transaction and there are no monthly or hidden fees.

Due’s software is easy to use and provides time tracking, reports, and analytics. Due offers live support Monday through Friday and strive to provide a 24-hour turnaround on support tickets.

5. Invoice2Go: The Best Mobile Invoicing Software

Invoice2Go is the right invoice software for busy freelancers and sole proprietors. First, Invoice2Go allows you to send estimates and invoices from your smartphone and also accept payments using Stripe. Invoice2Go works with both Android and iOS devices. It allows you to track receipts and expenses, view the status of invoices that you have sent, as well as run reports about your business’s performance.

Invoice2Go also has time and expense tracking as well as payment reminders.

Invoice2Go’s pricing is very affordable. The Lite plan starts at $2.99 per Month. The three higher plans offer more clients, invoices, estimates, and clients.

6. Bill.com: Automated Bookkeeping and Best Invoice Software

Contrary to other invoicing software options on our list Bill.com is more bookkeeping-oriented when it comes to invoices.Bill.com makes it easy to manage your bills (payables) as well as your receivables (receivables). First, Bill.com allows you to automate your payable processes–eliminating the need for manual data entry by giving you the ability to create an approval flow that’s customized to your business.

Bill.com also allows you to send automated bills Customers can view and pay using any device. You can also send personalized, automated reminders and even sync with your accounting software to update your books. You can also pay $1.69 per invoice if your customers don’t use online invoicing to have Bill.com send invoices to them.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that it’s impossible to use the solutions in our other list. Bill.com supports electronic payments as well, including credit cards and ACH. It will however be an expensive option for invoicing because of Bill.com’s focus on bookkeeping. This platform’s pricing starts at $39 per month.

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7. Zoho Invoice: The Best Invoicing Software to Scale

Zoho is the best invoicing software that allows for significant scaling and can grow with your company. Zoho invoice

Zoho Invoice allows you to send estimates, and invoices, accept payment, track expenses, and track them. You can do this on your computer or via their mobile app. Zoho Invoice also allows you to create a client portal where customers can view their estimates, invoices, and timesheets all in one place. Zoho Invoices also has time-tracking tools that allow you to log and track the time spent on tasks. This includes creating projects, inviting staff, and assigning tasks.

This is all to say that Zoho’s suite includes many other features, which makes it stand out. Zoho Invoice integrates with Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects. It also allows you to bundle multiple solutions at once.

The best thing? Zoho Invoice is completely free and allows you to send 1,000 invoices each year. Zoho can assist you with any additional requirements.

8. BQE Core: The Best Invoice Software For Project-Based Businesses

BQE Core is a great invoicing tool for small businesses if you are an engineer, architect, or lawyer. BQE Core can do more than just invoicing. It can also manage your time, expenses, and accounting. However, it is often the “next-step” invoicing software that project-based businesses need.

BQE Core allows you to track time, mileage, and other expenses and quickly create an invoice for customers. BQE Core also has a reporting function that allows you to see how profitable your projects are. This can be useful for helping you make better business decisions and allowing you to move forward with your business.

BQE Core charges its software by role, which is different from the other options we have discussed. An accounting-specific subscription costs $22.95 per user, while a time-and-expense subscription costs $7.95 per person. BQE Core is a quote-based software. This means that you will need to consult their sales team to determine how much their invoice software costs for your company.

9. Harvest: Time Tracking Software and Best Invoicing Software

like BQE Core, Harvestgoes beyond billing and delves into project profitability reporting and practice management. Although Harvest isn’t as robust as BQE core, it’s still an excellent solution for project-based companies.

Harvest invoice and time tracking software allow you to track time, expense, report, unlimited invoices and estimates as well as project budget alerts, timesheet approbation, timesheet approval, timesheet approval, integrations for over 100 apps, and email and phone support. Harvest Forecast can be integrated into your business to help manage your team’s workload across multiple project types.

Harvest pricing starts at $0 per Month, which includes two users and two projects. Upgrade to the Pro plan to receive unlimited projects and unlimited users. You only need to pay $12 per month or $10.80 per user if you are billed annually.

10. Online Invoices: The Best Invoicing Software to Work With Customers

Online invoices are the best invoice software for small businesses. Online Invoices allows you to choose whether to only use the invoice features or enable other modules to create a customized accounting, CRM, or inventory management system for your company.

Online Invoices are a good option for invoice-specific capabilities.

  • Tracking and management of invoices
  • Log history of invoices
  • Management of estimates and quotes
  • Invoices are available online and in print
  • Automatic recurring bills and payments
  • Online client portal
  • Reports and tracking of payments
  • Templates for pre-filled invoices
  • Multi-taxes, currencies, and other features are just a few of the many.

Online Invoices also offer advanced and simple reporting tools that will help you see how your business is doing. Online Invoices’ most distinctive feature is its customizable client portal. The portal can be customized to reflect your company and you can create your emails and notifications. The portal will allow you to give your clients access so that they can track and view invoices.

The most basic plan for Online Invoices is free, but you can only have five clients, fifteen invoices per calendar month, seven subscriptions per calendar month, 30 estimates per year, and two invoice layouts. Online Invoices also offers three paid plans. The first starts at $9.95 per month. This plan increases your threshold for invoices and subscriptions, estimates, layouts, and layouts.

Last Line —  Choose the best invoicing software

Any of the 10 invoicing software options listed here will help you to streamline your invoicing and quickly collect payment from customers. Only you, and only you, can determine which invoicing software solution is best for your company.

If you have a small business, it is a good idea to start with an affordable solution and then upgrade to a more advanced system as your business grows. You might consider a more robust solution that allows you to manage multiple processes from one platform if you already have a larger business.

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