Top 10 Customer Support Software

Top 10 Customer Support Software

Customer service is the foundation of a successful business empire. Customers who are satisfied with your service will be your marketing tool and a revenue generator. Advanced customer support software is necessary to meet customer expectations. This software can help you transform your customer experience using the most recent technologies such as AI, VR, etc.

Satisfied customers can be used to generate instant sales. It is not easy to get customers to a point of satisfaction, especially in the online environment.

Today, a simple email or phone call is all that is needed. 54% of customers say they have higher customer service standards today than ever before.

It is difficult to find the best customer support tools in today’s tech-driven world. There are many options. You might be confused by the sheer number of customer service programs that are available.

This post is designed to assist businesses in finding the right tools to improve customer experience in 2022. So, let’s dig in.

How can customer support software benefit your business?

Did you know that 83% of customers feel more loyal to brands that respond quickly to their problems? This means that satisfying customers can help build loyal customer bases to generate consistent revenue.

For this, you will need to have powerful tools to respond to customer questions and assign tasks to the right people to provide fast solutions. Customer support software is also a great tool.

Empower service agents

The right tools will make your customer service agents more productive and engage with customers. For instant assistance, they can quickly access all the information relevant to a customer. If a customer has questions about their bills, the sales agent will be able to quickly access their central accounting software and verify payment details.

Customer service tools can also help you build team coordination. Your staff can easily connect and resolve customer queries in real-time.

Centralized database

All modern marketing strategies are driven by accurate customer data. Account-based marketing, for example, cannot be used if you don’t have accurate customer data.

Customer support tools are here to help. The software can gather customer data from various sources and compress it into a platform such as calls, social media, and so on.

This information allows sales and marketing teams to create powerful strategies to offer a customized experience to customers. This leads to greater customer satisfaction.


Customers don’t want to wait for agents who pick up their calls to resolve their queries. Customers want quick and easy service.

Customer support software allows companies to build a self-service platform for their customers. Customers can search the knowledge base they have uploaded on their website. Chatbots are used by 70% of white-collar workers today.

Scale your customer base

With the right tools, you can quickly expand your customer base. You can manage customer data seamlessly, answer their questions and offer instant solutions.

It is impossible to manage thousands of customer emails or calls at once. Advanced tools are available to help you grow your customer base and gain their trust.

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Easy to track performance

Old-fashioned spreadsheets won’t provide the information you need to track customer service performance. It won’t tell you how long it took them to resolve each complaint and which employee responded to more questions in the past few days.

Advanced customer support software is the best way to get inside information about your customer service team. The software allows you to generate real-time performance reporting that will allow you to see how your customer service department is performing and which improvements are needed.

Works in remote or hybrid environments

Are you a remote or hybrid customer service team? You will need customer support software to coordinate remote operations, solve customer problems, and manage your team.

Types of Customer Support Software

High-quality customer service requires automation. The next question is which customer support software is best for your business.

Let’s look at some popular customer service solutions to help you decide which one is right for you.

Knowledgebase solutions

Software that allows you to provide self-service options for your customers is called knowledge base software. This could be a website or webpage that answers common customer questions.

You can create self-help and tutorial guides, user manuals, FAQs, or other information for customers.

Live chat

Customers can chat with live chat agents to get direct access to their sales representatives. Live chat can be added to your website or mobile app to allow agents to respond immediately to customer inquiries. Live chat is a great way to resolve minor issues.

Help Desk

Customer support solutions for help desk customers allow you to manage customer email rather than using Gmail inboxes. These programs make it much easier to organize, tag, and manage large numbers of emails. With help desk solutions, you will never miss an email from a customer.


CRM, also known as customer relationship management tools allows you to manage customer interactions across multiple stages. Sales CRM tools allow you to store all customer information and provide instant access to resolve any queries. CRMs can be used by sales, customer service, and marketing teams.

Instant Messaging

To allow customers to send messages to companies via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other instant messaging apps, they can embed instant messaging functionality on their website or app. Customers can easily reach businesses through this service.

Social Media

Businesses also require social media monitoring tools in order to monitor customer interactions on social media platforms. Customers prefer to use social media inboxes for their questions and comments. It is vital to have a tool that allows you to monitor customer interactions on social media.

Customer Feedback Survey

Customers feedback survey software is a must for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and learn what they think. Customer feedback data can help you improve the functionality of your products or services before you launch a new product.

Call Centre

Agents can manage customer calls with call center software. VoIP solutions allow agents to record customer calls and maintain call logs. They can also automatically create customer tickets. Some tools even let you make a customer contact database.

