9 Best DocuSign Alternatives for Electronic Signature

DocuSign Alternatives

Technology enhancement has given us many tools to facilitate the smooth operation of different occupations. DocuSign, which converts manual documentation into digital files, DocuSign is one of these tools that can help accelerate the business platform. Here are many DocuSign Alternatives.

It is now very popular and widely used around the world. It uses e-signature technology to help companies automate the preparation, execution, and management of agreements.

It is part of DocuSign Agreement Cloud. It offers the global market electronic signing via any device. This allows companies to save time and effort that was used in the preparation of manual documents.

What is DocuSign?

This tool eliminates all paperwork and allows documents to be stored electronically. They can later be connected to other systems used by business houses.

It is simple to integrate the DocuSign tool. It can be integrated with many other applications and forms. This will save you time and effort. It ensures that your document is error-free. Its advanced features, validation field capabilities, and business logic automation can streamline the signer process to enter the data.

It enhances workflow, authentication, signature process, and reporting. DocuSign helps companies convert their documentation into digital files.

It’s an easy-to-use digital platform that allows for all transactions and allows to send Sign and manage all legally binding documents with total security. This tool is very user-friendly and can be used easily by users.

DocuSign streamlines your entire workflow and allows you to run your business securely. You also save time and money. This tool performs paperless transactions and helps businesses become digitally more secure.

DocuSign Features

There are many features to the tool. Below is a brief overview of some of them. These features can be used in both minor and major business units.

  • File Support: This tool supports any type of document file type in most applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. This ensures that all-important documents can be signed. This tool supports the following file formats:.docx.html,.pdfx.html,.pdfx.html,.pdfx.html,.xlsx.txt and many others.
  • PDF Conversion: DocuSign automatically identifies and converts PDF fields to signer fields after the PDF is uploaded. This saves time when preparing documents for signature.
  • Custom tags: This tool will guide your customers to place the sign and initials in the right places, within no time. It uses standard tags to collect signatures, initials, and titles as well as company names and other relevant information. They are further modified for specific purposes in order to prevent them from being used for future custom tags.
  • Cloud Storage Facility: This tool allows you to retrieve documents from cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote. Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SkyDrive. Egnyte. Citrix ShareFile.
  • Automatic tag placing: You can place the tags and fields at certain lines of text. When you drop the text into a document it will appear at the appropriate location. Auto Place places the tags with the text and makes any changes in the document.
  • Supplemental documentation: To gain acknowledgment from the signer, additional information such as legal disclosures and terms and conditions may be provided by the senders. This is done as an entirely separate and distinct part of the envelope. Signers can quickly view and accept the additional documents as required by the sender with this simplified experience of signing.

Why look for DocuSign alternatives?

An electronic signature platform is essential for businesses that require a lot of documents, such as proposals and contracts. It speeds up the process while keeping the business-specific terms in place. DocuSign and other e-Signature tools may be beneficial to all business units involved in executing contracts.

There are many DocuSign Alternatives. Some have a simpler interface than DocuSign. Others offer more powerful management tools. Adobe eSign Services and the Right Signature tools could be reasonable DocuSign alternatives tools.

You may still be interested in the information about the most well-known tools included in our tool listing.

Top 9 DocuSign Alternatives for e-signature

List Of DocuSign Alternatives

1. HelloSign

What is HelloSign? HelloSign has been known for its electronic signature solution and is considered an alternative to DocuSign. It is simple to use, and even beginners can easily navigate it. This tool is web-based and allows you to upload documents using the drag and drop interface.

This allows you to attach a signature to documents retrieved from different sources, such as Email, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. Before you can insert a signature into a document, you must first create or upload it. Next, select the recipient and click on the Send button.


  • HelloSign lets you set up settings such as “who can sign the document first” and “where they sign before assigning it to another person”.
  • The tool now includes excellent templates that can be used to save time and avoid creating a new file every time.
  • The models make it even easier.
  • It supports Mac, email, as well as phone.
  • It provides API and bank-level security.

Verdict: It’s an excellent alternative to DocuSign, with powerful features such as branding, team management status notifications, audit trails, and more than DocuSign.

Price: HelloSign costs $13 per user per month. API costs $99 per month for enterprise plans. Enterprise plans start from $24 per user per month. You can try the product for free.

