Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software and Apps

Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software

You probably do more than you want. Email coordination is a time-consuming task that results in little return. Only 20% are open. Software such as appointment scheduling software or booking software automates the process of scheduling meetings and ensuring with customers both potential and current without having to rely on email responses to set up a time.

Why not invest in appointment scheduling software?

Scheduling apps are a great way to reduce the length of your sales cycle. This is also a major benefit from an ROI perspective. They also reduce the administrative burden that can make it difficult to complete, which is a great benefit for your peace of mind. These are the three key characteristics of an appointment scheduling app you should be aware of:

  • This will reduce the number of emails that you need to schedule a meeting.
  • It should be compatible with your calendar.
  • It should remind you of your appointments.

This article will show you how to use free and paid scheduling software to speed up your sales process. It allows prospects to schedule meetings when it suits them. It makes it easy for people to book time with you, eliminating the need to exchange emails. Many of these tools can sync with your calendar to automatically send reminders for meetings so that neither you nor your client misses an opportunity.

Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software and Apps

1. HubSpot Meetings Tool

HubSpot Meetings Tool allows you to sync your Google Calendar and Office 365 calendars, set your availability, and let prospects and customers book meetings with you. To capture contact information such as name, phone number, email address, and more, you can add form fields to your meeting pages. You can send the meeting page as an email link or embed it on a website.

They book time with you and are blocked off on Your calendar and updated and a confirmation email is sent to the prospect/client who booked. This makes it easier to schedule more meetings and takes less time. It integrates directly into the CRM, so you can track your contacts and meetings. HubSpot automatically records new contacts as prospects schedule meetings.

Price: Free

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2. Calendar

The AI-enabled digital calendar and scheduling tool Calendar for individuals and groups is AI-enabled. It combines your Google Calendar, iCal (Apple Calendar), as well as Outlook Calendar into a single dashboard view that you can customize. You can also share it. It syncs across all devices and includes a virtual assistant that can learn about your schedule and take over scheduling, invitations, and meeting planning. Paid versions include meeting transcriptions, a variety of analytics, and the ability to see how your time is spent in meetings with people.

Price: One calendar is free (Basic), $3/month for three (Standard), $8/month (Pro), and one calendar are free (Basic).

3. Setmore

Setmore is a platform for appointment scheduling and payments that allows you to create a public-facing book page. Your team can book meetings by creating a free account that supports up to 20 calendars and logins. You can also send automated appointment notifications to those who have booked time with you.

Price: Free

4. SimplyBook

SimplyBook is an online booking platform specifically for service-based businesses. SimplyBook can be integrated with your existing website or you can create a new booking page. You can also accept bookings directly from Facebook and Instagram using their social media integrations.

Price: Basic Free, $9.90/month Basic, $29.90/month Standard, and $59.90/month Premium

5. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is a great option if you are looking for an easy booking and payment system. Square Appointments allows you to create a customer booking site, send automated email and text reminders, charge cancellation fees, and accept integrated payments all from one platform.

Price: For individuals, $50 + 2.5%+ $0.10/month if you have 3-5 calendars. $90 + 2.5%+ $0.10/month if you have 6-10 calendars. Contact us for pricing for 11 calendars or more.

6. Appointlet

The appointment booking software allows salespeople to customize their availability and create booking pages. They can then send these pages to customers and prospects. You can integrate the booking page into your website, landing pages, and emails. Appointlet offers a paid pricing plan, but the free version is available forever. It allows unlimited bookings and meeting types.

Price: Free, $8/month (Premium)

7. Doodle

Doodle’s free version allows you to create meeting polls and send them to prospects and clients. You can also suggest meeting times and dates, and let people vote on the dates that work. The free version may be sufficient for most people, but you will need to upgrade to the premium pricing level to remove ads from your polls and set a deadline. You can also collect contact information from guests.

Doodle’s paid scheduling software makes it easy to find a time that is convenient for everyone. Meeting hosts suggest meeting times and invite participants to let them know their availability. The host then picks the final time. Once the time has been set, the calendar event is added to the meeting host’s and invitees’ calendars. You can also access a dashboard to manage all your meetings.

Price: Basic (Free), $6.95 per user/month (Starter), and $44.75 per 5 users/month for Team members (Team). Contact us for enterprise pricing.

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8. Calendly

Calendly’s free version allows you to connect to one calendar, book unlimited meetings and create a custom Calendly Link. You can also send reminders and email notifications to invitees who book through you.

Calendly’s paid version offers multiple meeting types, including round-robin, group, and one-on-one. Calendly is great for teams. It provides metrics, reporting, and team pages. There are also administrative features that allow you to manage bookings. Depending on your needs, you may also want to consider Calendly alternatives.

Price: Free (Basic), $8 per user/month (Premium), $12 per user/month (Pro)

9. Arrangr

Arrangr is an intelligent appointment scheduling software that allows users to book meetings in less than 30 seconds. Users can also use the service to find the most convenient time to meet. Arrangr aims to avoid miscommunications in meetings by letting contacts decide where and how to meet. Bonus: Arrangr is part of the HubSpot ecosystem. This allows you to launch and send invitations directly from within HubSpot.

Price: Basic free, $10/month (Pro), $29.99/month Pro Plus

10. Rallly

Rallly is a scheduler that uses three letters (with three Ls) and has classic polling functionality. Members of your group can vote for the best times to meet or host events. The interface supports chat and messaging within the interface so that attendees can discuss the best times to connect.

Price: Basic free

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