Top 10 Free CSS Editors

Free CSS Editors

CSS is a very simple language and does not require a special editor to write. The right code editor can help you avoid errors while writing the CSS code, and overall boost your productivity. . A code editor might be a preference for some developers. However, it may not be necessary for you depending on your project requirements and needs.

If you are just starting out and don’t know which code editor to use, Here are some of the best options, both free and paid — editor that has great features. Let’s see the complete list.

Top 10 Free CSS Editors

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a relatively new code editor, compared to others on this list. However, it has quickly become one of the most used code editors currently, especially among web designers.

You can use it to highlight syntax for many languages, including CSS and CSS Preprocessors like SCSS or LESS. It is even more powerful when working in CSS thanks to some of its extensions, such as CSS IntelliSense and CSS Peek.

Noteworthy Feature: Fast and Works Out of the Box with many language and tool options, such as Grunt and Gulp, plus a great selection of extensions.

2. Notepad++

It is a free source code editor and, notably, a “Notepad” replacement in Windows. It is simple to use, runs fast, supports many languages including CSS, and has features such as Word completion, Function completion, and Function parameters hint that will help you be more productive when creating CSS.

Noteworthy Feature: Syntax folding and highlighting, Macro recording, playback, and document map

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3. WebStorm

JetBrain’s IDE implements auto-completion for all things, even CSS. You can also get notified of CSS problems in real-time. It integrates with Stylelint tools out of the box, which can help you format and maintain consistency in your CSS codes.

Noteworthy Feature: Easy integration with web development tools such as Stylelint, Grunt, and Gulp. Tools for debugging and tracing as well as smarter auto-completion.

4. Coda

A sophisticated code editor with a built-in CSS editor that provides you two CSS editing modes for more flexibility in the designing experience. You can see the results immediately after making changes. You can also modify the CSS of a site right from the editor’s Live Preview tool.

Noteworthy Feature: TouchBar integration and live preview and built-in SFTP/FTP.

5. Atom

GitHub has created a free, open-source code editor. It offers more than code editing capabilities. It integrates seamlessly with GitHub via an embedded Git Control. To enhance your CSS editing experience, you can install many add-ons.

Noteworthy Feature: Can be easily extended and hacked through various APIs. It works out of the box with CSS and the most popular CSS preprocessors.

6. Sublime Text

Another popular code editor for web development. It is cross-platform and natively supports many languages, and markup languages, including CSS. There are numerous extensions that can be added to enhance the CSS editing experience. It is undoubtedly the foundation of modern code editors. It includes many features, such as Multiline selection, “Go to Anywhere”, Command Pallete, and other useful tools that can be used to improve the developer’s productivity.

Notable feature: Fast, advanced code editing features such as “Go to Anywhere”, Multiline selection and subl CLI.

7. Brackets

Adobe Systems has created a lightweight and free editor specifically for web development. It can be written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and supports natively CSS Pre-processors.

This allows you to edit in a new way with “Inline Editing”. It is possible to press Command/Ctrl +E, which will display all CSS selectors that have the ID in an inline view. This allows you to edit the CSS selector within the current file and not jump between files.

8. Espresso

Beautiful macOS application for code editing. This app comes with a GUI tool that allows you to edit CSS styles easily. When editing stylesheets, this tool will be located in the lower part of the right sidebar. This tool allows you to modify text styling, color, alignment, font size, line height, and text color. It also lets you adjust the layout, such as padding, margins or floats.

Noteworthy Feature: GUI tool to edit CSS, native SCSS, and LESS support, auto-completion.

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9. TextMate

A code editor for macOS that allows you to edit code and supports native support for many programming languages, including CSS. TextMate is well-known for its TextMate grammar, Language. This is used in popular code editors such as Atom and Sublime Text to create customized syntax highlighting for a particular language.

Notable feature: Native Macros support to automate repetitive tasks, Snippets integration, and Shell integration

10. bbEdit

Also known as bbEdit, TextWrangler is a lightweight and powerful code editor for macOS. Apart from the essential features of syntax coloring for different programming languages, code folding, and code auto-completion; bbEdit also has SFTP/FTP support and seamless integration with other macOS features like AppleScript, Automator, and Unix scripting.

Noteworthy Feature: macOS Integration, and built-in GUI Tool for Editing HTML.

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