Top 10 Free and Paid Proxy Servers

Top 10 Free and Paid Proxy Servers

A proxy server is an application or online service that runs on the network that allows the computer to make a request on its behalf. It acts as an intermediary between the client (the client) and a service. The client will be your computer, and the service will be the website you request to visit. Proxy servers are most commonly used to mask or change an IP address when visiting a website.

Proxy Servers can be used not only to access blocked content but also to control Internet usage by children/employees. You can configure it to deny access to certain sites. It offers you better network performance and can also be used to keep data safe from unauthorized access, maintain anonymity, and assess the content that has been blocked.

Top 10 Free and Paid Proxy Servers

1. Smartproxy

Best for Setting up proxy servers on Chrome and Firefox in just a few clicks.

Smartproxy is a residential proxy network that helps you shoot unlimited connection requests concurrently. This allows your scraper access to a wide range of websites in a matter of seconds. Each task can be assigned a different proxy user. Each proxy user will have its own login credentials.

This service makes it extremely easy to set up proxy servers. Smartproxy provides comprehensive documentation that covers everything you’ll need to know to set up and install proxies.


  • You can establish unlimited connections and threads.
  • There are 195 data centers in harbors located in 8 cities around the world.
  • Facilitate simultaneous proxy connections
  • This allows you to access geo-blocked services.

Verdict: If your browser needs instant proxy access, Smartproxy is the best service. Smartproxy is powered by more than 40 million IPs. The setup process is very simple and made even easier by the extensive documentation.

Price: Smartproxy has a flexible pricing model. For small projects, you can pay as low as $12.5 per gigabyte The Micro Plan costs $80 per month for 8GB. The $255/month starter plan for 25GB will be charged to your account, while the $400/month regular plan will be charged to your account. A 100GB Enterprise plan is also available starting at $700 per month.

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2. Light Data

Best for Making data-driven business decisions It allows you to unlock any website and collect precise data.

Bright Data offers a Proxy Manager that allows you to manage all proxies from one interface. Proxy Manager can be used as an open-source tool. It includes built-in scraping capabilities. Bright Data provides tools such as Data Center Proxies and ISP Proxies. It also offers Residential Proxies and Mobile Proxies.


  • Bright Data Proxy Manager features the ability to route requests according to your custom rules
  • through residential data centers, mobile IP networks, and other locations.
  • It includes Regex and custom rules to reduce traffic.
  • It provides detailed request logs.
  • You can monitor and browse all requests sent via proxy.

Verdict: BrightData Proxy Manager will assist you in a variety of use cases, such as web data extraction and e-commerce, stock market data collection, brand protection, and so on. Bright Data can collect data from eCommerce and Social Media. Bright Data offers global support 24×7 and dedicated account managers.

Price: Bright Data provides a 7-day free trial. Bright Data offers pay-as-you-go, monthly subscriptions, and yearly plans.

Monthly subscription plans start from $300 per month Annual subscription plans start at $270 a month. The Pay-As-You-Go pricing plans include Datacenter ($0.90/IP+$0.12/GB), residential ($25/GB), ISP (29/GB + $0.50/IP), and mobile ($60/GB).

3. HMA

Best for anonymous surfing.

HMA provides a free proxy server to anonymously browse the internet. It allows you to access blocked websites anywhere in the world. It has the ability to private browse in one tab, hides the IP in one tab, and allows for safe online banking on any network. It can be used on any device so that you have access to all online games and apps.


  • HMA features can stop ISP tracking and protect your browsing history from being tracked and stored by ISPs.
  • It offers an encrypted connection, which allows you to surf securely even when there is no Wi-Fi.
  • You can also access US TV shows through paid subscriptions.
  • You can access restricted websites by using HMA

Verdict: HMA is capable of protecting five devices simultaneously. It can be used with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and others. It works with platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac, iOS, Android, and others.

Price: HMA provides a 7-day free trial. You can choose from a 12-month plan for $4.99/month or a 36-month plan for $2.99/month. These prices apply to 5 connections. There are multiple business plans available, starting at $12.99 per month for 10 simultaneous connections.

4. Whoer

Best for Fast and easy IP address change.

Whoer provides web proxy services, including checking Internet speed, checking domain and IP, and DNS leak testing. Its web proxy allows you to change your IP address, block sites, and gain anonymity online. You can access its services in many countries.


  • Whoer offers features that can be used to block websites and internet providers from tracking you.
  • Whoer’s premium anonymizer offers a fast connection with servers in the desired country. These connections offer excellent speed and low ping.
  • It won’t track user actions, and there will be no logs with the premium or free versions.
  • It is protected by excellent security measures and nobody, not even Whoer, will be able to see your online activities.

Verdict: Whoer can be used for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It is compatible with all platforms and devices such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and others. It allows you to access websites without any blocking.

Price: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can choose from 1-month ($9.90/month), 6-months ($6.50/month), or 1-year ($3.90/month) plans.


Best for Fastest VPN and Privacy Protection. is a web proxy app that works on all devices and offers secure VPN protocols. It has a strict no-logs policy. It offers streaming support, fixed IP address, dynamic port forwarding, and fixed IP address in the premium version. The browser extension is free for Chrome and Firefox browsers.


  • All servers support popular protocols like IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, etc.
  • can be used by everyone, including beginners and geeks as well as adults.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple TVs, and smartphones.

Verdict: offers IP leak protection, strong AES256 encryption, privacy protection, and the best security. It is compatible with all devices, including desktops, laptops, and smartphones as well as Apple TVs.

