Top 10 Employee Management Software

Employee Management Software

Software that helps employees manage their records and information is called employee management software. These programs can be used to track employee attendance or record professional activities. These platforms are designed to improve employee productivity and smooth operation.

These programs are part of the HR software subset and have some similarities to employee scheduling software, task management systems, and digital collaboration tools.

Top 10 Employee Management Software

Software that helps you manage employee matters, such as training, recruitment, and salary, is called employee management software. Here’s a list of top employee management software.

1. Connecteam

Connecteam is a top-rated software program that improves employee communication, training, management, and productivity.

Surveys are used by the software to collect information from employees. This includes information about employee engagement, performance, and training needs. This information is valuable to the HR department when determining how to fill employee gaps, give rewards, or offer recognition.

Connecteam offers four pricing options, with a free option. The software also offers a 14-day trial period for the advanced and basic packages.

The Connecteam app works well for any business, large or small, and remote or in-office. Connecteam is a great tool for HR and managers. It allows you to customize your workflow, communicate with staff easily, and streamline the process.

The app provides employee solutions, such as employee engagement or training for employees who work irregular hours. Connecteam is used primarily for research, construction, or field service teams.

The Key Features

  • Training for employees
  • Employee scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Remote access
  • 360-degree feedback

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2. Gusto

Gusto is a great software solution for small businesses that manage payroll.

This app is useful for finance and HR departments. This software records employee information, such as overtime and paid leave, and provides updates like tax adjustments.

This app is easy to use and provides automated updates. Gusto is ideal for the hospitality, security, and healthcare industries that have employees who work on scheduled shifts.

The app is available in four different paid plans. Contractors who don’t wish to sign up for an annual subscription may opt for a special pricing package.

The Key Features

  • Automated tax and filing
  • Unlimited, flexible payrolls
  • Multiple integrations
  • Simple to use interface
  • Time tracking tools

3. Zoho

Zoho is a powerful people management software. This app helps you manage employee databases, onboarding, training, collaboration, and more.

Zoho gives managers quick access to their personnel files, seamless backend HR processing, and easy tracking of employee information.

This app can be used by both remote and in-office employees. Employees can access their data with Zoho easily, including vacation time, attendance, and tasks.

Pricing for Zoho includes five plans. Each plan is billed per user and costs annually. Zoho also offers add-ons like learning management systems and employee profiles for an additional fee.

This app is ideal for those working in industries that have work shifts such as finance, media, and education.

The Key Features

  • Simple to use interface
  • Remote accessibility
  • Compatibility with iOS & Android
  • Multiple integrations
  • Mobile attendance and GPS
  • Automation and customizations in HR processes
  • Shift schedules automation

4. is an enterprise-class employee management platform. is a leader in employee engagement and talent management. has a reliable support system that is available 24/7, making it a great app for HR managers. also offers multiple views which makes it easy to make quick decisions. Managers can quickly identify urgent tasks and mark them as such. can be a benefit to your employees as it promotes employee well-being and development.

The app is available in four pricing plans, including an enterprise package. Businesses with two or more employees are eligible for the free plan. is therefore suitable for all budgets and businesses.

The Key Features

  • Automated reminders
  • Employee progress tracking
  • Secure contact information
  • Customizable CRM

5. Paychex

Paychex is the top-rated employee management and payroll software. Paychex allows HR managers to effectively manage the process of sourcing, retaining, and remunerating employees.

Paychex is simple to use and generates accurate payroll reports quickly. HR professionals and accountants have the ability to customize the payroll to include details about employees such as retirement plans or health benefits.

There are different plans available depending on your workforce size. For pricing information, you will need to request a quote from the website.

The Key Features

  • Service personal
  • Customizable payroll
  • Android and Ios compatible
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Automated payroll

6. FinClock

FinClock is one of the best employee management software for small businesses. It improves productivity and resource management.

FinClock automates staff scheduling and central communication to save time. The app tracks employee hours and incorporates them into the payroll automatically. FinClock can be used to reduce operational costs.