Top 10 Customer Support Software in 2022

Are you ready to automate customer service? You will always find the right tools for your business and customer needs. Also, consider the popularity of products, their price ranges, and features.

These are the top 10 customer service software according to our research:

1. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub provides a free tool to help you grow your business. This tool will help you organize your customer emails if you are prone to losing them. It’s easy to use and integrates with CRM support.

HubSpot has been helping customers in more than 120 countries receive quick customer service since 2006. HubSpot’s ticketing software makes it easy to track, organize, and record customer issues from a single dashboard. This allows you to track key metrics such as ticket volume and agent response time.

A customer fills out a form or connects via live chat, It can create tickets automatically and assign them to the correct person. You can also prioritize tickets and resolve urgent issues immediately. It is a complete customer service software that you can use in 2022.

Top Features

  • Email templates
  • Calling
  • Chat or email ticket
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Reporting
  • Conversion routing
  • Surveys to get customer feedback
  • Management of teams

Pricing Structure:

  • Basic features are always free
  • Premium Edition for $45 per Month
  • Plan for professionals starting at $360 per Month
  • An Enterprise Plan for $1,200 Per Month

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2. Hiver is one of the most popular help desk solutions for Google Workspace. This software allows you to provide exceptional customer service from any of your Google tools, such as Gmail. This software is easy to use and requires no learning. You can monitor and track email and live chat inquiries from the familiar Gmail interface.

Hiver is a well-known help desk software that’s used by over 1500 companies around the world, such as Canva, Harvard University, and Vacasa. Flexport also uses it.

The software also gives email insights such as which emails have been opened, pending, or closed. Gmail allows you to collaborate with Notes and tag emails using Tags. Hiver is the best choice if you need simple help desk software.

Top Features:

  • Chat in real-time
  • Queue management
  • Email monitoring and management
  • Canned response
  • Collaboration in teams
  • Remote Support
  • Collaboration tools
  • Automated routing
  • Management of tickets
  • Surveys and feedback from customers
  • Inbox shared

Pricing Structure:

  • Lite version for $15 per user/month
  • Pro version for $39 per user/month
  • Elite version for $59 per user/month
  • The plan can be customized by 50+ teams

3. CloudTalk

CloudTalk is a VoIP service that’s designed for modern, customer-centric businesses. CloudTalk is a high-quality call management software that integrates with advanced CRM, e-commerce, and help desk support. This tool will streamline your customer service system and sales operations.

CloudTalk is used by over 2500 companies such as DHL, Rocher, and Glovo. CloudTalk offers small and medium-sized businesses the perfect solution to help them grow in 2022. It has over 140 national phone numbers.

Top Features:

  • Interface for agents
  • Call recording
  • Training for employees
  • Feedback
  • KPI measurement
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Management of workflow
  • Contact database
  • Management of quality
  • Reporting
  • Integration by third parties

Pricing Structure:

  • Starter plan for $25 per user/month
  • Essential plan $30 per user/month
  • Expert plan: $50 per user/month
  • The plan can be customized by large teams

4. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback, a leading customer feedback survey software, and experience management platform, is used by businesses to create surveys and then share them with clients. This software allows you not only to collect feedback but also allows you to take action in real-time and improve customer experience.

Surveys of various types can be created for different industries to collect feedback from Hotel guests, employees, students, and patients. You can create any type or form you like with Zonka Feedback to collect actionable data, such as metric surveys, CSAT surveys, NPS surveys, and CES surveys.

Zonka Feedback’s advanced features, such as skip logic or hide logic, allow you to make your surveys interactive and conversational for your audience. You also get real-time notifications about survey responses. As per feedback, you can assign tasks to your team members, take action, close the feedback loop and prevent churn. This tool is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and overall experience.

Top Features:

  • More than 40+ ready to use survey templates
  • Survey customization
  • Surveys can be white-labeled to reflect your branding
  • Multilingual Surveys
  • Multiple channels for sharing surveys: email, SMS website, QR codes, Android tablets, and smartphones.
  • Skip logic, Hide logic, and Survey Redirection
  • Metrics such as CSAT, NPS, and CES can be used to measure these metrics.
  • Get real-time feedback and customized alerts
  • Advanced reporting and dashboard
  • Multilocation feedback management
  • The feedback loop must be closed
  • Integrations with other popular tools

Pricing Structure:

  • Get a free trial for 15 days
  • Paid plans start at $29/month
  • For $79/month, get a professional plan
  • Growth plan starting at $169/month
  • Get an Enterprise Plan for as low as $429 per month
  • Pricing and solutions based on your needs.