Price: offers three VPN plans, one month ($12.95/month), one-year ($4.99/month), and six months ($6.65/month).

6. Oxylabs Proxy server

It best Innovative proxy service that can gather data at a large scale.

Oxylabs provides a unique proxy service that allows you to gather data on a large scale. It provides solutions for Datacenter proxies and Residential Proxies as well as Next-Gen Residential Proxies and Real-time Crawlers. The Oxylabs(r) self-service dashboard provides detailed statistics on proxy usage. It allows you to create sub-users and whitelist IPs.


  • Datacenter Proxies offer unlimited bandwidth and domains, as well as a dedicated account manager.
  • Residential Proxies allow for human-like scraping, without blocking the IP. They also provide 24/7 support, on average. 99.2% success rate, with city-level targeting.
  • Next-Gen Residential Proxies use AI & ML to provide efficient web scraping. They offer features such as auto-retry, captcha handling, and adapting parser.
  • Real-time crawlers can extract data from search engines and eCommerce websites. It can filter by country and ASN.

Verdict: Oxylabs(r) self-service dashboard will allow you to manage your account. The data-gathering tool is 100% successful. It can be used in many applications, including market research, travel fare aggregate, brand protection, and price monitoring.

Price: Datacenter proxies pricing plans start at $180 per month. Residential Proxies pricing starts at $300 per month. The Next-Gen Residential Proxies cost starts at $360 per Month and the Real-time Crawler cost starts at $99 Per Month.

7. 4everproxy

Best for free and secure web proxy.

4everproxy offers multiple VPN servers in 8 different locations. It uses TLS to secure all connections. It uses a different IP address to access each page you visit. Your browser cannot view URLs.

4everproxy allows you to choose the location of your server. The Custom HTTP Proxy option allows you to enter your custom proxy using the IP: PORT format. It tunnels all traffic through 4everproxy’s server, and through the proxy you provide.


  • After closing your browser for 2 hours, 4everproxy will delete the proxy sessions.
  • It supports Double Proxy, which allows you to connect with multiple proxy servers.
  • It encrypts all VPN connections. It does not keep logs of your online activities.

Verdict: 4everproxy provides unlimited bandwidth and full access to all VPN networks with all plans. There are no limitations on file size or proxy limits with 4everproxy. It is completely free and allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and securely.

Price: 4everproxy is free to use. The single-user VPN costs $3.95 and includes unlimited bandwidth, all VPN locations, logs, and no logs.

8. CroxyProxy

The best-advanced proxy online. It’s a great alternative to VPN.

CroxyProxy provides a secure and free web proxy that has advanced capabilities. It can be used for video hosting, Search Engines, social networking, and many other purposes. It allows anonymous surfing on video sites and full video streaming.

It’s a free tool that doesn’t require installation or configuration. It acts as a proxy browser. CroxyProxy uses a unique technology to allow you to access modern websites and web apps.


  • CroxyProxy can hide your real IP address so you can surf anonymously.
  • All websites will be SSL-encrypted.
  • It has permalink capabilities that allow you to share the pages with your friends.
  • It is cross-platform compatible with Android OS and Chrome OS.
  • CroxyProxy supports HTML5 video and audio playback.

Verdict: CroxyProxy is a service that works with all resources. It also supports YouTube. It provides greater protection by encrypting all traffic to the free proxy. CroxyProxy protects the web traffic even if the destination site does not support secure connections.

Price: CroxyProxy provides a basic version at no cost. You can get premium access for only $3.50 per year.

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9. ProxySite

The best speed and security that it offers. Its gigabit network offers fast speeds for browsing web pages. is an anonymous web proxy site that has dedicated VPN servers around the globe. It does not store logs and offers the best security and privacy. You will be able to view web pages faster thanks to its gigabit network.


  • Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL), allows you to surf securely.
  • It allows for global access.
  • transmits everything back to your computer, regardless of whether the destination site is secure.

Verdict: protects your privacy. It allows anonymous browsing and bypasses filters. It provides services such as free YouTube proxy or Facebook proxy.

Pricing: ProxySite offers a premium service with monthly ($9.99 per month), and annual ($5.99/per month) pricing plans.

10. Tor Browser

The best browser to protect against surveillance, tracking, and censorship.

Tor is an anonymous browser that allows you to surf the internet anonymously. It prevents you from being tracked, monitored, or censored. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms. Tor can protect properly configured applications. Although Tor encrypts traffic within and to Tor, encryption of traffic to destination websites will depend on the website.


  • Tor blocks trackers and resists fingerprinting.
  • It offers multi-layered encryption.
  • It includes HTTPS everywhere in order to provide secure encryption for websites.
  • It prevents browser plugins such as QuickTime and RealPlayer from being installed because they could reveal your IP address.
  • It’s used to prevent websites from identifying you by your browser configurations.

Verdict: Tor won’t let anyone (including your ISP), know about your Internet activities, such as names and websites you visit. Your IP address is not known by the website operators. They can only see the Tor network connection.

Price: Tor can be used as a free, open-source tool.

Last Line — Top Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers store your IP address as well as information about your web request in an unencrypted format. When choosing a proxy server, make sure to check whether it logs and saves the data. Encryption capabilities should be available on the server.

Proxy servers should not log IP addresses. When choosing a server, it is important to verify the policies regarding data retention and law enforcement cooperation.

Proxy servers that are free of charge can be dangerous because they don’t invest in encryption or backend hardware. These free services could cause performance problems and data security issues.

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