FinClock is a great app for managing field staff and employees who work on shifts. This staff includes marketers, social workers, and postal service employees.

FinClock also allows remote employees to be managed. The app tracks all details regarding employees’ location, attendance, and clock.

Managers can use this employee management software to manage their time. FinClock allows managers to work independently of their junior staff members. FinClock gives teams the freedom to work independently and with confidence.

FinClock app can be affordable, making it a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Key Features

  • Multiple language support
  • Real-time information
  • Personalized notifications
  • Multiple tasks
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Reports on task progress.

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7. Kissflow

Kissflow is the best communication and accountability app.

It is interactive and features a chat function that allows employees to communicate. This software also has an anonymous feature that allows employees to freely discuss sensitive topics and offer their opinions without fear of intimidation.

Kissflow offers poll features that allow HR managers to take surveys and assess key parameters such as employee job satisfaction. These surveys are available in real time and can be used to guide managers in making the right decisions about the staff.

Kissflow allows employees to personalize their notifications. This setting allows only pop-ups to alerts employees have designated as important. This feature promotes productivity and prevents distractions.

Kissflow offers four pricing options, including a custom package. The customized package can be tailored to the specific requirements of your enterprise at an additional cost. A free trial is available without requiring credit card information.

The Key Features

  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • Anonymous commenting feature
  • Processes automation
  • Notification of deadlines and escalation
  • Real-time reports
  • Multiple views

8. SAP

SAP is a market leader in workforce planning and HR analytics.

SAP HR analytics is used by managers to evaluate employees’ needs and provide the support they need. These include employee¬†training, compensation, and empowerment. Managers can support these needs by providing appropriate learning courses and corresponding salaries to the employees’ level of service.

To enhance the employee experience, this app uses SuccessFactors solutions. These solutions help employees stay motivated and productive by supporting talent management and workforce planning.

SAP offers free training and trials to help users make informed purchase decisions.

This software is ideal for small and medium businesses. This app is most useful for the public sector, utility companies, professional service providers, and other organizations.

The Key Features

  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • HR Analytics and Insights
  • Multiple integrations
  • Guided workflows
  • Global payroll data compliance
  • Automation

9. Litmos

Litmos is a top-rated employee management software that allows staff to train and develop.

Litmos makes it easy to manage the entire learning program cycle, starting with the initial setup stage and ending with implementation. This includes integrating existing courses and integrating new ones.

The software offers robust training courses that can be used in different industries such as manufacturing, content creators, non-profits, and airlines.

Litmos offers affordable remote employee management software. It is available in both paid and free plans. You can choose from either standalone or bundle training packages. The website will provide you with a quote. To test the app, you can get discounted rates and a risk-free, cost-free 14-day trial.

The Key Features

  • User-friendly Interface
  • LMS, Learning Management System
  • There are many training courses
  • Automated task management
  • Training options available online and offline

10. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is the best applicant tracking and recruiting software, ATS. This software-as-a-service, SaaS, is most suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Bamboo HR improves human resource functions. Bamboo HR has many advantages, including a faster hiring process, better communication efficiency, and it tracks all employees’ personal data.

Bamboo HR users enjoy streamlined processes that save time and money. Bamboo HR users also benefit from streamlined processes and encourage personal online interactions.

The app has two payment options, the essential and the advantage. You can also get a quote for free and a 2-week free trial.

The Key Features

  • Employee data and analytics tools
  • On-boarding features
  • Mobile phone compatibility
  • Approval of Workflows
  • Protect employee records
  • Simple to use interface
  • Time tracking
  • Payroll Integrations


Employees are valuable assets that contribute to the success of a company. It is not an easy task to manage your employees. With good employee management software, You can easily manage your employees’ performance, store and access personal data, and conduct the hiring process.

Consider your company’s size, budget, as well as employee management requirements when choosing employee management software. These are important factors in choosing the right software for your company. If you are unsure about the software, consider a trial period and training to help you assess its effectiveness. You will gain firsthand experience that will help you make a decision about purchasing the software. These options are available in software like Connecteam and Zoho as well as the tools necessary to solve most employee problems.

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