12 Best Coding Project Ideas for Beginners

Coding Project Ideas

Coding projects can be likened to the last boss in a videogame for young developers. These challenges will challenge you to acquire essential skills and convert your theoretical knowledge into code. Building simple apps is a great way to test your ability to recall what you already know.

This course will teach you how to build coding projects, deploy code and troubleshoot applications after they are life. Your apps will help you get into the software industry. You can build a portfolio with enough projects. This will show recruiters that your technical skills are well-developed and you are passionate about the industry.

Employers value junior developers who have real-world experience. This is true even if it’s just on projects. They’ve created it in their own time.

If you are new to programming, you might be wondering what types of projects you could work on. Continue reading to find out about some fun coding tasks that will test your skills.

What is a Coding Project?

Coding projects are easy applications that are created by beginners or junior developers. These apps typically have one functionality such as a to-do app or random number generator. These projects are simple to design and build end-to-end as a single developer at the start of their career.

Programming projects require you to select the correct programming language to solve a problem, plan the project architecture and implement the features. Coding projects are a great way to get started with programming in the real world.

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Coding Project Ideas for Beginners

Let’s take a look at some beginner-level coding projects and the key features. These projects are designed to help beginners learn how to code high-quality code and execute it cleanly, so don’t worry too much about adding bells and whistles.

Simple Calculator

A calculator is a great idea for your first programming project. This will involve building a display using digits 1 through 9, mathematical operators, and a button that will produce a result on the screen.

Most programming languages make it easy to perform the calculations on the backend. This course will teach you how to accept input from users (both the operands as well as the operation) and display the results of the calculation. If you are interested in front-end development, you can make the UI simple or more complicated.

One-Page Website

A one-page website can be a great way to get started as a web designer. You will need to create a wireframe of the site. It is important to envision each section, its position on the page, and the styles you will use. You can find inspiration from many websites to help you start your first project. Advanced developers may be able to create animations or store user input.

Magic 8-Ball

The simple programming logic makes it easy to create a magic 8-ball game. This is a great project for learning to code. Every time someone shakes the 8-ball, it should display a new message. As a developer, your goal is to associate a text string with a variable and randomly choose a variable each time the user shakes it. It is easy to implement, and you can have fun with the front-end design.


Building an application for a calendar is a great way to make use of some of the libraries that are included in the programming language. For example, Python provides a calendar module that you can use to get data from the Gregorian Calendar.

This programming project idea can be done in a number of ways. You can create a calendar that shows the current month’s days and dates if you want to keep things simple. You can make the calendar more dynamic by allowing users to enter a specific year and month, and then display that month’s calendar.

Currency Converter

A currency converter is a fun and challenging coding project. It tests your ability to find data online. You can access financial data via several APIs, which is useful when you build your currency converter.

It is easy to imagine what the app will look like. The app allows users to choose a currency. Users can then press a button and display the equivalent amount of the target currency.

Duplicate text checker

Duplicate text checker can be a great way to learn how text is parsed, which is an essential skill for software developers.

It is possible to enter text and then remove duplicate entries. Let’s assume that the original string is “Apple, bananas, oranges, bananas, apple.” The text-checker would then parse it and remove duplicate entries.

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Web Scraping

Web scraping refers to the extraction of data from a website or several websites. A web scraper can be a great way to get started. Learn about data sources and how to combine valuable data from different sources.

Let’s suppose you want to compare prices on specific goods across different e-commerce sites. The first step would be to choose the data source sites and create an app that displays them in tabular form. This makes it easy to compare prices.

Weather App

Building your own weather app can be a fun way to learn about How to program apps that make use of data from third parties

OpenWeatherMap provides an API that allows you to access data for your weather apps. All the data you require is available once you have figured out how to use it.

There are many options for how to display the information. A very simple design could display the numbers for one day. You could also add other features to the app, such as the ones found in the weather app. Graphics to show different types of weather or automatic location detection. If you are looking for something more difficult, you can copy these features.

P2P File Sharing App

This project is best for beginners who have built some beginner projects. The goal of this project is to allow two peers or computers to share files. P2P systems do not require a client-server architecture. They communicate directly with one another.

A P2P file-sharing application will be built. You have the necessary coding skills to work on storage architectures, network protocols, and encoding media.

YouTube Video Downloader

It is easy to see the features of this project. Users can enter a YouTube URL and click a button that will allow them to download the file. You might display a message after the download is complete.

To actually download the data, you can tap into the built-in media streaming libraries and functions in languages such as Python. You can let users choose the format of their video to take your project one step further.

Ping Pong

A video game can be a great way for you to learn programming skills like interactive features and dynamic outputs. We recommend building a ping pong game as a first beginner coding project. Two players control a paddle and a mouse.

A player who is unable to contact the ball after it reaches their side by side will lose a point. It is easy to build the game in multiple languages. If you want to make one that works online, You can write it in Javascript, and then build the webpage using HTML and CSS.

Promoting Your Coding Projects

After you have tested the project for bugs, make it a part of your job search. These are some places you can promote your project.

Personal website

A separate page should be created for each project you create on your personal website.


Even if you are a junior developer, recruiters love to see a dynamic portfolio. Talk about the steps you took to build the project and the tools you used.


LinkedIn is a great place to promote your latest projects. To showcase the projects you have built, use the featured section of your LinkedIn profile.


Github allows you to host the code of the projects that you have built. Because they can see the code you have written, recruiters will be impressed. To talk about the process of creating and building the project, you can include a README file to each Github repo.

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Where to Find More Ideas for Coding Projects

Rosetta Code

Rosetta Code is a website that demonstrates how the same problem can also be solved using different programming languages. It also contains a page that has a huge collection of programming ideas for beginners and tips on how to code them.

Dream In Code

This forum contains a list of beginner programming projects. These coding projects are classified based on the nature and complexity of the problem that you are solving (files, networking, etc.).

Code Abbey

Code Abbey currently offers a list of 240 coding projects that you can work on. To view details about each project, including code samples, you can click the links on the page.

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