Top 10 Backup Software for 2022

Top 10 Backup Software

Data loss can be caused by cyberattacks, hard drive crashes, and liquid spillages on computers. IT managers have many responsibilities to protect data from such catastrophes. A backup software solution is an option for IT managers in small businesses that want to protect their data. Backup software can be used to create a backup of your data and securely store it at an offsite location. The tool can encrypt your data even before it is taken. This means that your data will only be readable by you and you won’t have to worry if anyone else has access to it.

This article highlights the top 10 backup software options that can help keep your data safe. These products are listed alphabetically from our backup program FrontRunners report. Our methodology is.

Top 10 Backup Software and Tools

1. Altaro VM Backup

Features: Backup log, Capacity management, Encryption

Altaro VM Backup can be used to back up virtual machines (VMs) and replicate data. You can install and run your virtual backup in under 15 minutes. This tool can be used to replicate VMs on a remote server.

You can create a backup of all your VMs every five minutes using this backup tool. Backup copies can be stored in multiple locations, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and your own servers.

This tool allows you to create schedules that allow the software solution to create backups automatically. This backup software also offers multiple options for data restoration. You can either restore VMs, files, or emails completely or from multiple points in the past instead of just the most recent backup.

Altaro VM Backup is a web-based application. You can access support via email, chat, phone, or a knowledge base.

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2. Backblaze

Features: Backup scheduling, Continuous backup, Incremental backup

Backblaze is a backup software solution. You can use it to protect your organization’s systems by providing data backup for Veeam servers, workstations, and network attached storage (NAS).

This tool protects against data loss, accidental deletion, natural disasters, and accidental deletion. Ransomware protection stops ransomware from decrypting and deleting backup data. The tool also allows for immediate downloading of stored data, which helps to avoid downtime and offline days.

This tool can be used to provide backup protection for your workforce computers. Your employees can be invited to your Backblaze account to allow them to create a backup for their Macs and Windows PCs. This will ensure that they are protected.

Backblaze is a web-based service that offers desktop apps for Mac and Windows computers as well as mobile applications for iOS or Android mobile devices. You can access support via email, chat, chat, and a knowledge base.

3. BackupVault

Features: Backup scheduling, Cloud backup, Differential recovery

BackupVault protects your data by encryption and sending it offsite to an offsite server. Your data is protected from threats like ransomware, hardware problems, natural disasters, and hardware issues.

This backup tool allows you to back up data from remote computers and files, email servers, operating systems, and Microsoft Office 365. This tool has an InstantData feature that allows you to access your data even before the restore is complete.

The tool encrypts all data using the AES 256-bit advanced encryption protocol (AES). You are the only person who can access the encryption key. The contents of the data remain unreadable without this key.

BackupVault, a web-based platform that offers desktop applications for Windows and Mac computers, is available online. You can access support via email, phone, or a knowledge base.

4. Cohesity

Features: Backup scheduling, Compression, Customer Database

Cohesity, a data management tool, includes disaster recovery and backup features. It protects data on the cloud, SaaS, and on-premise.

This tool encrypts data using a flexible encryption key that you manage. The ransomware recovery feature protects data from ransomware attacks using AI-based threat detection. This tool evaluates the threat impact and speeds up the recovery process.

This data management tool is designed to isolate data and create multiple copies. They are then stored away from any core attack surfaces that could be vulnerable to ransomware.

Cohesity is a web-based tool. It offers support via email, knowledge base, chat, and phone calls.

5. Datto SIRIS

Features: Backup and recovery, Backup scheduling, Continuous backup

Datto SIRIS is a backup tool that helps to protect data and applications on local servers, end users’ computers, and SaaS applications. It automates backup and stores data locally on the Datto cloud. This is geographically distributed to ensure safety.

The tool includes an integrated ransomware scanner to detect possible ransomware infections during the backup process. No matter the type of disaster, i.e., ransomware, corrupted or deleted files, server meltdown, this tool allows you to restore servers and files in working order because its Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service ( DRaaS) model provides partial or complete recovery in the Cloud.

Datto SIRIS is a web-based platform. It offers support via chat, email, and phone calls.

6. G Cloud

Features: Backup scheduling, Cloud backup, Encryption

G Cloud is a mobile backup service that protects and backs up your phone’s data. Such as SMS messages, contacts, and call logs. Documents, photos, music, videos, and documents. It stores and backs up your data on Amazon AWS Cloud, and offers military-grade AES encryption at 256 bits.

You can backup multiple devices with one account. This application can be used to transfer call logs, contacts, and media to any Android device or iOS device.

For easy access, you can arrange your data chronologically in one place. You can also access your files from the cloud and share them.

G Cloud is a web-based tool that supports iOS and Android mobile devices. It provides support via email.

7. Keepit

Features: Backup and recovery, Cloud backup, Disaster recovery

Keepit is a cloud backup solution that protects your data across all SaaS services. This tool can be used to protect data from apps such as Office 365 and Salesforce.

You can access your data at any time because it creates four copies of backup that are stored in separate vendor-neutral locations. The difference reporting feature allows you to compare data and pinpoint specific deletions or changes.

Keepit uses blockchain technology to protect your backups from ransomware attacks and data loss. This tool helps you comply with regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

Keepit is a web-based platform that offers applications for iOS and Android smartphones. You can access support via email, chat, or phone calls.

8. NinjaOne

Features: Anti-virus, Compliance management, Deployment management

NinjaOne is an IT management tool that includes backup and data recovery features. You have a variety of backup options available, including document, folder, image, and Windows or macOS backup. You also have cloud-only and local-only storage options.

This backup tool can be used to fully back up and recover servers. This tool allows you to automate Windows server backups and will notify you if anything goes wrong. This tool can be used to protect remote workers without the need for a VPN.

NinjaOne supports incremental block-level backup. This means that NinjaOne can back up only those files that have changed after performing a complete backup.

NinjaOne is a web-based application that supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android mobile devices. You can access support via email, chat, chat, and phone calls.

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10. SyncBackPro

Features: Audit trail, Backup log, Cloud backup

SyncBackPro is a backup software solution that helps to back up, synchronize and restore data files. This tool can be used to create backup plans and establish rules for specific situations, such as when a file is deleted, modified, or added.

This backup tool is compatible with all major cloud storage services including Amazon S3, Google Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. You can save huge amounts of storage space with this backup tool. It allows you to only store the changes to files and copies them.

SyncBackPro supports file versioning. This means you can specify how many copies of a file you want and how long you want them to be kept so you don’t lose any of your backed-up files.

Windows PCs are supported by SyncBackPro. Support is provided via email, FAQs, and a knowledge base.

How to choose the best backup software

Backup software offers different benefits. These are some tips to help you make the right decision when searching for the best backup software.

Choose a tool that has a data encryption function. Data encryption makes sure your data is only accessible to you, and no one else can see it. Many backup tools can encrypt your data before backing it up with an encryption key that you only know. These features will make sure that your data is secure from unauthorized access.
Choose a tool that supports incremental backup. Incremental backup is when a file or folder is modified and the tool backs only that portion. It is a good idea to choose a backup tool that offers incremental backup, as it saves storage space.
Choose a tool that supports file versioning. The file versioning feature lets a file exist with multiple versions. This feature allows you to track the changes to files over time and restore them to previous versions if necessary. Backup software can delete older versions after a set period. If you want to keep multiple versions of your data, look for this feature in any backup software.

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