2. Right Signature

The Right Signature software is the best choice if you want to quickly sign your document. This software makes it easy to use. Fill out the form. You can either sign it digitally, by typing, or by hand-writing (using a keyboard)

You can now upload a Word file or PDF file, or choose a document from the internet applications such as Google Docs for the sales team. Next, enter the name and email address of the signers. It will customize the data collection fields, and send emails to all parties. This tool can also sign on to your website. This tool can be used on an iPhone or iPad.


  • The Right Signature tool can increase efficiency and help save the environment.
  • This product also offers a professional approach to document execution. This product will reduce execution time by reducing it to minutes
  • It takes seconds to track the progress of your signer.
  • They encourage legacy security in your organization with SSL data encryption, court-admissible SHA-1 electronic fingerprint, and audit logs.

Verdict: It is faster, smarter, and more efficient than DocuSign. It is better than DocuSign because it offers additional features such as custom-branded signing pages, audit logs with detailed audit logs, signatures by hand, and many other factors.

Price: The Right Signature offers two pricing options, Standard and Advanced.

3. SignNow

It is also a popular option for electronic signature software. This software was created to speed up business processes. This includes signing the form and filling out the paper forms. This tool allows you to sign legal documents, and also requests that other people approve your application. It is designed to keep the company in compliance.

SignNow vs Docusign: This tool allows you to create documents for signers, fax, print, and fax. A static process allows you to affix your legal binding sign. This tool will save you time and money on workflow-related documents.


  • Software is designed to provide high-quality services. This is ultimately designed for optimal friendly interaction.
  • The tool allows users to choose from a variety of business templates. This system is used to speed up business signing.
  • It allows you to quickly and efficiently set up your document.
  • This tool can be used in business as a SAAS (cloud-hosted) You also have access to any platform at any time.
  • This suggests that the software can be used on all devices because of its flexibility.

Verdict: It focuses more on smart work and intelligence than on completing a difficult task. It is a superior alternative to DocuSign because of its high security and encryption features, as well as the ability to manage accounts and Android apps.

Pricing: SignNow pricing plans start at $8 per user per year You can also get a free trial.

4. DocHub

This tool is an online document annotator, and document signing platform. It also allows users to add elements such as text and drawing. This tool allows you to perform multi-signer workflows, bulk signing, lossless editing, and sharing, as well as team collection and team collection.


  • It supports all European languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
  • It supports nearly every file type, including DOC, PPT, and PDF.
  • This tool is easy to integrate with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Other features include mobile-friendly, team collaboration, and lossless editing.

Verdict: This tool is excellent because of its competitive pricing. It’s easier to create and send documents. DocHub allows for easy editing and multiple signatures can be saved on different devices. This makes DocHub a superior alternative to DocuSign.

Price: DocHub has both Pro and Free pricing plans.

5. EasySign

This digital signature solution is for standard businesses. It simplifies the process of signing documents for legal and workflow. This will make it easy and quick to affix your signature to legal documents.

It allows you to adhere to business standards. You can now sign documents from anywhere and at any time using any device that supports this software, including a desktop or laptop.


  • It makes signing documents easy and quick. It is useful for workflows such as budget planning, budget release, approvals, purchases, and many others. These are the best DocuSign alternatives.
  • It also permits strict regulations and high-security standards to be followed during the signing process.
  • It says that the user’s business is legally binding. The platform keeps the user’s documents safe and secure. Only authorized personnel can access it.

Verdict: EasySign is a better option than DocuSign because of its key factors such as offline-signing multiple file formats, custom fields, and custom email footers, third-party integration, and secure passcode, and authentication fingerprint.

Price: EasySign has three pricing options. Starter (98.13/year), EasySIGN (380/year), and EasySIGN premium (653.07/year).

6. PandaDoc

This tool is built on a web-based document management system. You can also share, create and distribute documents online. You can also submit your legally binding solution here. Pandadoc vs Docusign both are e-signature software.

It is used primarily for contracting, which allows for paperless transactions and processes. It supports many document formats such as PDF, Doc, and other digital documents. It’s ideal for sales collateral, agreements, and quotes. It is the Adobe Sign competitor for e-signature software.


