Top 10 Biometric Attendance Systems

Top 10 Biometric Attendance Systems

It is impossible to monitor and manage attendance using the old method of hundreds of employees signing in to multiple registers, then creating reports about each employee’s attendance. Technology has made it possible. Eliminate manual attendance management methods with ” paper and ink” and revamp to create biometric attendance systems with scanners and biometrics

All employees in all industries, regardless of brand, have been using biometrics-iris, fingerprints, and faces to verify their attendance.

These systems can also be used in

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Education institutes
  • Visitors Management
  • Citizen identification

This system has been adopted by many developers and many designers have created feature-rich software applications that are based on biometrics.

Take a look at these top ten biometric attendance systems, and then read on for their details. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Biometric Attendance Systems

1. Time Dynamo

Developer: Tvisha Technologies Inc.

Specifications Require iOS 10.3 and later. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS, Android, iOS, and Android devices. TPOS7 Product 7″ TFT LCD, Network Data/ Dual SIM, 7″ IPS capacitive touchscreen, resolution 1024×600, Quad-core Processor. The memory of RAM DDR3 2GB, with Built-in storage of 16GB. Support max.

  • 32G with a microSD card
  • Rear 5 MP and Front 2 MP cameras,
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • Integrated STQC certified Fingerprint scanner.

Description: This compact, professional leave management, and attendance management system allows businesses to track and monitor employee attendance using biometric automated solutions. Each employee is scanned using either fingerprint, face recognition methods, or iris recognition patterns. It is now possible to eliminate proxy attendance thanks to the uniqueness and security of biometric patterns.

Features: GPS tracking, real-time attendance tracking, Absence Management, and Payroll generation. Notifications.

Accolades: Time Dynamo was shortlisted by NASSCOM as one of the top 10 innovative product showcases during the 5th edition of NPC

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2. mDESK7

Developer: Mantra Softech India Private Limited


  • 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor,
  • Displays up to 7 inches; resolution 1024×600
  • 8 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Single SIM with 4G Support
  • Audio-Microphone,
  • Rear Camera
  • LED flash

Description: This device can be used to register and authenticate employees using a fingerprint impression. This Wi-Fi-enabled device can be purchased at a very affordable price. It can be used for Guest Management, Canteen Management, and Citizen Identification in government schemes. You can store the data on the device.

Features: Pen drive connection port, FBI PIV fingerprint sensor, and GPS.

3. A-ID Biometric

Developer: A-ID systems India


  • Dual CPU (32bit RISC + 400MHz DSP),
  • Memory up to 1GB flash and 34MB RAM
  • Capacity to capture fingerprints for 200000 users (400000 templates).
  • Log capacity of 1,000,000 events
  • Biometric identification speed of 3,000 matches in 1 second (maximum 20,000 templates).

Description: This is a well-known name in the Indian smart card market.

Features: Record real-time updates and entries periodically, and store all data in cloud storage

4. eSSL Biometric Attendance System (E9C WIFI).

Developer: ESSL security


  • 10000 users,
  • 1,00,000.00 logs transaction storage
  • 500DPI optical sensor
  • Card storage up to 10000

Description: This is the most reliable central time and biometric attendance management software. It is simple to install and use the firmware (Push Data Technology). It is used in school attendance, canteen management, production management, and gyms and clubs.

Features: Attendance management, Payroll generation

5. ACTAtek Biometric

Developer: ACTAtek


  • 500 DPI optical scanner
  • Allow 20000 users and 75000 log events.

Description: Allows remote user registrations and authentication. This is used for workforce management and security. These biometric attendance systems can be used for 5 types of authentication: fingerprint, smart card ID, barcode, and pin. It also has a multilingual interface. The scanning speed is less than a second.

Features: Attendance management and Payroll generation, Leave and clock management

6. 4Gid

Developer: 4G Identity Pvt. Ltd.


  • FBI scanners
  • Captures dry and wet fingers
  • Fingerprint scanner with a live slap

Description: 4Gid is the most extensive biometric identification database. It’s a fingerprint-and-iris authentication system that is used for many applications, including ATMs, e-passports, e-visas, and monetary transaction securities.

Features: Blacklist management, Time and Attendance Management

7. Formula One Biometric Attendance Systems

Developer: Formula One Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


  • Capacity for 1500 users
  • Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • Recorded 50000 transactions
  • Matching 1:1,1 – N up to 2200 fingerprints

Description: This can be used in small to medium retail applications. You can identify employees with your fingerprint, RFID, or password.

Features: Automated attendance and time management.

8. Bioscan

Developer: Sansci group

Specifications: Secugen Hamster Pro 20 scanner device.

Description: This biometric attendance system can be used in schools, corporations, and on the job.

Features: Fast and reliable live attendance tracking, available online and offline. Daily report generation.

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9. Timecheck

Developer: Timecheck

Specifications: It uses various scanners, such as Anviz FacePass Pro facial recognition devices.

Description: It is a web- and mobile-enabled attendance and time management system. It can be used in a variety of work cultures. It can be integrated into any biometric system

Features: Accurate time/attendance tracking for various shifts, administrative management, Mobile app, Comp off management, and Payroll generation.

10. Bio star 09

Developer: Star link


  • Larger LCD graphics
  • 9.560 finger templates can be stored
  • 5 lacs of storage capacity, TCP/IP, and USB port connectivity for data transfer.

Description: Anyone can access it via a fingerprint, card, or PIN. It can be used in any industry. You can customize the features.

Features: Attendance record and management


These are the top ten biometric attendance systems that you can use in your company, industry, or organization based on your business needs.

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