Top 10 AWS Alternatives & Competitors

Top 10 AWS Alternatives & Competitors

AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing platform, offers cost-effective, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. AWS also provides a service that allows you to build and deploy different types of cloud-based applications and Amazon cloud hosting services. There are many options available for AWS Alternatives here.

AWS services have default limits for resources that can vary from one region to the next. Your application may also be subject to hardware-level changes that could impact its performance or usage.

This list contains the top AWS alternatives that can replace AWS cloud computing services. This list includes both paid and open-source tools that provide important features and the most recent link.

Top 10 AWS Alternatives & Competitors

1. Microsoft Azure

Azure was launched by Microsoft in February 2010. This cloud platform is open-source and flexible. It allows for development, storage, service management, and hosting solutions.


  • Windows Azure is the best solution for all your data needs
  • Offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness
  • Cloud-based consistency with familiar tools and resources
  • You can scale up or down your IT resources according to your business requirements

2. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is a collection of products and solutions that includes GCP & G Suite. It makes it easy to solve any kind of business problem.


  • This is a free alternative to AWS that allows you to scale using open, flexible technology
  • Accessible AI and data analytics can solve your problems
  • Reduce the cost of installing expensive servers
  • This alternative to AWS lets you transform your business using a complete suite of cloud-based services

3. Salesforce

Salesforce cloud computing offers multiple cloud services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc. This allows you to increase the production of your environment.


  • Salesforce Service Cloud provides 24*7 support
  • This allows you to make right, decisive business decisions
  • This AWS alternative allows you to manage customer contact information and automate business processes.

4. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud provides innovative, integrated cloud services. It’s one of the most popular AWS competitors, allowing you to create, deploy, manage, and monitor workloads on the cloud or at your premises. Oracle Cloud helps companies transform their businesses and reduce complexity.


  • Oracle has more options to help you navigate the cloud.
  • Oracle can help you understand the importance of new technologies such as chatbots and machine learning.
  • Cloud-based data management for mission-critical data
  • Oracle gives you better access to unapproved apps and protects you against sophisticated cyberattacks

5. Kamatera

Kamatera developed a cloud server tool that is very similar to a physical server. It was able to operate in a virtual infrastructure cloud which makes it flexible and economical. The cloud server pricing follows the industry standard of pay-as-you-use.


  • 13 Data Centers on four continents to ensure maximum performance and availability
  • You can have VPS hosting tailored to your specific needs
  • Scalability: This allows you to add load balancers and firewalls quickly, private networks, and apps like pfSense and Docker, CPanel, and Drupal.
  • All SSDs come with unlimited traffic 99.95% Up-Time Guaranteed
  • Scale hundreds of servers in seconds
  • Options for billing – Monthly or Daily
  • 24/7/365 Tech Human Support
  • Try the service for 30 days free this AWS alternative

6. Serverspace

Cloud uses innovative hyper-converged virtual stack platforms based on Open Source technologies. New generation virtual machines can be built using lightweight bhyve hypervisors and OS FreeBSD that has a simplified codebase.


  • Sign up is easy – all you need to do is send an email
  • Windows & Linux OS
  • Based on the 2nd Generation Intel Scalable CPUs at 3.1 GHz frequency
  • SSDs are fast and have amazing IOPS rates
  • In no time, create and spin up
  • 24/7/365 Tech Human Support
  • Pay&Go. Only for the VM that you use. Every 10 minutes, charges

7. Linode

Linode was founded in 2003 and has over 800,000. Customers in 196 countries. Our Linux virtual machines, global infrastructure, and simple pricing offer industry-leading price performance. You can also deploy more with our Linux virtual machine. There are no surprise bills, lock-ins, or hidden fees. All 11 data centers have the same price.


  • Affordable Shared Plans for General Workloads Include generous amounts of free bundled Transfer
  • Dedicated and high memory instances run on their own CPU cores.
  • On-demand GPUs are available for scientific computing, machine learning, and video processing.
  • 24/7/365 human support.
  • S3-Compatible Block Storage and scalable Object Storage
  • Free $100 credits for 60 days

8. ScalaHosting

In the managed cloud market, nothing major has occurred in the last decade. ScalaHosting created SPanel, an all-in-one cloud management platform that is 100% compatible with Cpanel. This allows website owners to have fully managed cloud VPSs with high security and a low price. It is the best option to AWS Alternatives.


  • 24/7 Support – Live Technical Support Available
  • High-availability and redundancy isolated cloud container, 3 snapshots on different storage servers,
  • daily back-ups, AI-powered cybersecurity provided through the in-house-developed SShield
  • All your websites can be easy and free of charge migrated
  • Global Availability – More than 10 data center locations across the US, Asia and Europe
  • Industry-leading Performance – Blazing fast speed and performance thanks to 100% SSD storage and premium network connectivity
  • Flexible cloud with no restrictions – Pay as little as you need and have unlimited software freedom

9. Cloudways

Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting for agencies, shops, and small businesses. Cloudways has partnered with leading cloud providers such as AWS alternatives, Google Cloud, and Vultr. You can create, deploy, and manage apps including PHP, Laravel, and WordPress without needing to know anything about cloud server management. Cloudways users are able to focus on business growth and not worry about technical details of server management, security, or maintenance.


  • PHP 7 Ready Servers
  • Simple 1-Click App Installation
  • Redis and PHP-FPM pre-configured
  • SSL Certificates Free of Charge
  • Automated backups
  • Staging Environment
  • 24/7/365 Support

10. LiquidWeb

The LiquideWeb offers cloud Sites, which are managed cloud hosting that allows users to create and launch websites from anywhere in the world without having to need cPanel or server management.


  • It makes it easy to manage your websites quickly and easily
  • You can host unlimited sites & apps with one account
  • No need to have any server management skills
  • This tool can be easily integrated with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

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