8 Best AWS Projects Ideas for Beginners

8 Best AWS Projects Ideas for Beginners

Are you looking for AWS project ideas? You’re in the right place, as we have shared several AWS projects in this article. You can pick from a variety of sectors and skill levels so that you can select according to your interests and expertise. Your portfolio will be more valuable if you have more projects. AWS developers who are skilled and able to develop innovative AWS projects are in high demand by companies. If you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to work on top AWS projects.

Theory alone will not be applicable in real-world work environments. This article will explore some AWS projects that beginners can use to test their knowledge. This article will provide you with top AWS projects that beginners can use to gain hands-on Java experience.

AWS developers must have real-world experience working with AWS projects. This is a primary criterion for employers to hire employees. When you begin working on AWS projects you will be able not only to evaluate your strengths but also to identify potential weaknesses. But you’ll also get exposure that could be incredibly helpful in your career.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service. It is one of the most widely used cloud platforms. AWS offers cloud services to developers and organizations and helps them remain agile. Many organizations use AWS, from multi-million-dollar startups to government agencies. AWS is a great resource for cloud computing professionals. AWS offers a wide range of services for its clients.

AWS is a great way to enhance your resume, regardless of whether you are a web developer or a BI expert. AWS is the most popular cloud platform in the world and there is a constant demand for its specialists.

Why you should work on AWS Projects

Projects are a great way to show off your skills or knowledge. You can show the other person that you are familiar with the technology by creating projects. You can also discover your weaknesses when you are working on projects. AWS projects can help you strengthen your portfolio or resume.

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Let’s begin to look for AWS Projects to Build Your Own AWS Projects!

Here are some AWS Projects that beginners can use:

Top-AWS Projects

This AWS project list for students is suitable for both beginners and experts. These AWS projects will help you get started with all the practicalities that you need to be successful in your career.

This list will also help you find AWS projects for final year. Without further delay, here’s the deal.

Let’s get straight to the AWS projects that will help you build your base and climb up the ladder.

These are some AWS project suggestions that will help you move in the right direction.

1. Install a Windows Virtual Machine

A great way to get started with You can learn AWS skills for students working on deploying windows virtual machines. Virtual machines can be described as computer systems emulations. A virtual machine can be described as a product that abstracts resources from a physical device. These are isolated environments within a system, which means that they can operate independently from other virtual machines within the same network.

There are many applications for virtual machines. They can be used to increase the efficiency of an operation. AWS allows you to deploy Windows virtual machines and show you how they work. It is a skill that will make you a competent engineer.

Amazon Lightsail makes it easy to deploy a Windows VM on AWS. Amazon Lightsail, a cloud platform that allows you to create a website or an application, provides all the resources. The UI is simple to use, and you will be familiar with it after completing the project.

Once you have created your VM, Lightsail can be used to connect to an RDP client.

2. Create a Website on AWS

A website is a great way to get started with AWS projects for students. This is one of the easiest AWS projects on the list. You will need to create a website using AWS’ cloud platform. To simplify the process, you can use Amazon Lightsail. Lightsail is SSD-based storage and easy to use. This solution is easy to use for beginners.

Because it is preconfigured with popular web development tools such as Joomla or WordPress, we recommend Amazon Lightsail for this project.

Because WordPress is the most widely used CMS, we recommend that you create a WordPress website. Start by creating a blog. If you are familiar with website design, you may be able to create an eCommerce or portfolio site.

3. Create a serverless web app

This might not be the most advanced AWS project on this list, but once you have completed it you will be familiar with many concepts and AWS’s services. These are the technologies that we will use for this project, along with their purpose.

AWS Enhance – Front-end for the web app and hosting HTML, CSS, and JS
Amazon Cognito – To manage and authenticate backend API users
Amazon API Gateway & AWS Lambda – For building and using backed APIs
Amazon DynamoDB – To add a persistence layer to the storage

You will need to be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to complete the project. This project will require you to use RESTful APIs. You should also be familiar with their implementations. Once you are done, you will be able to understand how different Amazon services interact. It is best to start with a basic web app and then move on to a more complicated one. You can start by creating a BMI calculator and a reminder app. Your resume will look more interesting if you mention the AWS project.