5. Document360

Document360is an information base system that allows companies to create rich self-service material for customers. Multiple integrations allow you to quickly set up a vast knowledge base for your customers and reduce 50% of your workload.

The software allows your team to collaborate easily and create learning materials for customers. The software includes an advanced markdown editor as well as analytical features that allow you to revise multiple documents before they are published online. This software is perfect if you are looking to offer self-service customer support.

Top Features:

  • Categorization of knowledge resources
  • Knowledge base management
  • Self-service portal
  • Collaboration tools
  • Content Management
  • Discussion
  • Full-text speech

Pricing Structure:

  • Start-up plan starting at $99/month
  • Business plan starting at $249/month
  • Get an Enterprise Plan for $499/month
  • Enterprise Plus plans are fully customizable

6. CallHippo

CallHippo allows modern businesses to offer instant customer service via virtual call centers. It’s easy to use and has advanced features such as automatic call distribution and a power dialer. It also provides extensive reporting and integration that allows sales teams to communicate effectively with customers.

CallHippo is trusted by over 5000 brands worldwide due to its 24*7 customer service and cross-platform access via both mobile and desktop phones.

Top Features:

  • Interface for agents
  • Contact management
  • Caller ID
  • Automated call management
  • Call recording
  • Monitoring by phone
  • Callback scheduling
  • CRM
  • Telemarketing
  • Voice customization
  • Text to speech

Pricing Structure:

  • Free trial for 10 days
  • Bronze plan $16 per user/month
  • Silver plan for $24 per user/month
  • For $40 per month, get the Platinum Plan
  • The enterprise plan starts at $48 per user/month

7. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is an AI-powered chat platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate with each other instantly. This software will allow you to assure your customers that they are always reached. Instant chat allows you to answer customers’ queries instantly from anywhere.

ProProfs Chat allows you to quickly resolve customer queries and reduce customer support tickets. This tool will help you build happy customers and increase your ROI.

Top Features:

  • Branding options are customizable
  • Canned response
  • Offline form
  • Screen sharing
  • Chat proactive
  • Tracking website visitors
  • Routing
  • Integration by third parties

Pricing Structure:

  • Unlimited free access to up to 100 tickets
  • Essential plan starting at $15/user/month
  • Premium plans are available for $25/month

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8. CustomerSuccessBox

CustomerSuccessBox uses AI to help customers succeed. It helps them onboard, retain, upsell and grow. AI support allows you to analyze and monitor all customer data and engagement behaviors in real-time. It can use historical customer data to recommend CSM actions that will drive retention and upsell.

It is designed with the goal of helping customers grow and manage their B2B SaaS accounts. It can manage hundreds of customer accounts, reducing churn and increasing recurring revenue.

Top Features:

  • Activity tracking
  • Customer engagement
  • Management of accounts
  • Task management
  • Revenue Management
  • Tracking usage

Pricing Structure:

  • Start at $499 per Month

9. Saleshandy

Saleshandy allows you to send a cold email and manage your email marketing campaigns. It is a great tool to help increase company outreach without compromising on quality. This tool allows you to send thousands of automated follow-up emails in one go, with multiple stages.

You can customize and organize your emails with Saleshandy cones that come with tags Impress leads by offering quick response and prompt delivery, so they can become customers quickly.

Top Features:

  • AB testing
  • Analytics and campaign management
  • Contact management
  • Support for CRM
  • Content delivery
  • Email distribution
  • Drip campaigns
  • Events-triggered actions

Pricing Structure:

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Cold emails can be purchased for as low as $25 or $60
  • Email tracking is always free and paid plans to start at $9 per month

10. OptiMonk

OptiMonk leads the way in conversion optimization and is A lead generation tool that converts traffic to sales quickly. It allows you to create, personalize, and launch popups. Notification bars and sidebars can also be created.

OptiMonk doesn’t require any coding skills. OptiMonk can also be used to create email lists, reduce cart abandonment and promote special offers. It can also collect feedback, share on social media, and much more.

Top Features:

  • Campaign management
  • Marketing that is account-based
  • Targeting behavior
  • AB testing
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Tracking conversion
  • Branding options are customizable
  • Import/export of data

Pricing Structure:

  • Forever free
  • Essential plan starting at $29 per Month
  • The growth plan starts at $79 per Month
  • The premium plan starts at $199 per Month

Conclusion – Customer support software

The right tools are essential for improving customer service efficiency and customer experience. With the right tools, you can empower your customer service team to solve customer problems quicker.

We have shared 10 of the most effective customer support software that can help you build a strong CX within your company. You can now try all of the recommended tools for free before you upgrade your membership.

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