  • It uses cloud technology to facilitate all document-related tasks.
  • The software includes a variety of templates that allow you to create invoices, plans, receipts, and proposals.
  • You can choose from a variety of libraries and personalize it by changing currency or language.
    Other features include document analytics, document builder, and document auto-numbering.
  • It can also be used to brand your company.

Verdict: It is powerful, integrates with other platforms, and has an easy-to-use document creator. This system is smarter and faster for processing. It increases productivity and efficiency. It’s a better option for DocuSign.

Price: PandaDoc provides a 14-day free trial.

7. SignRequest

It is a popular electronic signature platform. Customers can sign electronic documents with their legally binding digital signature.

This DocuSign alternative tool will save you time and money. This tool further speeds up your approvals and improves your profits. This system offers businesses a simple and inexpensive digital signature application. The application is secure and can be used for a variety of business needs.


  • It’s a simple and quick electronic signature solution. It is easy to integrate into any business workflow with ease.
  • The software application is easy to use for both end clients and users. SignRequest makes signing simple and easy. SignRequest is also very secure.
  • This software tool is time- and resource-saving for institutions.
  • It quickly completes the signing process within the time limit and approvals can then be granted immediately.

Verdict: It’s an excellent alternative to DocuSign. It has powerful features such as smart documentation preparation, send & sign, log and color, store and manage documents, log and color, and log. It solves sales problems, lowers costs, and ensures suitability.

Price: premium services start at 7$

8. Contract Book

It is ideal for contract management. This tool allows you to sign, create and store all legal documents on one platform. It helps increase transparency in business activities.

The software ensures compliance and helps to save valuable time. The software provides a platform that allows legal professionals to monitor and manage their client’s contracts digitally.


  • Either you can choose from one of the templates provided by this software, or you can create your own. For customized templates, you can also use the platform to scratch.
  • You can replace the traditional printing process with a digital signature to sign your documents.
  • Two-way authentication or National IDs, such as the Danish NemID, are good security measures.
  • You can securely store old and new documents in cloud storage. It’s easy to access and manage your legal documents, as well as archive them in a GDPR.
  • It offers contract templates for HR, corporate, rental, and sale.

Verdict: This tool is intelligent and very easy to use. This tool is an excellent alternative to DocuSign. Its pricing is more affordable than its competitors. The Contract Book tool is easy to use.

Pricing: The contract book offers a variety of plans for businesses. These include Collaborate (81 per month), Pilot, Basic ($54 per month), and Integrate (545 per month). These prices apply to a team of 0-5 people. The price for your team can be customized to suit your needs.

9. Signority

It can send documents for digital signature or eSignature. It also helps in sending reminders, getting updated information about documents’ status, and keeping you informed. All documents can be edited and shared securely in the cloud. It offers workflow automation, company branding, and real-time status alertness. it is the best DocuSign alternative for e-signature software.


  • It can be used for data capture or transfer.
  • It allows for signature-based differentiation as well as uploading of documents.
  • This tool allows you to track time and analyze important information in your business.
  • You can customize your document with branding and drop-and-drag functionality.
  • Secure document with encryption protocol using 256-bit SSL.
  • The system allows for automated follow-up messages, multi-recipient signing, and multi-recipient signature.

Verdict: It quickly and intelligently views and signs documents online. It’s a better choice for DocuSign. Its superior features, such as scheduling, edit, and designing documents, PCI DSS compliant, make it a stronger competitor to DocuSign.

Price: Signority provides plans for individuals and businesses. Below is a picture of the business plans. Individuals can get a free plan that allows them to upload 3 documents each month. There are three additional plans available for individuals: Mini ($8/month), Lite ($15/month), and Solo ($40/month). You can try all the individual and business plans for free.


When choosing an e-signature software like a DocuSign Alternatives tool, it is important to consider your company’s needs. Avoid selecting a tool that has more advanced features if your requirements are fewer. If your business requires a more advanced tool, you should avoid choosing an application with fewer features.

SignNow is an affordable alternative to DocuSign if you’re looking for a low-cost tool. Other DocuSign competitors can be selected based on how they rate and what features you like. Before you can choose the digital signing tool, it is important to thoroughly analyze and compare the options.

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