25 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

25 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

According to Statcounter’s study, Chrome is the most popular browser. There are many tools, plugins, and extensions that can help digital marketers make their job easier. What are extensions? A software program that is installed on the Google Chrome Toolbar to customize our browsing experience is known as an extension These extensions are usually located on the right-hand side of the toolbar. They allow users to enhance their work experience. These extensions are simple to use and can reduce the amount of work we do.


This blog will cover the 25 best google chrome extensions for digital marketing and SEO to make your job easier, more efficient, and save you time. Let’s first discuss how to add chrome extensions to your browser.

Step 1: Visit the Chrome Webstore
Step 2: Choose the Extension you wish to add
Step 3: Click Add to Chrome

Done! Now you can use the chrome extension.

Top 25 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Google SERP Counter

Google SERP Counter, as the name implies, helps us to count the rank of a website/blog on the Search Engine Results Page. It places a number next to the result, indicating its position in the SERP. This reduces the amount of time needed to calculate the position on SERP. This extension allows for quick identification of the SERP position. This extension is used by more than 20,000 people and clearly shows the SERP.

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Lightshot (Screenshot Tool)

There are many occasions when you might want to highlight an area of a screenshot, or simply take a quick snapshot. This is where the light shot tool comes in handy. It allows us to select the location where we want to take a photo. These are some of the key features of the light shot tool.

  • You can select any section of the page
  • Look for similar images
  • Copy the screenshot and paste it onto the clipboard
  • Take a screenshot and save it or upload it to Google Drive
  • Adjust the size of the screenshot to meet your needs

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

As a digital marketer, If you’ve used Ahrefs to do keyword research, site exploration, or any other process, you know Ahrefs can be very useful. This chrome extension from Ahrefs SEO Toolbar will give you a quick overview of the SEO status of any page that you visit. It will also help you identify broken links and highlight the no-follow or outgoing links on pages. You can also check search results for any country using the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar.


All-in-one website inspector that provides instant metrics on any page. Mozbar, a chrome extension, allows you to create custom searches, compare link metrics across pages and check the page authority and domain authority of pages. You can also export these results. It is crucial to have these extensions available for quick analysis and decision-making as a digital marketer/SEO expert.

Page Analytics (by Google)

Page analytics is an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to track how customers interact with our website. The following metrics can be seen when we look at a page with google analytics access:

  • Average time spent on the site
  • Pageviews
  • Rate of bounce
  • Exit percentage
  • Active users


This chrome extension allows digital marketers to see the social shares for any page they are viewing. BuzzSumo gives us information from many social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. With just one click, we can see who shared a page on Twitter. This allows you to quickly analyze top-performing content and determine engagement. BuzzSumo allows you to see the most shared pages.


We can now perform competitor analysis with a new chrome extension. Serpstat gives us crucial domain page information without leaving the page. The following information is useful for any digital marketing professional and SEO professional:

  • Traffic,
  • Keywords that are based on countries
  • Top Competitors
  • Top Keywords for which the domain ranks
  • Visibility,
  • Domain Analysis
  • Parameters for on-page SEO, plus more.

Google PageSpeed insights API Extension

Google PageSpeed Insights Chrome Extension allows us to see real-time Google PageSpeed Scores for desktop and mobile. It is important to look at page speed as poor speeds can cause users to leave the site or application. This plugin allows us to see how websites perform for different channels and provides a link to the requested site. This plugin displays data like the time it took to paint the first meaningful image, interaction time, total blocking time, etc.

Similar Web

Chrome extension Similar Web lets us look at information like the country rank, global website rank, visitors, bounce rate, engagement, and more. This saves time and allows us to view the information using tools instead of manually checking it. We can access detailed information with just one click.

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This chrome extension allows us to optimize and shorten links. It’s one of the most powerful link-checking tools and allows us to quickly shorten links. It can be integrated with Bitly to provide a variety of tools and optimization options. We can shorten links to make them more valuable and powerful. Recognizable hyperlinks will increase traffic to your content. Bitly is the best tool to do this.

These links can be easily copied to the clipboard and then used in comments, posts or messages.


Grammarly is one of the most widely used Chrome extensions, is an easy and quick way to correct over 250 possible errors. Grammarly helps you check spelling, active/passive voice, and readability. It serves as an additional set of eyes and ensures that there are no grammatical mistakes in any content piece, whether it is a blog post or email. Writing creative copy or sending a critical client email? Grammarly will ensure you do not make mistakes. Grammarly is essential for content marketers and content creators.

