Top 10 Fast Growing SaaS Startups You Should Watch

Top 10 Fast Growing SaaS Startups You Should Watch

Try the waters first before you launch your startup. Even though the experiences of SaaS startups may be completely different from yours, it is important to do some research so you don’t make the same mistakes.

According to the 2018 SaaS market report, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is a trend that’s here to stay. The SaaS industry is expected to grow by $76 million by 2022. This rapid growth has prompted many American vendors to adopt cloud technologies and align them with their products. This led to the creation of the new concept of XaaS. It literally means “anything as a Service”. The XaaS model is applicable to platforms, software, and infrastructure. It allows companies maximum business agility while product development takes place.

What’s the fuss about SaaS? SaaS adoption is financially profitable. The model is very cost-effective as there is no hardware to replace. Software products are easy to maintain due to their incremental backups and the ability to quickly check upon them. On-premise solutions, unlike SaaS software that can be accessed via Wi-Fi, are typically more costly.

This article will focus on the top SaaS startups for enterprise and consumer customers in 2022. These companies are worth looking at if you love SaaS, or just want to learn more about this fascinating field and get an outlet for your SaaS ideas.

Top SaaS Startups in 2022

It is hard to pick ten SaaS startups that are worth your attention. We gave it a try. When compiling this list, the main criteria were innovation, growth rate, and future perspectives of each SaaS company. We also considered awards and competitions that honor new SaaS startup concepts, such as Product Hunt and Fast Company’s List of top 10 SaaS companies.

1. CoSchedule

CEO: Garrett Moon
Year of foundation: 2014
USA Country

CoSchedule was founded in 2014 and has more than 9,000 clients. It is also used in over 100 countries. This service can be used to enhance the job of marketers. It is listed among the biggest SaaS companies all over the world. It’s basically a platform that allows marketers to create and schedule projects, collaborate on them, and promote them. CoShedule is on G2 Crowd’s Top Products for Marketers 2020. It was also named the fastest-growing saas company in North Dakota.

As CoSchedule founder Garrett Moon reveals, the startup’s rapid prosperity is due to its use of the one-metric-that-matters (1MTM) framework while growing the product. 1MTM was a focus and discipline for CoSchedule. The product gained rapid traction by targeting the right audience and traffic. It has raised $2.5million in funding over its four-year existence. It doesn’t look like they will stop there.

2. Setapp

CEO: Oleksandr Kosovan
Year of foundation: 2017

Setapp, a subscription service that allows Mac users to download Mac apps, was created by Olesandr Kosovan in 2017. He is also the founder and CEO MacPaw. This company is a listed SaaS software company.

This platform bundles over 140 apps for Mac. Most of the apps are productivity-related. These apps include Ulysses to write, MindNode for brainstorming, AnyTrans to file transfer, and many others. All this is available for a flat $9.99 per month.

Setapp is often referred to by its paid customers as Netflix for apps. It was particularly prominent after the launch of Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple TV+, which are subscription services that are conceptually identical to Setapp.

3. CompStak

CEO: Michael Mandek, Vadim Belobrovka
Year of foundation: 2011
USA Country

CompStak (Commercial Real Estate) is a platform that focuses on CRE. It provides a detailed overview of sales and lease comparables, which is a comparison of the company’s same-store sales to the previous year. It works on a crowdfunding basis and can be a valuable asset to property professionals, investors, brokers, appraisers, and brokers. Forbes referred to the company as “the one that introduced more high-quality M&A practice in 2017” and continues to grow.

4. Docurated

CEO: Alex Gorbansky
Year of foundation: 2012
USA Country

We’ve been obsessive about all-in-one solutions for the past few years. It’s becoming easier to create software that can handle many tasks, especially when it comes to organizational activities. Docurated, an enterprise-focused sales enablement platform, is one of the most popular B2B SaaS startups. The software startups platform allows for the management of an entire organization’s workflow, from customizing and sharing content to measuring revenue.

Docurated has raised over $5 million in funding. The company is rapidly expanding around the globe. This is the lesson to be learned: Automation and multitasking are at the heart of 2022’s B2B SaaS startups.

