5 Best Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Do you want to skip straight to the solution? Honeywell or SALTO are the best access control systems.

It is essential to protect sensitive data on-site and the staff. Companies with multiple offices have a difficult time protecting sensitive data and staff, especially if they travel between locations.

Access control systems protect businesses by deciding how and who can enter their facilities. Businesses can eliminate access problems by leveraging technology.

Top 5 Best Access Control Systems

1. Honeywell

If you have a large team, there’s a greater chance that sensitive data will go missing or fall into the wrong hands. Honeywell’s access control system is a great solution.

There are many excellent pieces of software available, but the WIN PAK integrated security program is worth mentioning. This system offers video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control through a single, unified interface. This intuitive browser-based user interface allows users to perform access controls wherever they are.

WIN-PAK is scalable, so it can accommodate large teams. It can scale from a single location to a multiregional operation. No matter how big your team is, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. This makes it a great enterprise solution, but also a practical one for all other teams.

I appreciate the integration of third-party solutions like BioConnect Suprema or Morpho Biometric, two notable biometric multifactor authentication options.

Honeywell also offers support for their products, including an online portal, knowledge base, and phone support.

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SALTO will not let you down if you are looking for wireless access control.

SALTO offers companies simple access control systems that do not require external power or wiring. This is a wireless access control system that doesn’t require any other equipment. It’s also one of the easiest solutions to use on our list.

SALTO gives you access to wireless locks and readers as well as battery-operated systems for access control. The system can be integrated with electronic locks and card readers, and the access level is configured on a granular basis through a local web server. You can choose the level of security that you want and control it easily from a distance.

The system is unique in that it allows access through mobile apps. Not all access control systems do this, and the keycards or key fobs are no longer needed. It is much less likely that people will lose, forget, or misplace their phones. and it is a forward-looking system.

3. Envoy

Envoy provides a variety of access control systems that will help keep your employees secure and safe.

It’s more important than ever to keep your team fit and healthy. Envoy Protect is an access control solution that is as timely as it has ever been, and provides an immediate answer to the pandemic by preventing infections at work.

Envoy Protect is a health-focused company. You can perform custom health checks to confirm the employees’ health before they arrive at work. You can set capacity limits to safely determine the number of people that should be present on-site at any given time.

You can set criteria to determine who’s allowed to be on-site based on the answers to questionnaires. This integrates directly into the access control system. You can effectively ensure that only healthy employees come to the office or work site. Those who are sick can stay at home and join the team via remote access.

This is without the touchless option, the complete employee log that allows you to plan your week and the work contract tracking. You can use workplace contract tracing to find out who was exposed to a sick employee by simply looking at sign-in information.

The first tier is free, and although it has limited features, this will be an excellent starting point for small offices. The higher levels offer a variety of advanced features including visitor photos and capacity limits.


It can be confusing to use access control systems. however, ISONAS wants to change that with its IP Access Control System which works on existing networks. Installation should be as easy as possible.

When using the system, you can choose between cloud-based or local access. ISONAS eliminates the need for complicated installations by converting your existing set-up into IP systems that are compatible with its software.

This system is much simpler than it appears.

There are readers that can be used for ID cards, badges, fobs, or PIN-based access. Whatever you need, we have a solution for you. The software allows users to access the readers via their mobiles, or even simple proximity scanners. It then integrates the system.

It’s an excellent choice for single users due to its flexibility and ease of use. ISONAS is available in a one-to-five-door installation.

There are two options for software: Pure Access Cloud or Pure Access Manager. The first is hosted in the cloud with controllers configured, while the second is an on-premises solution that allows access control to be managed from any device within the network. Pure Access Manager is a good option, but it allows you to access the system from anywhere.

5. Bosch Access Control

Access control system from Bosch is the perfect solution for companies that need a system to scale with their business.

Bosch has a system that you can rely on, regardless of how small or large your project is.

The Access Management System (AMS), which is the default, can be upgraded to the BIS Access Engine(BIS-ACE) if needed. It’s a small business that will need airport-grade security in the future. Bosch can provide that level of scalability but the hardware remains the same.

Bosch’s access control system is scalable in a way that surpasses the claims of most other systems. It’s not complicated: The software evolves along with your business.

This scalability is backed by a number of great features including configurable threat levels (15), instant updates at doors, and visitor management. Bosch’s system is also compatible with other video surveillance systems, such as BVMS or Milestone XProtect.

How to Find the Best Access Control Systems

Even the most complex access control systems can be difficult to choose. Most software packages offer the same core functionality of an access control system, which is to protect and control employee access.

The technology that is behind these systems can vary significantly. Some systems, for instance, can be installed and operated wirelessly while others require a complex and complete installation.

We’ve listed the top areas you should consider before choosing the best system for you.


Regardless of how simple the system appears, professional installation is required.

You must ask the supplier how long the installation will take and what the scope of the project is. Ask your supplier about the installer, the method of installation, the scope of work, and a reliable estimate of the cost.

Installation is a major factor for all buyers, and I believe it’s the most important thing to consider when purchasing an access control system. Plan ahead before you buy. These are complex systems.

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It’s important to understand the technology that powers an access control system because it is all about security.

You’ll want the most advanced technology. These systems will replace the physical locks and provide a higher level of security. Door readers and tamper alerts are examples of systems that make it harder to break in.

Think about the level of security that you want to provide your employees and then proceed accordingly.

Access Cards

Access cards are also an important consideration. Look for a provider that offers the printer and consumables required to create the cards.

Some advanced access systems use features like holograms or encrypted signals. Prioritize these if you want the next level of security. However, be aware of the cost of such technology.


It is important to consider how they will scale in the future. Access control systems are not any different. It can be frustrating to have to change software frequently.

Ask your supplier how many employees are served by the system and the number of door openings it covers.

Access control systems can be scaled up or down depending on your needs. Scalability and its relationship to your business are important factors.

Reporting Access

It’s worth considering how to access the reporting interface of your access control system, even though it isn’t the most important aspect.

Is access, for example, granted locally or through the cloud? Cloud access lets you start the system from anywhere on any browser. It’s better if this is available right from the beginning.

You can use reporting interfaces to track employee attendance and see where they are in a building. Make sure you know how easy it will be to access these before you make a purchase.

Last Line

The best access control system available today is Honeywell SALTO ISONAS and Bosch. Access control systems have become essential in the modern world. They protect sensitive data and ensure that employees are safe at work.

When evaluating your options, consider the following: the system’s installation, its technology, its reporting capabilities, and its scalability.

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