15 Best Growth Marketing Tools for Growth

Growth Marketing Tools

Growth marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that can increase conversion rates and improve your bottom line.

Launching new strategies across marketing channels can be difficult, Tracking data and finding out what works.

The right tools can help you market your campaigns further, regardless of whether your marketing team struggles to implement growth strategies or is already experiencing incredible growth.

There are many tools available, and not all of them will work for you. While most companies will need an email marketing tool for their business, not all businesses will require a paid, robust tool.

We compiled a huge list of the top growth hacking tools to help you grow your business while still providing a great user experience. This includes how they work and what you will pay. These tools can also be used to optimize your inbound marketing efforts and increase customer acquisition.

We have included popular alternatives to help you choose the right price and features for your business. Every business is unique. Ahrefs and Semrush are both similar, but one may be more suitable for your needs or budget.

We also discussed the key features of each tool. You might be surprised at how tools that you have known for years can do so much more than they did before.

Top Growth Marketing Tools

1. Zapier

Zapier makes data transfer between platforms easy, even for those who don’t know code. Zapier connects over 3,000 marketing and sales platforms making it ideal to grow marketing.

You can automatically add an account to your CRM, set up an email sequence for new subscribers, or add a new lead to your Google Sheet. Zapier makes it easy to do this.

Automation features are the real strength of this growth marketing software. Zapier automates the process of testing new strategies and collecting data.

Pricing: Unlimited tasks per month for free; Paid plans starting at $19.99/month

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2. Expandi.io

LinkedIn is a crucial part of your B2B marketing strategy. Expandi.io is what you need. Expandi.io is a smart software that allows users to connect with their contacts via connection requests, personalized invitations, messages, and content likes.

It can even be integrated with your email platform, allowing you to reach out simultaneously to both LinkedIn and email contacts.

Pricing: $99 per user per calendar month, 7-day free trial

3. Dux

Expandi.io’s Dux-soup alternative automatically connects with prospects to put you on their radar. The platform you’re targeting and the tool send personalized DMs and personal connection requests to the target. It also endorses their skills.

This tool is your best friend if you want to scale your social media selling strategy.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $14.99 per month

4. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website visitor identification tool and growth marketing tool, that identifies companies who visit your site. It also shows you where they came from and the pages they view.

The data is then linked up to a database that provides information such as company size, location, and language, as well as the best point of contact. It contains a lot of information, such as lead quality, number, and pages viewed.

Leadfeeder integrates with CRMs, email platforms, and automation platforms to quickly move data and leads wherever they are needed most.

Pricing: The free version includes up to 7 days of data; the paid plans start at $79 a month.

5. HotJar

Making data-backed decisions is the key to growth marketing. lets you see heatmaps that show exactly how visitors view your site. This includes where they scroll, click, and move. You can also view recordings of user interactions so that you can see how real users navigate your website.

Hotjar provides more information about user behavior and B2B marketing strategies. It is an excellent choice for marketing team members.

Pricing: Free for up to 35 sessions per day; Paid plans start at $31/per month

6. Google Data Studio

Have more data on B2B marketing growth than you can handle?

Google Data Studio is a data visualization and reporting tool that makes it simple to analyze and share data through fully customizable dashboards.

Did I mention that it is free? It is. It also comes with tons of fancy templates that you can use to make data shine.

Data Studio can also be connected to more than 800 platforms so that you can stop manually pulling data.

Pricing: The platform is completely free. Some templates may require payment but these are usually created by users other than Google.

7. Airtable

Airtable is a great alternative to traditional planning and organization tools. Airtable allows you to create a fully connected and customizable collaboration platform that lets you share files, data, and other information.

It integrates with many different tools and is easy to set up, so don’t be overwhelmed by all the features.

Pricing: Unlimited for up to 5 users. Paid plans start at $10 per person

8. Leadpages

Growth marketing is about testing new strategies. Leadpages makes it so easy to test designs, landing pages, popups, and other methods.

