6 Best Mobile POS Systems for Small Business

Mobile POS Systems

Mobile POS systems can be used as a counter system or traveling POS system at events. They also offer a variety of back-end solutions that will allow you to increase mobility for brick-and-mortar restaurants and retail stores. Mobile point-of-sale systems can also be used to automate line-busting, floor selling, and tableside payments. To help you make the right decision for your company, we’ve analyzed the top mobile POS systems.

What is a Mobile POS?

A mobile point-of-sale system is equipped with software that turns any smartphone, tablet, or other device into an automatic payment register that stores customer payment data.

How Much is the Cost of a Mobile POS?

Mobile POS systems can be purchased starting at $0 per month and paid plans available starting at $10-50/mo.

6 Best Mobile POS System for Small Businesses

A mobile POS system that empowers and helps you grow your business can be a great investment. These are the best portable POS systems of this year.

1. Category: Best Mobile POS systems for Business

Square is a great choice for retailers because it has a range of features that are equally useful for cafes and quick-service restaurants. Square is a popular choice for quick-service restaurants and cafes, but it’s also a common option for retailers and mobile service providers due to its versatility. You can also sell online with the integration of shopping carts and an online store.

You only need a smartphone (Android, iPhone, or tablet) and a Square credit-card reader to begin processing Square transactions. Square offers a free magstripe reader but I recommend Square’s EMV/NFC reader at $49 which is a reasonable price for the ability to take contactless and chip cards. You might want something more robust than the mobile credit card processing app reader and the $299 Square terminal. Or the $799 Square register.

Square Terminal is the better option if you are trying to decide between them. It has a mobile reader that you can carry around. Square Register, on the other hand, has more features including a customer-facing display but must be plugged in.

Square Mobile POS Pricing

Square charges no monthly fees, and a flat rate of 2.6% + $0.10 for each transaction. Square processing is an excellent deal for businesses with low volumes and low risk. Businesses with higher volumes or higher risk will benefit from a different wireless terminal that they can connect to their merchant account. Square may be able to offer a processing discount if your annual revenue exceeds $250K.


  • Mobile POS App for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Processing is simple and flat-rate
  • There are many mobile options
  • Robust feature list


  • High-risk businesses are not eligible ( check out the to determine if your business is low- or high-risk
  • High-volume businesses are more expensive

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2. Clover: Best Mobile POS Software for Counter-Service

Clover offers a variety of mobile Android-based and purposely-built POS hardware options, including Clover Mini and Clover Flex. Clover Mini is the best iPad mini-sized Clover POS system apart from the hardwired Clover station. Clover’s plug-and-play POS system is a favorite of small and quick-serve retail shops. It can support full-size restaurants as well as service-based businesses like salons and eCommerce.It is easy to line-bust with the $749 Clover Mini’s mobility. With a data plan, you can sell directly on the floor or outside of the boundaries of your brick-and-mortar store. It can also be used in conjunction with other Clover hardware.

Clover Go is the smiler to Square which syncs with your phone’s mobile device and is the closest to Square. Clover Flex, on the other hand, is similar to Poynt. If you don’t have Clover Station or Mini, these mobile POS systems are not suitable for standalone mPOS. The Mini has a built-in receipt printer and barcode scanner. It can also be used with a cash drawer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or LTE.

Clover plans can only be purchased with a first data (now Fiserv), merchant account. They cannot be reprogrammed to work with another payment processor. The Clover pricing as well as the quality of merchant services will depend on which Clover provider is chosen. Make sure you either purchase Clover directly or from a recommended Clover vendor.

Clover Mobile POS Pricing

Clover offers plans starting at $0/month. If you only want to use the device to make payments (“Clover Payments”), you can pay 2.6% + $0.10. You can upgrade to Clover Essentials for $9.95/month if you need basic POS features like inventory management. The fully-featured Register plan costs $39.95/month and includes advanced inventory management and 2.3% + $0.10 per-person processing. Clover offers dedicated plans for counter-service or full-service restaurants.


  • Mobile hardware that can be mixed and matched (Clover Mini Clover Flex Clover Go Clover Flex)
  • Clover App Store allows you to add features
  • There are many Clover suppliers to choose from


  • Without a merchant service contract, you can’t buy POS hardware

3. Lightspeed Retail: Best iPad App for Advanced Retail Needs

Lightspeed Retail’s iPad App offers many features. These features include integrated eCommerce, advanced reports, store credit, and inventory management. You can also buy bulk items and resell them individually. Purchase orders, employee management, CRM, reporting, and multistore capability are some of the paid add-ons.

Lightspeed can be installed on iPads so employees can accept payments directly from customers, show product images, and reduce waiting times. Lightspeed, which costs $69 per month (billed annually with Lightspeed Payments) and offers the most basic features, is the most popular retail POS application on our list, but it’s also the most expensive. You can also use it with a desktop computer using a browser.

Lightspeed Mobile POS Pricing

Lightspeed Retail uses Lightspeed Payments’ in-house processing service. It charges 2.6% + $0.10 all in-person payments, and 2.6%+ $0.30 for card-not-present transactions. This rate is comparable to Square’s, and may not be a good deal for larger retail stores that process more than $250K. Lightspeed can also be integrated with other payment processors such as WorldPay and Cayan. However, you will be charged an additional $30 per month if you use any other processor than Lightspeed Payments.