Grammarly is a great tool for anyone who uses Gmail, Twitter, or Google Docs to write. Grammarly offers suggestions that help improve tone and grammar.

Office Editing: Docs, Sheets, and Slides

This chrome extension allows us to view and edit PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word files. We don’t need to install Microsoft Office. Drag the office files to chrome -> open Gmail-> google drive. You can open the files in docs or sheets for editing and viewing.


Buffer is a tool that helps you manage and schedule social media accounts. With just one click, we can easily schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. It has many features that allow us to check analytics, work with others, and make social media more efficient. It is easy to integrate into social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This allows us to post the blog directly to our channels or add it as a queue for a future time.

Buffer allows you to collaborate with other Buffer users to plan social media campaigns, track metrics, and more.


Hashtags are extremely useful in social media ranking and engagement. Hashtest can help you find the best hashtags. It uses real-time color-based quality scores to help us identify the most popular hashtags. This will allow us to increase our social media reach and reach the right audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This checks the quality of your hashtags, and makes sure that the hashtags are appropriate to reach the right audience.


Want to know more about SEO metrics? Use SEOQuake to find out the most important metrics and other useful information such as SEO Audit. This tool can be used to analyze major metrics, calculate keyword difficulty, set parameters for a query, run an audit on SEO, check various Facebook statistics, and get reports about internal and external links.

Headline Studio by CoSchedule

This chrome extension was specifically designed for digital marketers to optimize headlines. The headline is the first piece that an audience sees. This is an important part of increasing traffic. It analyzes headlines and suggests keywords that could improve SEO. The Headline Studio helps improve your header writing skills by analyzing headline performance compared to other competitors. It helps to create compelling headlines that are unique and high-quality.

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Keywords Everywhere

Keywords are an important aspect of SEO, as we all know. Without keywords, it would be difficult to rank content. This chrome extension can help you speed up your on-page search engine optimization process. It provides search volume analysis, CPC and trend information, as well as information about the competition.


Boomerang is an excellent tool for productivity. It uses Artificial Intelligence to help you write better emails. Boomerang helps you schedule messages and tracks messages so that you get back to them. Chrome extension allows us to keep our inbox clean and set reminders for when we forget to respond to messages. It’s great for scheduling emails and communicating with people in other time zones, tracking email engagement, as well as managing your email.


Linkclump allows you to bookmark multiple links simultaneously. Drag a selection box to select the links that you want to open in a new tab or window. Save them as bookmarks or copy them to your clipboard.


This chrome extension lets us find the color readings from any browser part and then allows us to adjust and copy it into another program. Although it was originally developed for Firefox, it quickly gained popularity and has been downloaded over five million times. It provides features like an eyedropper and webpage color analyzer as well as a CSS gradient generator.


Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is an SEO and keyword tool. This chrome extension is free and shows us the monthly search volume for keywords, their CPC, and competition data. It is compatible with Google, Amazon, and YouTube.

Meta SEO Inspector

The Meta SEO Inspector tool allows you to inspect web pages for data that might not be easily visible when browsing the internet. It provides information about no-follow hyperlinks, HTML meta tags, structure, and other web essentials. This tool is intended for web developers, but it can also be useful for SEO and content marketers.

Hunter – Email Finder Extension

Hunter makes it easy to find email addresses anywhere you are on the internet with its help. When you visit a website, you can instantly find out who to reach. All information is open-source and can be marked as verified or confidential.


This chrome extension allows you to instantly locate any website similar to your current one. Within seconds, you can receive a list of recommended websites. This allows us to shop smarter and consume similar content. It also helps us plan our next vacations and do business and research.

SEO Pro Extension

Another great tool to simplify SEO tasks and analyze various metrics is this. This tool can be used to check the title, length, URL, metadata, meta description, length, structured data, and HTTP status. It also allows us to view images without or with ALT tags.

Conclusion — Top chrome extensions for digital marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most popular jobs in today’s digital age. You can learn digital Marketing online if you’re new to this field. There are many chrome extensions online that can make your job as a digital marketer and SEO professional easier. Are there any extensions you know of that we don’t mention in this blog? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll help you learn more!

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