Top 10 Free QR Code Generators

Top 10 Free QR Code Generators

Although you will need a smartphone to read the QR code, it is easier to understand what they are. Quick Response codes, or simply QR codes, are small square-printed boxes that store data and transmit it. A QR code is more practical for many purposes, including ticketing and tracking. This blog listed the top 10 free QR code generators.

This simple tool has been a popular choice for business users and owners, especially in the face of the global pandemic. Forbes even says that QR codes may have been obsolete if COVID-19 wasn’t there. Ahrefs reports that the term QR code was searched in Australia 60,000 times in 2021. The Brisbane Times, however, reported that the official COVID-19 check-in app for Queensland has been used over 1,000,000 times.

QR codes can be used to provide a contactless solution. Another popular use is product labeling. Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to obtain product information, even if they are not in the store. It’s easier to scan a code with your phone than to find a sales rep.

It makes sense to explore this option, given their versatility and consumer behavior. Here are 10 QR code generators you can download for free.

Top 10 Free QR Code Generators

1. ForQRCode

ForQRCode has a simple four-step process to create custom QR codes with logos that never expire. First, enter your QR contents such as website, location and email location, Zoom, PayPal, email, or Bitcoin. After entering your QR contents, customize your design to make it stand out and match your branding. For example, you can use a transparent background, custom background, or foreground color. You can change the background, marker border, add your business logo, or choose a watermark. After the design is complete, you can generate the QR code and then download it as.png or.SVG vector graphic.

it’s one of the most popular free QR code generator tools. It allows you to customize your code and you don’t have to register before downloading your codes.

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2. QRCode Monkey

The quality of the final product is crucial if you plan to use the QR code in printed copies. QRCode Monkey can help you generate high-quality QR codes that are suitable for printing. The codes you generate are just like ForQRCode and don’t expire so they can be used indefinitely.

Every QR code can be corrected up to 30% if it is not in error, You can also use it for adding a logo image, provided it does not exceed 30% or cover the corners. You can also customize your QR codes to make them stand out by adding gradient colors and using your own color scheme.

QRCode Monkey is an excellent choice for managing multiple marketing campaigns at once. It also has bulk creation and campaign folders features, as well as scan statistics. You can also track QR codes and gain insight into how they are used.

3. ZebraQR

ZebraQR is a digital menu creation platform for small bars and restaurants. Customers have become more comfortable with digital menus after the COVID-19 pandemic forced many institutions to be as contactless as possible. This approach is also more friendly to the environment. It’s a win-win situation.

It can be used to create your QR code and menu. You can choose from eight different designs, and you have unlimited color options. This allows you to personalize it to match your branding. It can be used to make changes in real-time and organize your items into different categories. If you have to make any updates, it is very simple and straightforward.

It’s not free as some other tools, but it has a decent Free plan. There are two main differences between the paid and free plans: you will only have access to certain items and you will need to rely on support from the community instead of dedicated support.


You can create custom QR codes with free-qr-code in 100 batches. It functions in the same way as other free web tools. Select the QR code type you want, then design the code and click on the download button.

Its main advantage is its ability to generate bulk codes, which makes the process faster. This is a great option if you are aware that you will need multiple QR codes simultaneously.

You also have a lot of customization options. It can be used to change the color or add your business logo. One con is that, unlike other QR code generators, you will need to sign up for a paid plan in order to have more customization options.

5. Visualead

Visualead has been trusted by over 500,000 businesses, including eBay, MasterCard, Unilever, and BMW. Their website states that their tool can be used to help brands get 400% more scans, twice as many leads, and social engagements.

The Free plan allows you to manage up to three active QR code campaigns. Each QR code can be scanned 500 times. Access to Visual QR codes, animations, advanced QR code effects, and mobile landing pages, as well as visual QR codes and animated QR codes from the gallery. However, Visualead ads can be removed and advanced scans analytics and dynamic QR code editing will only be available to those who sign up for a paid plan starting at $7.52 per month.

Signing up for a paid plan if you intend to print your QR codes can be more cost-effective. After the QR code has been printed, you can change its contents. It costs less than $8 per month, so it is more economical.

6. QR Stuff

QR Stuff’s website is populated with plenty of white space, making it much simpler and more fun to create a QR code. We have found that many free online tools do not provide a good user experience. This tool proves that this is not true. It doesn’t mean the web design has to look old just because it offers a free function. While we are on the subject of free, another great advantage is that it can be used to create ad-free code even with the Free plan.

It’s much easier to find what you need next than clicking on endless buttons or scrolling down text. Selecting a data type is the first step. The long list of data types, which can include URLs and events, is clearly presented. All the options are at your fingertips, so you don’t have to scroll down or up a drop-down menu.

Then, you can choose between a dynamic or static editable QR code. Dynamic QR codes are more reliable than static QR codes because the images are smaller.

Selecting the style is the third and final step. Now you can choose the size, resolution, file type, and level of error correction. You also have the option to add dots and corners. You can also add an image or logo for your QR code.

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7. QR Code Generator

You can choose from vCards, plain text URLs, Wi-Fi URLs, Wi-Fi SMS, Twitter, or Bitcoin QR Code Generators. This list is not exhaustive and the QR codes that are available for free are not editable or trackable.

It also lacks customization options. The basic design is black-and-white. You can also choose from different frames and colors. You will need to sign up for the PRO plan to be able to add your logo or company icon.

It is important to note that the pricing information is not always clear. They claim that it can be used to create QR codes for free, but what they really mean is that you can set up a free account and get to try the various features for 14 days. This is an option to be considered if you have a single project that requires a QR Code.

8. QRTiger

Their website claims that their custom QR codes have enabled businesses to receive up to 30% more scans (although this isn’t nearly as high as Visualead claims). You can create up to three active QR code campaigns with the free plan, which is trusted by brands such as Universal, Marriott International, and Samsung. You can scan unlimited QR codes with static QR codes. Dynamic QR codes are limited to 100 scans. You can remove the QRTiger logo popup, track your scans, and access other features by signing up for one of its paid plans that start at $7 per annum.

You will need their customized QR code API to customize your QR codes. You’ll be able to create custom QR codes with your data tracking system, dynamic QR codes, or bulk QR codes. This can be a great option for brands using CRM software. It also allows them to integrate QR codes into their CRM.


TEC-IT is a software company based in Austria that has been producing software for barcoding and labeling. It can be used for raw data, URLs or phone numbers SMS, Twitter, Wi-Fi, email, events, vCards, MeCards, and SEPA payments. Simply select the data type, fill out the details, then download the QR code.

For private, non-commercial projects, you can also download the free software QR Code(r), Maker Freeware. The generated QR codes can be downloaded as bitmap files, or copied to the clipboard. It is available for macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.


We could point fingers at tools that sacrifice user is a great textbook example. It’s still free at all and deserves to be mentioned.

We don’t like the fact that you have to follow the steps almost as an afterthought. The website is too text-heavy, which doesn’t make for the best user experience. Also, unlike many of the offered tools that give you the ability to add your company’s logo free of charge,

You will need to provide your information and they will send you a quotation. This can range from $80 to as high as $80.This is the wrong choice if you value customization.

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