Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

ChatGPT has seen a huge rise in popularity since its debut. The chatbot launched by OpenAI is so well-known that servers are having trouble keeping up with it. These 10 top ChatGPT chrome extensions can be very useful.

Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

This article will discuss the top ChatGPT chrome extensions.

1. WebChatGPT

Confident answers and an informational database. ChatGPT is missing one crucial component: the ability to access the most current information on the Internet. ChatGPT has limited knowledge and cannot provide answers for any events that have occurred after 2021. WebChatGPT is one of the most popular ChatGPT Chrome extensions. It helps overcome this limitation.

2. ChatGPT writer

The previous extension brought ChatGPT to Google Search, but this one brings ChatGPT directly to your browser. ChatGPT Writer allows you to create e-mails and messages that can be used on any website. This extension requires only an OpenAI login.

3. ChatGPT for Google

You’ve probably used the AI chatbot before. It’s restricted to one browser tab. You must ensure that this tab is open in order to make it available at all times. ChatGPT’s extension addresses the problem by making the bot available to search engines. ChatGPT for Google displays ChatGPT’s responses alongside Google search results. To get started, you only need to log into OpenAI with the extension.

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4. Merlin

Here’s an alternative to the ChatGPT extension for Google. It works across all browsers and not just the search engine. Merlin, an Open AI-powered ChatGPT extension, works in every browser. The extension uses Open AI’s GPT AI model to respond consistently to a variety of prompts.

It works in a similar way to ChatGPT. You simply enter your question and Merlin will reply within seconds. Merlin works on every web browser, so it can be used for any type of question. This extension can be used to quickly respond to work emails or to generate HTML code.

5. TweetGPT

ChatGPT is used by many users around the globe for a variety of purposes. People have used ChatGPT to send random tweets or to respond to other users with intelligent responses. This extension makes it easy to simply open ChatGPT, copy the reply, and paste the tweet text. TweetGPT is a Chrome extension that integrates ChatGPT directly with Twitter.

6. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube is best if you’re looking for videos that aren’t boring or rambling for hours. Glasp created the YouTube Summary extension in order to help you with this task and relieve your impatience. Once you have installed the YouTube Summary extension and are logged in, a YouTube summary box will appear next to every video that you view on the site. Click on the box to see the YouTube transcript. The website does it all on its own so we aren’t looking for it.

This extension is accurate to a certain degree depending on the AI chatbot. However, it works well with most videos with clear audio. YouTube Summary Chrome extension is the most efficient ChatGPT Chrome extension because it saves time.

7. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT lets you do many cool things. You can create simple articles or full-blown coding. You may not have enough prompts to use the chatbot. ChatGPT Prompt genius fills this void by offering all the prompts users could desire as well as additional features.

8. Promptheus

Promptheus is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that is simple but adds an important feature to the AI chatbot. ChatGPT can now receive mic input from this Chrome extension. Promptheus transforms ChatGPT into a voice assistant, similar to Siri. Promptheus extension is located on the right sidebar of ChatGPT’s conversation window. It is out of sight.

9. Summarize

YouTube Summary, which we have already mentioned, works well with all types of videos. It is however limited to videos. Summarize Chrome extension can do the same thing but with text. This extension is built right into Chrome, so you don’t need to visit ChatGPT. Summarize can be used by opening any piece of content such as an email, article, or website, and clicking on the extension. It will send ChatGPT a request and return a brief summary in just seconds.

10. Fancy GPT

Fancy GPT is our top choice for ChatGPT Chrome extensions due to its beautiful design. Fancy GPT adds design elements to ChatGPT conversations to make them visually appealing. Fancy GPT exports any type of chat. Fancy GPT supports Sketch and Neon styles at the moment. There are plans to add more styles in the future. It can cover SVG path images, highlight ChatGPT replies, and many other functions.

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