  • A sophisticated retail POS
  • Works on iPad and desktop
  • Strong eCommerce features
  • Excellent reporting


  • With advanced features, monthly software costs can be high.
  • A fee is charged to use a non-Lightspeed payment processor

4. Toast: Best Mobile POS Apps for Restaurants

Toast is an Android-based mobile POS app that’s specifically designed for bars and restaurants. Toast’s restaurant POS software features cloud-based reporting, menu management, as well as a kitchen display system. Toast offers much COVID-friendly payment and ordering features. These include online ordering, contactless delivery, and eGift card support. Customers can also pay with QR codes. Toast’s digital ordering system can be purchased without the need to purchase hardware or POS software.

Toast is mobile and offers a custom-built point of sale device called “Toast Go”, which servers can use to receive orders and make payments from the floor. Toast uses commercial-grade Elo I-Series touch screen technology with various forms for kiosks, terminals, and guest-facing displays. The kitchen display system is also a favorite of restauranteurs. It eliminates the need to print tickets and speeds up and simplifies operations.

Toast offers a no-cost Starter plan which includes core POS functionality as well as payment processing. The $165/month essentials package adds digital ordering and marketing tools. Or the $272/month growth plan includes gift cards, loyalty, marketing, and more. Toast POS hardware is expensive, but Toast offers financing options for Starter Kits with no upfront cost. You can also opt for the Toast Now package at $75 per month, which allows your restaurant to use Toast’s digital ordering capabilities without having to purchase the POS.

Toast Mobile POS Pricing

Toast offers flat-rate payment processing ( 2.49% + 0.15); however, the POS cannot be used without external payment processors. Toast requires you to sign a multiyear processing agreement that includes an early termination fee (ETF).


  • Android POS hardware for restaurants
  • Contactless ordering and payment
  • Handheld ordering/point-of-sale devices


  • ETF requires a multi-year merchant agreement

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5. Shopify: Best for Contemporary Mobile Sellers

Shopify began as an eCommerce software provider. However, it has evolved to be an all-in-one provider through its integrated payment service and robust POS. The best thing about ShopifyPOS? It’s easy to scale up and down as your business grows. Shopify Lite is another option If you have an existing brick-and-mortar business and would like to try eCommerce or,If you are using the countertop Shopify POS solution (on iPad and Android) but also need a portable POS system for on-the-go use,

Shopify’s Starter Plan is the cheapest service plan. It costs $5 per month and gives you access to the POS system, invoicing, and limited online selling tools. You can embed buy buttons on your blog or website to sell (supports WordPress and Squarespace, Wix and Weebly as well as Tumblr and other platforms).

Shopify is a great option for those who sell primarily online but are still trying to make in-person sales, such as at events. It’s also more powerful than free software. Shopify Lite is another option. It can be used to create a mobile POS system for your brick-and-mortar business.

Shopify Mobile POS Pricing

Shopify Lite charges a flat 2.7% for processing fees. You can save money by upgrading to a bigger package that has more features later.


  • You can use your smartphone’s POS device to make payments
  • This is a great option for farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and pop-up shops.
  • Includes buy buttons for selling on your website or blog


  • This is not a standalone POS that can be used by full-time businesses.

6. Vend by Lightspeed: Best for Basic Retail Needs

Vend by Lightspeed is a web-based, easy-to-use retail POS system for iPad. The POS can be accessed via a web browser from a computer on a PC. Vend offers many useful features such as inventory management, loyalty, employee management, and customer management. It also features an intuitive iPad register, which makes it simple to create quick keys, place items on layaway and accept gift cards. You can even connect a sale to a customer loyalty account. Vend offers a mobile barcode scanner application that turns your Android or iPhone into a barcode scanner.

Vend doesn’t offer built-in eCommerce. However, the POS can work with third-party eComm provider (such as Shopify or WooCommerce). Vend is not the best choice for me if I wanted to sell a lot online. Vend doesn’t handle payment processing internally, but partners with several payment processing providers including Paypal and Square.

Vend Mobile POS Pricing

Vend’s pricing starts at $99/month. This is not cheap but it includes all features including loyalty. The $129/month Pro plan includes almost all advanced features, including gift cards, advanced reports, promotions, QB integration, and many more. This is very reasonable. A limited free plan is also available from Vend. Although the free plan only contains 10 active products it may be worth it if your casual business sells just a few items.


  • Limited Free Plan
  • Built-in loyalty
  • You can choose from several integrated payment processors
  • Works with iPad, Mac, PC, or web browser


  • No eCommerce in-house
  • There is no in-house payment processing

Last Line — Best Mobile POS Systems

For businesses that don’t want sales to stop at cash registers and need flexibility in the way it takes payments, a mobile POS system can be a great option. Even if sales are done entirely or primarily at the counter, a wireless system can be very beneficial. The software has become increasingly subscription- and app-based. This applies to POS software, too.

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