Top 10 Free Online Survey Tools

Top 10 Free Online Survey Tools

Online survey tools can be used to gauge customer satisfaction, collect feedback, and measure employee satisfaction.

Online survey tools make it quick and easy to create and send surveys. However, there are so many survey platforms out there that claim to be the best that choosing the right one for you can prove more difficult than creating surveys.

We’ve collected 10 of the most popular free survey tools, and summarized their features in this post.

Top 10 Free Survey Tools for 2022

We have a list of top online survey tools that you can use to quickly and easily find out what you need. These are our top online survey tools that you can free:

1. Google Forms

Much like the other tools Google offers, Forms is similar to other Google tools. It allows you to easily do what you want, in this instance, collecting online survey responses. It is completely free, and there are no restrictions on how many surveys you can create, how many questions each survey can ask, or how many responses you can collect.

Your results can be automatically exported to Google Sheets so that you can share and access them online. You can also add collaborators to your results and embed surveys in emails.

This is also the only option that does not offer a premium version. You will have full access to all features and no need to worry about Google trying to upsell you on more advanced versions.

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2. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular online survey tools due to its ease of use. It takes just minutes to create a survey and then you can share it or embed it on your website.

The free version has limited functionality. It only allows you to answer 10 questions, and it can access up to 40 responses per question.

SurveyMonkey is a good choice if you are looking to get a few people to complete a brief survey. SurveyMonkey’s paid version costs $16 per month and allows you to collect more responses or create in-depth surveys.

3. Typeform

Typeform has a number of advantages, including dropdown lists and multiple choices, pictures, date options, multiple choice, question groups as well as ratings, opinions scales, rating, yes/no questions, and more.

Typeform is a great option if you are bored with standard survey options, and want to gather information from respondents in a variety of different ways. The free version only allows you to collect 10 responses per month for all your surveys. You’ll need to pay $25 per month if you have more responses.

4. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is a powerful tool and advanced platform that allows users to create beautiful and easy-to-use surveys even on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It was created to be an enterprise-level survey platform and is used by many brands, including Samsung, Airbnb, Samsung, and Groupon. It has a polished look that is different from the rest of this list’s surveys.

Nevertheless, there are limitations to the free version.

Although there are infinite survey questions and responses, free accounts can only create three surveys. Only the paid versions of data export are available (starting at $15/month). All free surveys include large SurveyLegend branding.

5. Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal is a survey tool created by Automatic, the company behind & WooCommerce, called Crowdsignal. The survey tool is free and offers unlimited questions and surveys. Crowdsignal integrates seamlessly into WordPress so it could be a great choice if you have a WordPress site.

You will need to upgrade to a paid plan starting at $15/month if you wish to receive more than 2500 replies, export data, or access email support.

6. Survey Planet

Survey Planet is one of the best free survey tools. Surveys are not restricted to this easy-to-use platform They can be used to collect responses or questions. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to create simple surveys and send them out.

The paid plans start at $20/month and $180/year. They include custom survey themes and branching questions, nonbranded surveys, additional question types, and data exports and results in the form of charts.

7. SurveyNuts

SurveyNuts allows you to quickly create surveys. The free version can only allow you to ask 10 questions and get 100 responses per survey. You will need to upgrade to a paid version if you want to add more questions to a survey or get more answers. The cost for this is $17/month.

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8. Zoho Survey

Zoho Surveys offers a free account that allows you to create unlimited surveys, each with up to 100 answers and 10 questions. Other features include the ability to embed surveys into emails or websites and to assign scoring values to questions.

The $25/month paid version includes unlimited questions and answers, design customization, expert results data, and much more.

9. FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveys allows users to quickly create simple surveys With the additional potential to add a logo for your company. The free version of the survey includes unlimited access to up to 20 questions with 1000 answers.

Although it might seem counterintuitive to upgrade to a paid tool called “FreeOnlineSurveys”, you can upgrade to their premium edition starting at $12.99 per month to remove ads and add customization beyond a logo.

10. Survs

Survs is a very popular online survey tool and has clients such as Nestle and Spotify. It allows groups to create and distribute surveys online.

The free version lets you create unlimited surveys, with up to 5 questions and 100 answers. It also offers more customization options than other free survey tools. Survs offers paid plans starting from $20/month. These plans allow you to add advanced filters and passwords to your surveys, as well as export your results.

Last Line — Choose the top online survey tools

There are many free online survey tools that you can use today. Each one is unique and suited to different business types and needs. Take some time to test them all and find the right one for you.

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