Top 10+ Freelance Websites to Find Work for 2023

Freelance Websites

You’re probably familiar with the overwhelming task of searching for freelance work, even if your online portfolio is complete. We’ll be listing the top freelance websites in this article.

Top Freelance Websites for Finding Work

These are the top 16 freelancing websites we recommend:

1. Fiverr

  • Freelancing Type: digital marketing and web development, social media
  • Pros: diverse Category, Free Registration, Online Courses
  • Cons: higher commission charge, the lengthy payment process

Fiverr is a platform that connects freelancers and business owners who are looking for digital services, such as website design, voice-overs, and content writing.

The freelance website allows both freelancers as well as business owners to easily communicate with each other. You will notice that freelancers are called vendors and their services – are gigs. Business owners are called buyers.

Sellers don’t have to send out bids. Instead, they can sign up and list gigs for free. They can also set their prices. Buyers can browse through various categories and make purchases while they wait.

The system charges the buyer’s account when they purchase a gig and places the money on hold. The system will take a commission and send 80% of freelancers the price offered.

It can take up to 14 business days to withdraw your earnings, depending on the seller level of each freelancer. You have several options to withdraw your earnings, including wire transfer, PayPal, and debit card.

Fiverr offers a wide range of sales opportunities with over 3.42 million buyers. You can decide what price you want, and there are no hourly charges.

With an SSL certificate, sellers are protected from fraud and can receive payments. You also have 24/7 customer support available to assist you.

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2. Toptal

  • Freelancing type: Software development, financial consulting, and interim management
  • Pros: top-tier talent and companies, free invoicing and payment
  • Cons: extensive screening for large projects only

Toptal is a freelancing website that connects industry professionals with companies. Toptal offers a wide range of freelancers from web developers and web designers, to finance consultants and product managers.

To apply to Toptal as a freelancer, you must pass five stages of the screening process. These include a thorough English evaluation and a project assessment. This ensures that only the best and 3% are accepted to the platform.

Once you pass all the steps, you will be able to access various job postings from top companies and clients, including Motorola and Airbnb. Failing the test could result in your application being held up for several months.

Toptal offers a time-tracking and invoicing service called TopTracker. Freelancers can get the final price and receive payments via Payoneer or Paypal, or direct local bank transfer.

3. Jooble

  • Freelancing Type: writing. Graphic design. Data entry
  • Pros: centralized job discovery, email alerts, no signup necessary
  • Cons: no fast application – must apply to each job vacancy’s source

Jooble is an engine that searches for job openings. It aggregates from 140,000+ resources worldwide, including corporate websites and online job boards, freelancing platforms, social networks, and classifieds.

Jooble has a significant advantage: You don’t need to look at multiple job boards or freelancing sites. It centralizes the process of finding freelance opportunities.

Jooble allows you to search for jobs in a specific region. To find jobs in a particular area, select a city from your country on the homepage.

To find freelance jobs, you don’t need to create an account. Jooble’s search engine will allow you to simply enter the keyword you are looking for in order to find the job. To help you find the right job, use different filters like salary range, work experience, and post date.

Jooble works as an aggregator so you can select a search result to be redirected to the source of the job posting. You will find information about the job as well as how to apply.

Jooble will notify you when it finds a job that matches your keyword. Sign up now for email alerts


  • Freelancing Type: Content Translation, Web Development, Social Media Marketing
  • Pros: progress tracking, live chat, 24/7 customer service
  • Cons: complex interfaces, spam applicants, and false clients, another freelance site, allows professionals and companies to collaborate on different projects. Clients can find any kind of expert thanks to the large range of expertise.

Sign up as a freelancer, or business owner. To sign up as a freelancer, you will need to complete a brief registration form. You will need to provide detailed information about yourself, such as your education, skills, and work experience.

In addition to projects, there are also many contests for visual and design work. These contests offer freelancers the opportunity to earn money and get reviews.

After completing a job, every freelancer will be paid in full. The platform will take 10% of your total earnings for contests or fixed projects. You can withdraw via PayPal or wire transfer, just like most freelance websites.

5. Upwork

  • Freelancing Type: Brand Marketing, Programming, Website Design
  • Pros: Payment Protection, Credible Clients, Budget-Based Projects
  • Cons: long selection process, high service fees

Upwork is a website for freelancing that connects freelancers and clients from all over the world.

This platform offers a broad range of categories including web design, software development, customer service, and accounting.

Freelancers and clients have many options to connect. Clients can post jobs and hire talent, or purchase a predefined service from ‘s project catalog. Freelancers have the same access to the job board and can offer their services.

Start by creating an account on Upwork to get started as a freelancer. It should include information about you, your skills, and your work experience. When you apply for jobs or pitch projects, clients will scan your profile to determine if you are qualified.

Upwork uses a sliding scale. This means that the more you work, you will pay. The commission fee for $500 starts at 20% and slowly decreases as you earn more money.

There are many options available for withdrawing money, including direct transfer and PayPal as well as a wire transfer.

6. Flexjobs

  • Freelancing Type: writing and content marketing, transcription
  • Pros: scam-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, reliable support
  • Cons: Some premium jobs are available outside of the platform

Flexjobs offers flexible and remote jobs, such as freelance, part-time, and full-time. There are many categories to choose from, including writing and journalism jobs and education and training.