4. Set up Kubernetes Clusters on Amazon EC2 Spot

This is an interesting AWS project to start. Kubernetes can be used to automate the deployment, management, and scaling of containers. This software allows you to manage and orchestrate cloud containers. Because Kubernetes, a crucial skill for cloud-computing professionals, is one of the most important AWS projects on this list, it’s also among the top 10. Kubernetes is widely used in the industry because it is open-source. This project is a great AWS project for beginners.

Amazon EC2 is a service that allows you to access dynamic computing capabilities in the cloud while you work on AWS. We’ll go one step further by using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. These allow users to take advantage of all the EC2 capabilities. Kubernetes and EC2 Spot Instances share the same approach to containers so they can both be used. Spot Instances best practices should be followed when working on this project. To ensure worker nodes work correctly, you can create multiple node groups.

5. Create a Content Recommendation Systems

Recommendation systems are one of the most common AI and ML implementations. Every major company uses them, from Netflix to Flipkart to improve user experience and engagement. By using nearest neighbor algorithms, you can create a recommendation system in the AWS cloud.

This project will use Amazon SageMaker. It is an excellent tool for machine-learning implementations. SageMaker has algorithms that do not require label data and use semantic search instead string matching. This will make the job much easier. Use K–Nearest Neighbors algorithm to create a recommendation system that provides practical and accurate suggestions.

6. Use Rekognition and Identify Famous People

Computer vision is one of the most important concepts in machine learning and AI. This guide will help you get started with a computer vision project. Before you start working on this project, it is important to be familiar with computer vision basics and related algorithms.

This project requires you to develop a face recognition model that can identify individuals in a photograph. Training face recognition is usually a time-consuming task. However, AWS makes it easier. This is one of the most popular AWS projects. Amazon Rekognition will be used in this project for face recognition. It allows users to quickly add and analyze images using deep learning. This software allows you to identify many objects, people, and text in photos and videos. This is one of the most popular AWS projects. Rekognition makes it easy to build and train facial recognition models.

You can start by training your model to identify a famous person such as Robert Dowrey Jr. Once you have prepared your model, you can test its performance and make adjustments as needed. You can make it more difficult by training your model to recognize multiple people.

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7. Lex is a tool that allows you to create chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most common uses of artificial intelligence. Chatbots allow companies to improve customer service and lower costs. There are many chatbot types available, each with its own unique tasks. Chatbots are applications that can communicate with another person in place of a human.

Chatbots are used by businesses to answer questions quickly and resolve customer complaints. Chatbots are used by around 58% of B2B businesses and 42% for B2C ( source).

To build a chatbot for this project, you will need Amazon Lex. Amazon Lex simplifies the process of creating chatbots for developers. You can easily deploy the bot once you have created it. You only need to add a few phrases or samples to train your chatbot. This makes it easier to build a chatbot that speaks naturally.

You can also integrate Amazon Lex with other AWS Services (such as AWS Lambda).

8. SageMaker allows you to train a machine learning model

Machine learning professionals are in high demand. To get into this field, you will need to be able to work on ML projects. AWS has many machine learning solutions, including Amazon SageMaker, which is the most widely used. SageMaker can be used to train a machine-learning model in this project.

Amazon SageMaker offers a unique and integrated development environment for machine learning. You can create notebooks, switch between tasks, view the results, and much more with the IDE. SageMaker notebooks can be used to quickly and efficiently get compute instances. SageMaker also offers Autopilot, which makes it easier to get the compute instances.

You should have a good understanding of machine learning concepts and algorithms in order to work on this project. If you’re new to ML projects, we recommend that you start with a simple model. Start with a basic question-answering chatbot with only a few questions. You can then build a conversational chatbot that is more advanced.


These are some AWS projects for beginners you might consider trying out. You can now use the knowledge you have gathered through our data engineering project guide to creating your own AWS projects.AWS projects will allow you to understand the various services it offers and how they are used. This list of project ideas is hoped to be useful. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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