Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies

We are talking to other agencies.

This is the way most marketing agencies continue to operate: writing and producing content. Other agencies combine both, working with clients to develop strategies and creating content for clients who have their own writers.

This traditional model creates a vicious cycle of dependence, in which a company (like yours), is forever tied to its agency to reach its highest, most ambitious, and most daring digital marketing and sales goals.

Now, we are working with clients to help them create their own content and forge their own marketing destiny.


We believe you are the best person to know your customers and clients.

We are aware that we may not be the right fit for everyone.

Not everyone can produce the amount of content required to sustain a successful digital marketing strategy.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to.

That’s perfectly fine.

There is no one strategy that works for everyone and IMPACT recognizes that not every company needs content creation assistance.

We aren’t going to ignore those who may be better suited elsewhere. Instead, we have gathered the top content marketing agencies.

Here are the 10 best content marketing agencies that specialize in content marketing: from teams that guide strategies to virtual content production staff,

Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies

1. Brafton

Brafton, a content marketing agency offering full-service, has offices across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. It was established in 1988.

Brafton’s content marketing companies and content creation focus are what make Brafton stand out. Its mission statement explains how Brafton works with clients: “We tell the story that resonates with your audience through all channels.” We can create a customized strategy to address your specific needs and problems using our holistic services.

This team creates and edits case studies, blog articles, and white papers to support a marketing strategy. A blog is maintained by the agency that covers all things content. It also hosts a resource center with tons of resources and a podcast.

2. Brandpoint

Brandpoint uses EOS to organize its content marketing process in four parts: plan, evaluate, create, measure, and optimize.

Brandpoint partners with clients to develop, design, and distribute complete content solutions.

BrandpointHUB is an exclusive SaaS content marketing platform, which streamlines collaboration and creation.

“Brandpoint has created millions upon millions of content for clients since 1996,” states Scott Severson. He is the president of Brandpoint.

We developed our own workflow software to manage all the content. BrandpointHUB builds on the success of its internal platform and makes it available to users who wish to simplify their content marketing practices – from creating, reviewing, publishing, and measuring results to planning, creation, and review.

3. Column Five

Column Five, a creative content agency, is located in Costa Mesa (CA) with a satellite office at Brooklyn (NY). It was founded in 2008 and has more than 40 employees.

Column Five’s team creates many types of content. They also do web development, brand strategy, and data visualization. But, they are most well-known for interactive design. In fact, they wrote a book about infographics.

Column Five says that they operate as an extension to your team and create high-quality content consistent with your brand. We also scale our efforts according to your business needs.

4. Content Harmony

Content Harmony is, as the website states, a “specialty” in producing and promoting targeted content via SEO, email outreach, and paid media.

Content Harmony was established in Seattle in 2009. It now has a remote content marketing firm that is spread across the US.

Content Harmony, along with managed content services has launched beta content marketing software. This streamlines the content research process and will be fully launched before the end of 2019.

Clutch Research also awarded the agency Top SEO Firms, Top Marketing Agencies, and Top Digital Marketing Agencies in 2017.

5. Eucalypt Media

EucalyptMedia has been creating content strategies and materials since 2006.

The content strategy agency is based in Jacksonville, FL, and employs veteran writers, editors, and designers to create content assets for clients.

Kathryn Hawkins, the founder of Inc. Online, is a regular contributor to Inc. and was awarded Top Corporate Communications PR firm and Marketing and Advertising Global Leader by Clutch Research for 2018.

6. Fractl

Fractl, a 100-person agency, is based in Delray Beach (FL) and has offices in Leeds (UK). It’s been in operation for six years.

The content creation companies capabilities include interactive content, data journalism and video. It also conducts in-depth research on the topic of content. This includes what content is most popular and what makes it newsworthy.

Meg Piedmont is the Account Manager at Fractl. “We create content for people who want to explore the world around them,” she says. “We set the bar for innovative campaigns that encourage important conversations, unlike content producers who favor comfort and rely only on algorithms,” says Meg Piedmont, Account Manager at Fractl.

7. Influence & Co.

Missouri-based Impact & Co. provides its clients with a full-service content team and publication relationships. It also offers proprietary content marketing software that simplifies collaboration and allows for performance tracking. This results in a holistic approach to PR and content marketing.

The Influence & Company website explains: “We have a proven process that allows us to work with your marketing team to create authentic content on an ongoing basis that achieves your unique goals. This saves you time and money, and allows you to concentrate on your business.”

Influence & Company has been named as a finalist for the Content Marketing Award Agency of the year three times in the past five years. They have also been included on the Inc. 500/0 Fastest Growing Companies list for the last four years.

8. Scripted

Scripted connects freelance writers with organizations looking to expand their content resources on a monthly basis. Companies can order quality content from writers for a monthly fee. This includes perks such as revisions and content review.

Each piece can be purchased per project, but Scripted guarantees that members will only pay for the content they enjoy.

Scripted’s Writing Staff for Enterprises includes content creation, account management, and analytics. It has been used by many companies such as Eventbrite, L’Oreal, and LinkedIn.

9. Spear Marketing Group

Spear provides a complete suite of marketing services including account-based marketing and content creation. It has 14 partners, including Marketo, Engagio, and autopilot.

This content creation agency was founded in 2009 in Walnut Creek, CA. Satellite offices are located in Huntington Beach, CA, and Seattle.

The website states that the team acts more as a strategic partner than a direct extension of in-house marketing staff. These scenarios allow us to contribute not only to the execution and development of individual programs but also to the planning, development, and roll-out of entire campaigns.

10. Verblio

Verblio offers a unique subscription-based blog and content writing service to businesses that require additional writing support. Verblio’s unique approach is how authors are matched with projects.

Verblio allows you to submit projects via their platform to a group of writers. The writers then choose the project they wish to work on and send drafts of your custom content.

Last Line – Content Marketing Agencies

Clients can then choose a digital content agency and what they want and pay only for it. Your feedback on previous projects is available to writers so that they can customize their writing according to your needs. The subscriptions can be scaled up or down depending on the number of words needed each month. Additional services like SEO optimization, proofreading and photo selection are available to add to your monthly plan.

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