Another platform that doesn’t require any code, so you don’t have to collaborate with a programmer to test your new strategy. You can create a variety of assets using templates, conversion tools, and integrations. File hosting is also available.

Pricing: Standard plans start from $37 per Month

9. Optimizely

You will need to test to find out what works and what does not.

Optimizely makes it easy to do A/B testing or personalization. Optimizely allows you to create and customize content to improve workflows and manage features. You can also manage email campaigns and management recommendations.

Optimizely’s only problem is its sheer power, which can make it overwhelming. Google Optimize is a great option if you are looking for an easy-to-use testing tool.

Pricing: Get a quote, or take a look at their limited-time free plan.

10 Google’s Optimize

Are you getting more traffic from your new heading? Is your audience more likely to convert if there is a popup at either the top or bottom of the page? A tool that facilitates testing is essential if you want to understand the impact of your changes on traffic and conversions.

Optimize is Google’s free test tool, which uses Google Analytics data to show you your testing results in real time. You can also target your audience to deliver personalized experiences right at the right moment.

Pricing: Free

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11. Ahrefs

A powerful tool is needed to optimize and track your SEO if it is a priority in your growth marketing strategy.

Ahrefs is one the best SEO tools available, offering:

  • Site audit tool to optimize your site
  • Competitive analysis to determine what your competitors are doing
  • Keyword research is used to identify and target key terms.
  • Content exploration (see what competitors are publishing).
  • Use the rank tracker to determine where your site ranks in terms of core keywords
  • This tool is heavy on data and provides tons of reports about content, keywords, ranking, and more. Although it’s not the easiest to use, you will find better data elsewhere.

Pricing: Plans start at $99 per Month

12. Semrush

Semrush is an advanced tool for SEO that can help increase website traffic and improve site health. You can access a variety of tools, including analytics and reporting as well as a backlink checker, backlink audit, competitor analysis, and marketing research.

Semrush’s top features include:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content marketing strategy development
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • Management/insights for social media posts
  • Tracking rank

Pricing: Paid Plans Start at $99 Per Month, Paid Annually

13 Sendinblue

There are many email platforms available, so which Sendinblue is more effective for marketing growth? Because it provides more than email delivery.

Email features include an intuitive editor, intelligent sending rules, and content personalization. You can also create drip campaigns.

They offer more than just email marketing.

  • SMS marketing
  • Automation features
  • Chat marketing
  • To keep customer emails organized, use a shared inbox
  • CRM
  • Landing page creation
  • Register for forms
  • Facebook ads
  • This platform is ideal for growth marketers as it allows you to do so many things in one place.

Pricing: Free up to 300 emails per day; Paid plans starting at $25/month

14. Active Campaign

Scaling your growth marketing strategy? It was once primarily an email tool. today Active combines email marketing with marketing automation and CRM into one simple-to-use platform.

These are some of the most popular features:

  • Sales automation
  • Automated lead nurturing
  • Email marketing and appointment scheduling
  • Segmented outreach
  • Score Lead
  • Forms for lead capture
  • Active Campaign integrates with over 800 apps so that you can pull in all of your activity and data into one platform.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $29 per Month for up to 1000 contacts

15. Customer.io

Customer.io allows you to send automated messages via SMS, email, and webhooks. These are not your typical automated messages.

You can customize and segment each message based on user behavior. Additionally, you can create entire message workflows.

Complex logic algorithms allow you to delay messages based on user behavior. If your welcome sequence is sent out approximately every two days, it could be delayed if the customer says they will convert.

Pricing:$150/month for up to 12,000 profiles

Last Line

Growth marketing is about staying focused on growth. Your company’s goals and industry will determine what growth looks like. Begin by defining one goal for your entire company. Do you want to increase signups, drive demos or increase sales in a particular market?

You can then track, optimize, or improve your growth marketing strategies using the tools listed above. Start with the most basic or less expensive versions of Optimize, Leadfeeder, and Google Data Studio. Then, upgrade as your strategies gain momentum.

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