8 Interesting and Popular Ways ChatGPT Can Be Useful for You

8 Interesting and Popular Ways ChatGPT Can Be Useful for You

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT’s capabilities and how AI is changing the way we do business.

It can answer all of our questions, communicate with us, solve math problems, and even entertain us in many other ways. ChatGPT’s potential is limitless because it’s a complex algorithm that uses hundreds of GBs of data and not pre-configured answering programs.

You need to learn how to integrate AI chatbots into your daily life if you want to join the AI Chatbot hype train. Here are some lesser-known but very helpful ways ChatGPT can help make your life easier.

Create custom summaries of content

We scroll through lengthy posts, and we only glance at the headings to decide if it is worth reading. It is difficult to skim content when there is so much information on each topic. ChatGPT makes this easy by summarizing all the content exactly how you want.

It can sum up a 2000-word post in 50 words, listing all the key points. The best part is that it can sum up exactly how you want. It can summarize your topic in 200 words or 500 words, with bullet points explaining concepts.

Simply copy and paste your content into the ChatGPT box, and it will summarize it for you. These summaries can be customized in several ways.

  • Ask it to explain each heading using a specified number of bullet points.
  • You can change the tone of your summary. Ask it to change the tone of the summary.
  • It’s like me explaining it. This makes it easier to comprehend, especially complicated topics.
  • Ask questions specific to the summary generated. Ask for details on a particular part you are interested in.

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Get Better Translations

Many tools can translate and this is one of ChatGPT’s main selling points. ChatGPT is able to understand natural language and respond using it, so it’s not bound to word-to–word translation like other tools.

It can be asked to improve the translation if it makes sense. It will attempt to understand what you have written, and then it will translate it into the correct language.

To improve English translations, I prefer to use one of the community-made custom prompts. They enhance the translation and make it better without losing its original meaning. This prompt is available below:

Keep in mind that the translator will use complex words to make your translation sound professional. You can remove the “upper-level English” portion from the prompt if you do not want this.

Rate or Grade Write-Ups

ChatGPT is able to read and grade any type of write-up, and can also provide reasons for the grading. Teachers can use this to see what students have done and why they deserve grades. Students and writers can also get a sense of the quality of their work and where they need to improve.

ChatGPT will need to see a written description and request it to rate or grade it. ChatGPT uses 5 to rate, but you can tell it to use 10, as it will give you a better idea. ChatGPT can also grade your write-up based on the purpose.

It will assess the article and discuss its strengths. Then it will talk about any weaknesses and suggest ways to improve. It sometimes refused to rate me because it couldn’t give me an opinion. In such cases, I simply gave the reason I needed the rating. For example, “I need to see the quality of my work”.

Get DIY Ideas

ChatGPT is a great tool for those who love to make things instead of buying them. ChatGPT provides DIY instructions to help you make almost any item at home with the right instructions. It will provide detailed instructions and materials, as well as precautions.

I have found that asking the computer to make a DIY instruction doesn’t usually result in good results. It only gives vague instructions and offers limited options. It should be given clear instructions as to what you require.

Buy or Build a PC

Even though it is not often, you will likely need to buy or build a PC sometime in the digital age. ChatGPT is able to help you choose the right laptop or PC. ChatGPT’s knowledge was cut in 2021 so this will not work for purchasing the most recent devices.

It is important to specify your requirements, including your budget, specifications, and specific features. You could ask for “How to build a good desktop computer under $500” or “What are some of the best HP desktop computers under $500?”

ChatGPT will show you the model number of each component and PC along with their release price. Here are some tips to help you find the right PC with ChatGPT.

  • You can remove components from a computer you already own to reduce the cost.
  • To build your PC around it, you can tell it the name or video game you want to run.
  • It should be the minimum power that a component needs, like “16GB DDR4 RAM”.
  • Limit your search to a particular brand
  • Screen size is a priority for laptops.

Generate a Professional CV/Resume

A professional resume is a great way to land a job. ChatGPT can help you create one or provide a template. It will create a professional resume. Tell it everything about yourself. Include your education, work experience, and career interests.

ChatGPT will prepare a detailed resume that will be formatted correctly. Based on its knowledge of the field, it will fill in details about your experiences. ChatGPT won’t allow you to edit any information that isn’t relevant.

You may not be sure of the information you should provide. ChatGPT can answer any questions you may have about creating a resume. It will provide all information necessary to create the perfect resume. It can also be asked to create a professional resume template.

ChatGPT can help you with career advice, even though we’re talking about jobs. You can actually find a job prompt that allows you to explore career options based on your abilities.

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Debug Code

ChatGPT is able to assist with code writing and debugging. ChatGPT can help you if your code is giving errors. Simply copy/paste your code into ChatGPT and ask it for help.

ChatGPT will examine the code, create a list with all errors and then explain how to fix them. ChatGPT will not only review your code but also correct any errors in your code.

ChatGPT isn’t perfect, and it will not fix every problem you throw at it. It’s an excellent way to get a rough idea of the problem.

Extract Data From Text

ChatGPT can understand all data types and extract information on demand thanks to Natural Language Process (NLP). It can be given text to tell it what data you want. An example can be used to show you how to format data.

You can ask it to list any mentions of an individual or organization in a text. Even tones such as neutral, aggressive, positive, and negative can be extracted. This can be very useful for customer feedback data.

  • Extract dates and locations from event-based data.
  • You can list parts of speech such as nouns and verbs.
  • If there are many, identify the themes or topics in the text.
  • Take product name, price, specifications, and other information from the descriptions.
  • Identify and list the differences between different languages in the text.
  • You can group similar text together. You will need to specify the type of text that you wish to group.

Wrapping up

ChatGPT has many features that I’m sure you will find useful. DIY ideas are something I enjoy. I’ve never seen a bad idea. It is worth mentioning that you can ask additional questions after making a request. This makes the results even more valuable. ChatGPT can improve upon previous answers because it remembers conversations.

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