Top 10 Email Tracking Software

Email Tracking Software

Email marketing is a powerful powerful marketing strategy at your disposal. Email is a great way to reach out to prospects, whether you are using it for demos, increasing brand awareness, or launching a new product. In this blog top email tracking software for email campaigns.

It is not easy to make the most out of your email campaigns.

Most B2B companies track metrics such as open rates. It’s not enough to know that someone has opened your email.

The buyer’s journey is not indicated.

  • You don’t understand why they clicked, or where they went next.
  • You can’t contextualize how email fits into your marketing strategy.
  • What if you know that someone has clicked on the link in your email? How can you take this lead further?

You have no idea which links the person clicked if they were already familiar with your brand, or what they did after clicking.

Data is nothing but numbers without context.

Email tracking software is plentiful, but one that is effective for your company might not be for another. It depends on the needs of your team and the gaps in your current tech stack.

Instead of listing all the basic tools for tracking email opens, I will share with you those that can track your entire email marketing campaign and sales operation. I have broken them down into use cases:

  • Tracking email engagement and opens with tools
  • Email tracking is included in marketing and sales software.
  • Email list quality tools to measure subscriber engagement
  • All-in-one email marketing tool with robust analytics

Let’s first talk about the reasons why email tracking services are important.

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Top 10 Email Tracking Software

You can optimize your email marketing strategy by identifying who opens your emails and who doesn’t.

These tools do more than simply send read receipts. These tools also tell you the number of times an email has been opened, and whether it has been forwarded. Other features include link tracking and useful email engagement data.

1. EmailAnalytics

Email Service Supported: Gmail and Outlook (Microsoft 365).

Pricing: EmailAnalytics provides a 14-day trial with full features. Plans start at $15 a month.

Email analytics allows you to visualize your team’s Gmail and Outlook email activity. You can measure and improve the email response time and see how many emails are sent and received by each representative every day. Email response time is an important KPI, especially for teams in sales and customer support.

You’ll receive daily or weekly reports on email activity, making it easy to improve email productivity. No software is required to be installed, no training is needed, and your existing team workflow will not change. You can see everything that’s going on in the inboxes of your representatives.

2. Right Inbox

Email service supported: Gmail

Pricing: Right Inbox is available for a limited time. Paying yearly, the monthly fee is $9.95.

Right Inbox is a Google Chrome Extension that features works with Gmail and gives you the opportunity to track clicks on your emails. Email tracking allows you to track who opens and clicks on your emails. You can also see how many times they have been opened and clicked. Right Inbox offers more than just email tracking. It also includes email reminders and sequences.

3. SalesHandy

Supported email services: Outlook and Gmail

Pricing: SalesHandy provides unlimited email tracking for Gmail users for free. Outlook’s regular plan begins at $7/user/mo

SaleHandy provides free unlimited email tracking for Gmail. Unfortunately, Outlook users cannot use the free version.

SalesHandy gives you insights on how to improve your email productivity. Every email opened and every link clicked is immediately notified on your desktop. Create and save email templates while on the move.

You can integrate Email insight with Zapier and your CRM to make the most out of email data.

4. Mailtrack

Email service supported: Gmail

Pricing: Mailtrack has a limited-time free tier. The paid Pro tier costs EUR3 per month.

Mailtrack is another Gmail email tracking tool that works as a Google Chrome extension.

Mailtrack is one of the best tools available. It offers engagement statistics at a glance, a dashboard for viewing all tracked emails and it works on both iOS and Android.

The free plan is very limited. However, the paid plans start at only $4.99 per month.

5. Streak

Email service supported: Gmail

Pricing: Streak has a free plan. The paid tiers begin at $15 per month per user for a certain number of contacts.

Strike is another Google Chrome extension that allows you to track your Gmail messages. It focuses on the relationship management side of things.

This is a CRM built into Gmail. You can track your leads as they progress through your pipeline, and collaborate with your colleagues via automatic sharing.

6. MailTag

Email service supported: Gmail

Pricing: $9.99/per month per user, billed annually. (They offer a 14-day free trial).

MailTag is one of the open tracking tools that also provides a comprehensive overview, including your link-click rate, as well as your overall open rate.

With its Pings feature, MailTag brings automation to your inbox. You can set up follow-up automated emails and receive real-time notifications.

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7. AtomPark Software

Atomic Email Tracker provides an online tool for tracking the effectiveness of email newsletters.

Discover who your subscribers are based on their IP addresses and countries when they open your emails, which links they click, the device they use, and previous campaign results.

You can track the results of email campaigns quickly.

8. MailTracker by Hunter

Email service supported: Gmail

Pricing: Hunter’s MailTracker comes free to everyone.

Hunter’s MailTracker is a free and simple email tracking tool that works with Gmail. MailTracker is a program that allows you to track the open and read status of your emails.

You can track the details of your email as soon as it is opened by your recipients. This information will appear in Gmail. You can see how often emails are opened and on what device.

It’s not quite as powerful as some other email trackers but it is free and offers a lot of information.

9. HubSpot

Pricing: HubSpot provides free plans on all their software. Plans start at $50 a month for the Sales and Marketing Hubs.

HubSpot is a marketing and sales tool that offers a variety of software. Each Hub comes with its own email tracking features, tailored to meet the needs of salespeople and marketers.

HubSpot Sales Hub automatically tracks and loads email engagement and opens into your CRM.

Marketing Hub supports A/B testing of emails. Full-funnel reporting helps you to understand the impact your email marketing has on your business.

10. Mailchimp

Pricing: Mailchimp has a limited free plan. Plans start at $9.99 a month for 500 contacts.

Email marketing is the OG, but Mailchimp has expanded its platform to include a number of other marketing automation channels and tools.

They still have their roots. The company offers powerful email marketing features, including A/B tests, robust email analytics, and all of the email automation tools you need to grow a business.

Last Line

The right email tracking software isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You may only need a simple add-on that will tell you if your recipients have opened your email. Other times, You need a robust email marketing tool with full features. The tools listed above can help you improve your email game, no matter what features you require.

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