5. FeatureSpace

CEO: Martina King
Year of foundation: 2008
UK Country

FeatureSpace is a SaaS product that specializes in adaptive behavioral analysis. Top saas companies are well-known SaaS products. It detects and tracks anomalies in behavioral data to prevent fraud for organizations. The company uses the most recent AI trends to improve system security and is clearly a role model for others.

The company received the Industry Achievement Award at the 2018 Card and Payments Event. They raised $25 million in funding that same year. Martina King, CEO of FeatureSpace, stated that these investments will be used by the company to partner with international payment processors and to distribute its solutions to new markets.

6. Netcrumb

CEO: Dragos Ivanov
Year of foundation: 2018
UK Country

Netcrumb is an easy website builder that doesn’t require any coding. You can create a WordPress website in just a few steps for $29, which is the same price as a WordPress theme. Netcrumb is an excellent place to start your first SaaS product. Dragos Ivanov was the founder of Netcrumb. He started with a modest budget and outsourced an app from Bucharest. His story was filled with ups and downs. The entire story is documented in Medium posts with cost estimates and lessons learned.

Netcrumb’s infancy means that it is too early to predict whether Netcrumb will be a success. It’s an excellent example of how to get people interested in your product.

7. AktivTrak

CEO: Rita Selvaggi
Year of foundation: 2012
USA Country

AktivTrak’s efforts to foster innovation in the B2B SaaS companies will continue to attract public attention through 2022. The startup is based on a unique platform for team behavior analysis. This solution is free and can control any organization, even those that manage remote employees. AktivTrak intelligently monitors workplace activities and offers suggestions for optimizing operations.

Crunchbase ranked the company among the most promising SaaS startups for 2022. Its success is obvious. AktivTrak has a $4 million annual revenue and was recently funded with $20 million. A robust tool for automated control could be a lifesaver for many businesses as work processes become more sophisticated.

8. Shopify

CEO: Tobias Lutke
Year of foundation: 2004

Despite the widespread belief that e-commerce is in decline, there are many SaaS companies that appear to be able to continue their dominance. Shopify is one example of such a startup for enterprise saas companies. It is the leading e-commerce platform in the world and its impact on 2022 has been huge. Shopify was created to enable merchants of small and medium-sized businesses to create and manage their own stores.

Shopify’s services were used by 1 billion merchants in 2018. It is on the list of fastest-growing startups. The company is forecast to make $1 billion this year. Huge. Shopify is the perfect startup to learn from if you still believe in eCommerce.

9. Seamgen

CEO: Marc Alringer
Year of foundation: 2005
USA Country

Every year, the demand for mobile and web development services grows. 2022 will not be an exception. A large number of startups that focus on developing services have emerged on the scene with solutions that range from project management supervision to dedicated teams.

Seamgen has been the company to shine in the web/mobile development spotlight for 2022. Seamgen is a San Diego-based company that builds high-quality software solutions for startups and businesses using its fully automated SaaS platform.

10. Lately

CEO: Kate Bradley Chernis
Year of foundation: 2014
USA Country

Another reminder: The 2022 SaaS stars will all be integrated platforms. The software has more opportunities to stand out if it can complete more tasks. Another example of a SaaS multitasker is Lately. It is a multitasker that focuses on the organizational goals and provides one-stop solutions to content management, communications, analytics, as well as other services.

Lately has raised over $2.5 million in funding through 10 rounds. It continues to attract investors’ interest (so it should certainly attract yours).

Learn from SaaS startup leaders

SaaS offers a clear path to success as a business model. The Best SaaS products can be set up quickly and maintained easily, and they are less expensive than traditional on-premise hardware. We recommend that you focus on the most important criteria for your SaaS product while looking at the trends. These are the must-haves:

  • Potential funding.
  • Product-market fit.
  • Unique characteristics that are not found in other competitors.
  • Predictions of revenue versus the cost of design and maintenance.
  • Manage the expectations of your target customer.

You’re now ready to go top startups. This list of B2B as well as B2C SaaS companies should help you to figure out how software development can create and deliver value in 2022. It’s easy and straightforward.

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