Flexjobs verifies that every job posted on the website has been verified. Flexjobs screens every job posting and filters out fake companies and scams. This freelance website does not display advertisements, unlike other job boards.

A subscription is required to find freelance work. You can choose from four plans starting at $6.95 per week. Each subscription includes unlimited access to job listings, career advice, and skills testing.

You can either pay with a PayPal or prepaid card to purchase your subscription. You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the service, you can get a full reimbursement.

7. SimplyHired

  • Freelancing Type: Human Resources, Finance, Data Entry
  • Pros: email Alerts, Helpful Guides, Free Job Tools
  • Cons: spam originating from unreliable third parties

SimplyHired allows companies to post jobs for free on a job board. It aggregates job opportunities from all over the Internet into one page. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to search for jobs by category.

You can find many freelance opportunities in finance, marketing, and other areas. Simply fill in the search box and enter relevant keywords to find a job. You can narrow down your search results by entering your zip code, state, and city.

To learn more about a company and its benefits, job seekers can access its company pages. This includes a summary of the company’s salary, information on how to apply, and employee reviews.

SimplyHired is open to everyone, even those who do not have a profile. Registering for an account will grant you access to many job tools such as a resume builder and salary estimator.

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8. Guru

  • Freelancing Type: Marketing, Programming, Administration
  • Pros: secure Payment, Custom Job Listings, Free Membership
  • Cons: Potentialfake clients

Guru allows freelancers to connect with companies around the world. Professionals with a variety of skills can be hired by companies, including programmers, graphic designers, and product managers.

It’s easy to search for job listings and send quotes to clients through this freelance website. Sign up now to create a profile as a freelancer. Based on your work experience and skill set, the system will recommend job opportunities.

Freelancers are able to bid on long-term or short-term projects and can set a fixed price. You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or wire transfer. The site also offers SafePay protection to ensure freelancers are paid promptly.

Freelance freelancers who sign up for this website get a basic membership. Paid membership plans offer more tools to help make your profile stand out.

9. LinkedIn

  • Freelancing Type: Copywriting, Translation, Graphic Design
  • Pros: networking possibilities, latest news updates, cost-effective
  • Cons: spam content by malicious users

LinkedIn is one of the most used job sites, allowing you to easily find work in many different fields. LinkedIn is also a social networking platform that allows professionals to interact and connect with one another.

To get started, sign up now and create a profile. Add as much information about yourself as you can, including your education and work experience. An extensive LinkedIn profile can help you find more job opportunities.

Your profile can be made more visible by adding a new post. If you are a freelance writer, write a post about your expertise and attach your portfolio. Your profile might be discovered by potential employers and you could get an offer.

You can also find great freelance opportunities by looking through job postings on LinkedIn. Use related keywords to find the perfect freelance job. Sort the results using the most recent.

10. Behance

  • Freelancing Type: Illustration, photography, web design
  • Pros: large audience, networking opportunities, personalized content
  • Cons: competitive environments, small image files

Behance is different from other freelance websites on this list, is a social networking site for creative talent. This website is used by people all over the world to create portfolios and share their creativity, from illustrations and animations to web and graphic design.

Behance allows you to be discovered by potential employers, whether you’re a freelance graphic designer, Web designer, or animator. Register now to create your profile and make an account.

It’s a social networking site so the more profiles you follow the more posts will show up on your feed. You can find more opportunities for freelance work through it.

Behance also offers a job listing. Each freelancer will receive a customized job recommendation based on their skills and category. This makes it easier to find work that suits your expertise.

11. 99designs

  • Freelancing Type: logo, graphic design, and web
  • Pros: dedicated environment and payment security, active community
  • Cons: High service fees can limit the designer’s level

99designs is a great resource for freelance designers searching for work. 99designs is a free website that allows designers to connect with businesses. You can choose from logo design, book covers, clothing, or merchandise.

After signing up, you will be asked to create a profile. You can also include work experience. Your application will be reviewed by the curation team, who will determine your level as a designer. Your level determines how visible you are on the platform.

99designs makes it easy to find freelance jobs that match your skills. You can select industries, design styles, and categories to access a variety of jobs.

99designs charges an introduction fee of $100, and a platform fee that ranges from 5% up to 15% for every client you work with. Payoneer or PayPal is used to pay freelancers. For those with higher-profile clients, it may take up to three days for them to get paid.

12. Dribbble

  • Freelancing type: mobile design, illustration, animation
  • Pros: large network, global community, abundant design inspiration
  • Cons: lists for freelance jobs can only be accessed with the pro version

Dribbble is a popular platform for creative talent to connect and interact with each other.. This website is used by artists and designers to create portfolios and market their brands.

Your chances of being hired can be increased by creating a portfolio on the website. Register for an account to upload your designs.

Open the job board in your browser to search for work opportunities. The website offers many types of jobs, including content creation and UI/UX design. Premium users have access to a limited number of freelance job listings.

The premium version of Dribbble costs $5-$15/month. Pro users have the ability to upload multi-shot images and videos to their profiles. Premium accounts will be placed first in the job search results.

Conclusion — Top freelance websites

Here it is – the top ten best websites for freelance work in 2023. It doesn’t need to be difficult to find freelance work. You will only need to create a profile and sign up for an account on most sites.

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